Arteta urged to solve Havertz puzzle to unlock Arsenal’s title potential

Unlocking Kai Havertz’s full potential has been a consistent challenge for his managers throughout his professional career, and Mikel Arteta is the latest to undertake this task.

Arteta’s surprising move to secure Havertz’s services in the ongoing transfer window raised eyebrows among fans, and Arsenal swiftly finalised the acquisition.

Despite the swift deal, Havertz has yet to ignite excitement among Arsenal supporters, indicating that he has a considerable journey ahead to demonstrate his value as a worthwhile signing for the club. Transforming him into a productive and impactful player could prove pivotal in Arsenal’s pursuit of league success.

Matt Law of The Telegraph proposes that Arteta’s ability to unlock Havertz’s capabilities might be the key factor in determining Arsenal’s achievement moving forward.

He writes in his column:

“Three Chelsea managers could not solve the puzzle that is Kai Havertz, but one suspects Mikel Arteta will have to if Arsenal are to go one better and win the title this season. 

“Havertz had a perfectly acceptable Premier League debut for Arsenal in their opening victory over Nottingham Forest, not making any major errors, working hard and showing some smart play. 

“But exactly where he should play remains a mystery and Arteta and the Arsenal fans will have come away from Saturday’s lunchtime kick-off no clearer quite how best he fits into the head coach’s team.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Havertz struggled with inconsistency at Chelsea and that must change for him to succeed at Arsenal.

The German is talented, but the main issue managers face with him is finding the right role for him to thrive.

We back Arteta to solve that problem and help him to reach his full potential.

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  1. Unlocking his full potential has not been a consistent challenge for his managers throughout his professional career, the problem only started at Chelsea.

    He has only played two games for us, so give it a rest.

  2. A talented player, but where does he fit? Spending 65 million and not knowing definitively where he fits is worth questioning.

    1. As a CM?
    Who could argue that Partey, Rice, Odegaard is not our strongest midfield?

    2. As a striker?
    Jesus almost a guaranteed starter, Nketiah contract extended, and Balogun scored 21 in French league on loan.

    3. As a winger?
    ESR is back healthy, Vieira brought in last year, and Nelson extended. Both ESR and Vieira can backup Odegaard.

    I don’t see Havertz as an improvement in starting midfield, and upgrade on striker, or competition for Martinelli or Saka.

    Hard to understand spending 65 million to shoehorn a player in the lineup.

    Honest question
    What would you think if we got Kudus for 40 million, knowing he can backup Saka and play midfield, rather than 65 million for Havertz and large wages?

    Is it worth questioning?

    1. You’re right. It’s an odd signing and saying he doesn’t know how to use him is a jaw dropper by Arteta. Even Maddison was a better option

      1. Thank you too Silent Stan, Why we didn’t go after Maddison is beyond Me.

        Diaby went to Villa for 50 million
        We got Havertz for 65 million. That’s Travestie.

  3. Havertz was outstanding for Laverkusen where he usually played in the number 10 role ahead of two central midfielders.He was rightly judged to be one of the best players in Germany which prompted his move to Chelsea where, amazingly he was rarely used in his best position.To get the best out of Havertz he needs to be played in the “hole” in front of Partey and Rice who should occupy the central midfield positions.Unfortunately for Havertz,Odegaard holds the playmakers role, and it’s difficult to see him taking over from our energetic Captain unless the Norwegian is unfit.Arteta has accommodated them both by using Havertz as a central striker and in a hybrid midfield role which is difficult to define and which leaves fans like me scratching our heads.I think Havertz is excellent as an attacking midfielder, but I doubt if he will be given many opportunities to feature as our main playmaker.Only one man will have a clear understanding of his plans for Havertz,or at least I hope he has?

    1. Grandad it’s quite rare to find a team that plays with a number 10 like it was in the past. Football,like everything else in life evolves- the ‘hole’ is a casualty of the evolution of football. The likes of Özil were the last true number 10s. Typically,most teams now play with two eights (also known as mezzalas) ahead of a pivot (defensive midfielder). In Arsenal’s case,Xhaka and Odegaard were the mezzalas on either side of Partey. At City it was Kevin DeBruyne and Gundogan ahead of Rodri. At Madrid you had Kroos and Modric ahead of Casemiro. I watched Tottenham today and they had Maddison at the 10 – they are probably one of the few remaining sides who use that tactic. I believe Odegaard and Havertz can play as mezzalas in certain matches -time will tell.

      1. And of course I forgot about Liverpool at their best. They never had a number 10. Often they had two central midfielders (Henderson and Wijnaldum), just ahead of Fabinho as the sole pivot.

      2. Thanks for keeping me abreast of the current jargon used in the game Onyango.The number eights that you refer to used to be called “inside forwards” who played ahead of”wing halves” in the days when the game was less defensive than it is today.In any event, football is still basically a simple game which has been needlessly complicated by Managers and pundits as part of the evolution of the game you mention..An evolution which has of course been driven by TV moguls who would have fans believe that footballers are vastly superior today than they were decades ago.They are most certainly fitter than those players who the man on the street could identify with, but are they more skilful and intelligent, To me the most striking advance in the game today is the superb quality of the pitches which are unrecognizable from some of the ploughed Parks where players of the past still managed to provide us with great entertainment.

        1. I agree that sometimes it gets a lot more complicated Grandad. I’ve only been watching football since 2006,so I could be wrong in my assumption that there’s also a lot more pressing in the modern game- and perhaps this could be a consequence of the better fitness and conditioning as you’ve mentioned. I feel like the pressing game that is now a key part of the game has made the number 10 obsolete to an extent. Klopp, who prefers hardworking CMs , has been quoted as saying pressing creates more chances than the quintessential number 10s. Anyway,all that matters at the end of the day is that players are played to their strengths,no matter the system.

        2. Oh Grandad, how I miss the older jargon, wing halves, inside forwards and proper wingers. None of this inverted this that and the other, or false nines and even worse, false Centre backs 🤔
          I still remember the formation 2-3-5 !

    1. Absolutely. His starting position should not be determined by his price tag. Looking at the Liverpool match and Nunez is on the bench.
      I will wait and try to be patient as he is a new player in the team but so far he is not filling me with any confidence.
      I hope as the season progresses he proves me wrong.

  4. The only way the signing of Harvetz can make a meaning to me is if he can play as target man, much like the Giroud role. If he can’t, then I can see another flop loading.
    He played a bit of that against City in the Community Shield and he didn’t do too badly imo, even if he was unable to put away the chances that came his way.
    That would make him very useful if there is need for Jesus to relieve Saka on the right wing

  5. This is going to be an interesting subject indeed. Arteta surely saw something in him. Whatever it is it has to be displayed on the grass very soon. I hope all the best is yet to come in season.

  6. Hi guys,thanks for comments,to me I wasn’t a fan of this guy ever since and his style of play and speed doesn’t fit our tactics. I don’t think there’s anyway this guy can improve and prove me wrong. I think Chelsea used witchcraft to blindfold Arteta and Edu,Chelsea must be happy to offload him 🤔.

    1. God bless you Geo, how we paid that amount for him is dumbfounding.

      He should Never start ahead of Trossard, Balogun, ESR and Nelson.

      But Arteta will persist with him Hoping to be right one day and by then, it will be too late

  7. As someone said, Chelsea dangled Havertz into the Transfer market like a Fisherman’s Bait,
    Naive Arteta, like a Trout, Quickly went to swallow it. 😕😐

  8. It’s not explicable how Arteta will leave Trossard and ESR who are better performers on the bench to play Havertz who is really struggling.
    You love him a lot but give him time to integrate. He’s still very nervous at the detriment of the team!!!!

  9. I reckon behind the scenes Arteta needs to work on Havertz and keep him out of the team until he beds in with our fellow attackers. That would be best for the player in my opinion

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