Arteta visits Kroenke to ask for more support in this transfer market

Mikel Arteta has reportedly visited Stan Kroenke in the United States as he looks for more signings.

The Gunners have trusted the former midfielder with the job of making their team strong again.

He is gradually signing new and better players to replace the flops he inherited at the Emirates.

The likes of Thomas Partey and Martin Odegaard have done well for him so far and proves he knows how to buy players.

This should make it easy for him to convince the club’s owner about signing new stars.

The Sun says the Spaniard was in the US and they spotted him with Arsenal’s majority owner watching the Colorado Avalanche beat Chicago Blackhawks 2-0 in the National Hockey League on Monday.

He is believed to have made the trip there so that he can ask for more signings in this transfer window.

Arsenal is targeting at least a midfielder and a striker, with Arthur Melo and Alexander Isak remaining high on their wishlist.

Just Arsenal Opinion

The Kroenkes has responded well to calls from fans for him to leave the club last year, and they deserve some credit.

Arsenal needs to sign more players in this transfer window if they are serious about finishing the campaign inside the top four.

The January window is not a time for plenty of transfer activities, but Arteta would hope that he is supported with some new names.

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  1. I have 1 question to ask, why on earth would Kroenke give Arteta more money when him/Edu have proved extremely poor at managing assets?

    How much income have we received from player sales under MA and how much potential income have we lost through loans/cancelled contracts/oustings?

  2. Checkbook manager, I don’t want to hear people complain about other clubs buying titles and table finishes.

    I thought Arteta was a Guru when it came to young talent? Everyone gassing him up about Sterling and Foden.

    Yet, can’t seem to do it at Arsenal. Nketiah still trash as he was 2 years ago. Saliba loaned out, Dino as well, Guendouzi frozen out.

    Yet as always, Arteta’s answer is “checkbook”.

    I imagine Emery would have lasted if he was allowed nearly 300 million to spend, have final decision on players, and no accountability for underperforming.

    1. Thank you! People will mention ESR and Saka but fail to mention that they were brilliant long before MA arrived.

      Let’s not forget ESR wasn’t given his chance based on what he was doing in training, he was fortunate enough to finally get a game after a multitude of injuries.

    2. Arsenal net transfer spending:

      18/19: 65m
      (sorkatis, Leno, torreira, guendouzi)

      19/20: 96m
      (Pepe, david luiz, martinelli, tierney)


      20/21: 57 m
      (Partey, Gabriel)

      21/22: 120 m

      You are right, Arteta had an astronomical extra 16 m to spend on transfers compared to Emery

      1. But you forgot Arteta CHOSE his players, Emery did not. Sven and Raul made the decisions, Remember Emery had the COACH behind his name and didn’t have final say.

        And Emery finished 5th his first year, 1 point of 4th.

        Still waiting for Arteta to accomplish that with his players. Unlike Emery who did it with others “dross.”

        I also remember 22 games undefeated under Emery, how’s that going with Arteta?

        1. You make fair points Durand, it was stupid that Emery didn’t choose his players. Glad it’s now been corrected and Edu/Arteta seem to be on the same page.

          All I’m saying is the cheque book isn’t being used more under MA than it was under Emery. It’s just being used in a smarter way.

  3. Has Arteta heard of Zoom? This is a joke. More help? Chasing a player who doesnt to join and wasting the window then asks for more money?

  4. How do you know that he visited for that reason. Could be all sorts of reasons. Do you just write this stuff to get viewers? Did someone tell you this or did you make it up?

    1. Clearly Arteta is a hockey fan, why else would he go to a Chicago Blackhawks vs Colorado Avalanche game?

      He is a huge fan that’s why he had to go with only a week left in the transfer window. Besides, If you are wanting to spend millions of someone else’s money, at least have the manners to ask them to their face.

      Class move, manners, and Arteta’s answer is always “Spend Money!” Maybe he will be a decent manager for City.

  5. the overriding task of any owner, especially if they’re serious about competing for the highest honours, is to make decisions which put the organization in the most advantageous position to succeed…of course, no one can predict the future, but important organizational decisions should never be made within a vacuum, so if the powers that be had done their due diligence and closely examined the wealth of information available pertaining to the most plausible path to success, historically-speaking, then decided to totally ignore these facts altogether and instead opt for a much more unlikely course of action, they should be held accountable for choosing the path least travelled

    it’s not like I don’t understand how we got here, after all we still live within the enormous shadow of a rather anomalous period in footballing history, when a relatively unknown entity came to our club and achieved great things in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds…as such, it appears as if they’ve attempted to roll that dice again, even though the vast majority of the prevailing evidence would suggest that the possibility of winning the lottery twice is infinitesimal…to further complicate matters, our more recent attempt to tempt fate involved the hiring of a far less experienced man, with a bigger task at hand, personnel-wise, and during an age where far greater parity exists…so when you take all these aforementioned factors into account, it should come as no surprise to anyone that this managerial project has yielded incredibly mixed results

    in many ways, I don’t even blame Arteta, as he’s not in this position without the support of those above him, who not only snubbed their respective noses at those so-called experts who said this was an ill-advised longshot, they likewise doubled-down when they could have cut ties last summer, before allowing this same individual to wield the largest transfer kitty ever, which would logically make any future managerial maneuvering potentially more problematic…now thankfully a few of these moves have proven to be good footballing decisions, at least at this juncture, so this alleviates some of the above concerns, but that might not be the case if we allow him to spend big again…of course, this isn’t to suggest that we shouldn’t get someone the likes of Haaland or Vlahovic, should that possibility emerge, but I think it’s pertinent that any “big money” decisions be carefully scrutinized, making sure to take into account how this might impact our organizationally should we decide to move in a different direction come the summer

  6. Must Arteta travel to the US to meet Kroenke before getting support?
    That is not how Arsenal FC is run I believe.
    We are not having a good run and I understand why fans will not be pleased with MA.
    But to dwell on every rumour and blast MA is getting absurd.

  7. Remember Arsenal are just another team within the KSE empire.

    Kroenke is wrapped up with his his LA Rams at the moment.

    So, the only support I think Arteta will get from Kroenke at the moment is a Jock Strap.

    1. Most contribution here seems to follow an agenda, that is, to pull Arteta down. I have come to the conclusion that in the eyes of this Arteta haters (though they always quickly deny this) he will never do anything right. Everyone knows that Arsenal needs a big quality squad to compete with the 3 or 4clubs ahead of us, and we need to something ever available transfer. So what exactly is wrong in Arteta asking for funds for players in areas we are shot eg that midfield and attack?
      Every argument here shouldn’t be about the Arteta sack agenda, it should be objectivity towards where we want Arsenal to be.
      Let’s get this straight, Arteta will not be sacked anytime soon, he is going to get an extension to his contract, so the earlier you support the club and forget the anti Arteta sentiments the better for your health

      1. It’s not just that Jay it’s the amount of accusations that people make to build a case for his apparent incompitance. Like he micromanages the players, if we don’t buy players it’s his fault. Not the fault of the recruitment team or the amount of funds available and that actual target players desire to leave.

  8. Everyone on here knows everything that is going on.
    Look on the internet, get the facts, no opinions, no egos, no personal vendettas, no free thinking brains……..

  9. I’m am an Arteta fan and believe he’s done a good job so far with the squad, but I am also aware that we have to keep improving and need to start challenging the top 4 teams. If Arteta can’t achieve this in the next 12 months his job has to be considered.

    But I am also fully aware that over the last 10 seasons Arsenals squad has needed a massive overhaul. We have started that under Arteta and it’s still on going. This squad still lacks depth and still has players with limitations like Auba, Xhaka, Lacazette and Elneny. But we have to rely on Kia and Raul’s plaything Edu to get our targets in and like a magpie to tin foil seems drawn to shit Brazilian players like Luiz, Willian, Royal and now Melo.

    One response above and I quote:
    “How much income have we received from player sales under MA and how much potential income have we lost through loans/cancelled contracts/oustings?”

    That my friend relys on one thing if clubs actually want to buy them. When you have a load of players on stupid wages over 30 and have proven nothing to anyone during their time at Arsenal. Why would someone want to buy them. We’re talking players like Mustafi, Kolasinac, Sokratis here, hardly the cream of the crop. We would have needed the mind control techniques of Derren Brown to convince some silly bastard to pay a fee for them.

    Since we dropped out of the champions League Arsenal have spent over 550m on player transfers. Out of that 250 million is Arteta’s (not net and over 6 windows so far) I think we have bought well added quality and balance to the team. Ramsdale, Gabriel, White, Taveres, Tomiyasu, Party, Lakonga and Odegaard added to Tierney. All good signings and are probably already worth more now than when we bought them. If that’s what 250m buys you compared to a 110m Lukaku and 100m Grelish then I’d prefer the former.

    There are calls for us to bring in a real top manager and I asked the question of who to some of the Arteta out brigade. I was expecting Julien Neiglesmann or Ten Haag but there answer to a top manager was Graham Potter and Brendan Rogers are they really the top manager you want.

    We need to improve that’s obvious but we desperately need a striker. We could have signed Tammy Abraham but Edu didn’t want to pay the fee, okay he wouldn’t be my first choice but at least he adds something different to what we have now. Thanks to that call we’re now paying for it and there’s only one person to blame for it

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