Arteta urges his players to make the most of our “momentum” against West Ham

Arsenal are preparing to play West Ham tomorrow in yet another Cup Final in the race for the coveted Top Four position, or even potentially Top Three.

West Ham were once one of the favourites to finish in the Top Four, along with Man United, Wolves and Tottenham, but now it looks like a straight fight between us and Spurs who are only two points below us.

In his pre-game press conference, Mikel Arteta was asked if he was convinced it was now a two-horse race. “I don’t think so,” he said. “there will still be some twists and turns, we all have difficult matches to play. We all know how difficult it is to win games in the Premier League and now we had two really good results that put us in a really good position. But it is about doing it again at West Ham.

“I think in the league when you are able to win consecutively away and at home, it gives you a huge platform and things quickly change. We have some momentum now and we want to make the most out of it.”

This may seem like a Cup Final to us Arsenal fans, but for the Hammers they have a real Europa League semi-final to keep an eye on, with the hope of reaching the Champions League through the back door. I am sure that David Moyes will be making big changes to keep his team fresh for next Thursday, but Arteta doesn’t believe that will make much difference to this game. “They have been doing that all season and they have been really good in both competitions. They have a big squad as well, they have many different options to change their players and still maintain their level. So I don’t see that. We have played games Wednesday night and Saturday at 12.30pm, we have managed to beat them, so I don’t think about that.”

Despite all the speculation, it will come down to 11 against 11 on the football pitch on Sunday. Hopefully our confidence and the momentum of winning games will stand us in good stead.

Come on you Gooners!!!

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  1. Tomorrow is a massive game, I just hope Arteta can rally those players… I would imagine WH being a little understrength so we must take full advantage, what worries me is Tavares his awareness and his defensive abilities are extremely poor, although with Tomiaysu back maybe he could be an option at lb.

  2. Question is which Arsenal will turn up? The one against CP and Brighton or the one Chelsea and Man Utd?

    This is a tough game and away. Cannot see us keeing a clean sheet. I hope we get a deflected goal and a dubious penalty and win 1-2. Hope Pepe scores the deflected goal as he has been linked with WH.

  3. WestHam have a depleted squad and they are there for the taking as they are totally focussed on their European games. That said, it will not be easy and Arsenal will have to play very well to beat them. Any dropping of points and the Spuds will take advantage. I think Arsenal should be able to win provided they play to a plan.

  4. This game will be physical, I can see the old fox Moyes throwing everything at us, Tavares will be targeted if starts.

    The neutrals are going to love this game, impossible for a goalless draw

    Moyes having an eye on next week in Germany, will play its part, he’s very aware Frankfurt has a poor home record

  5. Artetas rhetoric about West Ham being no weaker with key players rested _ and injured too, lest we forget- is the sort of understandable, moderate but, in reality, total nonsense that we should and do expect.

    Fine, provided the players believe its not nonsense.

    I pray they do so believe, but how many times in all clubs do players, even though ever so slightly, rest on their laurels when opposition teams are weaker on paper.

    THIS is of course exactly why managers use this reverse psychology.

    Up to us individually whether or not WE choose to believe it. Bottom line is , our players MUST and I BELIEVE WILL give 100% effort the whole game.
    I predict our narrow win.

    Extra brownie points for those who realise this post is, effectively, contradicting itself!

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