Arteta “very confident” of reaching Arsenal’s European target

Despite not scoring a goal in January, and giving Aubameyang away (plus 5 other squad players) without bringing in any replacements, Arteta seems to be very happy after Arsenal’s minibreak away in Dubai.

While all the drama of Aubameyang’s last-minute move to Barcelona and Arsenal fans in apoplexy because the Gunners did not buy even one player, except for one of Kroenke’s players that we will never see at the Emirates, Arteta and what remains of his squad were having a sun-filled break in the UAE.

But the good news is that we have all our players back from AFCON except Elneny, who will play in the Final tomorrow, and I am sure all his covid-affected players are back, and most of our injured players have returned as well.

So with Arteta’s compact squad of young players (and most of the deadwood gone), Arteta seems very confident that his team will carry on progressing in the remaining League games.

“We have a squad full of enthusiasm and passion,” the boss told “but with the right amount of quality and experience as well, which I think is very much needed.

“So we are really looking forward to [the run-in], we know what the aim is at the end of the season, where we want to be: it’s high but it’s possible and we’re going to have a real go in the second half of the season to achieve it.

“I am very confident because I see how much they want it, and we still have a lot of things to improve,” he continued.

“We have lost points that sometimes show the lack of maturity we have in the squad, but at the same time we won a lot of games because of the enthusiasm, the passion and the energy they bring to the team.

“So we have to keep maintaining that balance right and give them confidence. When those players feel supported and [know that] we are right behind them and they play with no fear, that is when they really fulfil their capacities and qualities.

“It is our job to do it, and our fans have been crucial in that because they have really felt they are right behind them.”

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  1. Is their a part of the article missing? I’m missing the part where is talks about Europe being the target and MA confident of reaching Europe?

  2. In your heading you say Arteta is confident of reaching “European targets”. But in the body of your article you do not verify exactly whether Arteta expects top 4 or top 6. So what place is Arteta aiming for? Most importantly what exactly is the league place the board say Arteta must achieve to avoid the sack? Details please.

      1. Arteta said the goal is “high but possible”. Can you point out in the article where he mentioned “European target” please. Thank you.

        1. He like many of us knows we will not qualify for either the CL or EL, maybe the third-tier European competition. We do not have the firepower to qualify. It is that obvious

            1. An astute reply PAT! We on here who try to remain ever optimistic, find those who only ever and always without exception, do relentless gloom, are such wet blankets.

              It does really make me wonder what private lives they must have to be so completely pessimistic and relentlessly miserable all day long

              God help their poor families and partners etc. If they ever, say, run out of milk for tea or coffee at home, they probably kick the cat, hit the kids, shriek the place down with frustration etc.

              Whatever happened to ” always look on the bright side of life!”
              Of course as YOU well know, I am always pleasant, amenable and in reality a shy retiring violet!!

              But MY world will not end if we lose our next game. Thats the difference!

  3. Arteta doesn’t mention any target, as that clearly is a measurement to be judged by.

    Arteta is no fool, he knows Wenger had the top 4 goal with he missed by finishing 6th then 5th and had to go.

    Emery finished 5th one point off fourth, and was 8th when he was sacked.

    Arteta never says European football is a goal, he avoids those comments like the plague.

    Anyone remember his big talk about CL glory in 3 years? Yeah, not a peep artworks about anything to be judged by. Rather goes on about “the process” with no criteria to judge progress.

      1. “ARTWORKS!” The perils of using a spellchecker device. I LEARNED TO SPELL WHILE STILL A YOUNG KID.

        But then, as you know Durand, I am practically perfect in every way!
        Thats called a feed line in comedy; so over to you now!

  4. What reason do any supporters believe we are going to improve the Burnley performance? Europe…..maybe for a £150 city break…..for football though, no evidence that Europe is achievable. 2 years of poor management, and stagnation. Any other big club would have fired Arteta, and now that Potch will go to Man Utd we are in the shite. Spend to get Zidane otherwise we better get used to regular disappointment. ***s poor management starting with Kroenke down to Arteta.

  5. I didn’t see anything wrong with Arteta’s reported comments myself, I think he would leave the predictions up to us fans

    I’m pretty sure that he isn’t thinking that unless I get top 4 I will be sacked

    I agree with what he has said, I am also confident that we will finish the season well, whether that means we will finish 3rd or 8th or any position in between could depend on how well other teams finish the season

    But we are in the pack for the 4th place competition that includes both Chelsea and Wolves in addition to the more obvious three

    Brighton could also have an outside shout if they go on a run but I think it’s probably too big an ask for Leicester and Villa at this stage, there’s a lot of football to be played

    All the teams involved have pluses and minuses including us but I think we have built a very good team with a spirit of togetherness that might just give us an edge all things being equal, we are in the argument and I believe we have a real chance to go back into the Champions League

    Victoria Concordia Crescit

  6. I am not voting because unlike some who will be nameless, i am not clever enough to know wether Arteta will have actually achieved the target after 30 months of trying in May. If he doesn’t im Arteta out, if he does im happy for him to try to show more. Its about wether he can deliver and not about Arteta being in or out. He has proved absolutely nothing so far.

  7. If we are out if top 4 at the end of the season. I would like to see same treatment to AW and Emery also apply to MA. JA may have a lot of male fans who have sexual orientation that they like MA so much that they don’t want him to leave. But, please love Arsenal the club, not the owner, the managers or the players

  8. I am for Arteta hoping that he will take us to Top 4 with his line-ups for the rest of the17 PL matches

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