Arteta vows to get the best out of Nicholas Pepe

Mikel Arteta made it clear that Nicholas Pepe’s actions on getting sent off against Leeds was “unacceptable”, but the articles saying the Frenchman would now be punished by Arteta and sold at the earliest possible moment have been totally debunked by our Spanish coach.

“No, it’s absolutely not [the end of his Arsenal career after the red card],” Arteta told “It’s not about that and I don’t like that type of statement.

“I will give Nico my full support all the time. He knows where he has to improve and we all know his qualities. He has some responsibility, I have a lot of responsibility, which is to get the best out of him and get the best position for him, the best areas where he can do what he can do with the ball. I cannot fault his effort at all.

“You see the way he strives for the team, the way he’s working, it’s been the best since he’s been at the club. But there have been some aspects he can do better in because he has the ability.

“That’s where I’m going to put the pressure on him to deliver what he can do. To say it’s a threat for him to finish his [Arsenal] career… it’s not at all like that.

“The club made a huge investment on him and people expect a lot from him because he has this quality. I said many times with the strikers and attacking players, it’s the most difficult thing to be consistent when you have to create, when you have to unlock the door, when you have to score goals or get assists.

“This is why he’s here and he needs to embrace this challenge, and go for it. We have to provide the best possible and ideal scenarios for him to be able to do that.”

So it would appear that, far from giving up on Pepe, Arteta will be playing him tonight at Molde to give him the earliest opportunity to put the sending off behind him. At least the Frenchman has made a full and heartfelt apology to his boss and his team-mates, and hopefully this will be a catalyst for him to show his very best form tonight and help Arsenal to secure top spot in our Europa League group.

Surely hehas to come good at some poinr?


  1. Molde are so useless Arsenal oughta win by 25. Pepe 7 goals Nketia 5 goals Lacazette 4 goals Willock 3 Auba 3 Nelson 2 Florin Ballgun 1

  2. Arteta must shut da hell up, look at a mirror and get real; be a man not a loser he is making of himself and this club; resign and do as everyone; go learn and experiment.the job elswhere to see if he can cope with it or ever be a coach.

    He lost his damn mind thinking he can just go from assisting to actually coach. To assist Guardiola doesnt make you a coach, got to handle a team and experiment all this elsewhere, outa spotlight as gerrzrd does today. Cant compate a club & football legend as Steven, Arteta should be in chamionship then go one day to his club; Everton who did not give him job because no experience; common sense!

    He should resign since end of last season; we finished at worst ever and sit at worst ever today, getting worst, cant get better without bringing a coach.

    There is no game plan nor type of football, boring and a waist of talents all useless as coach cant play the right team with best players at each position.

    When ypu lose a DM as Partey, you simply cany replace him by Ceballos who is not defensive in his nature, physical or game but an attacking holding midfield.

    After Luiz mania, he has Willianmania now, playing him all across attack, benching someone to do so.

    Plays him over Auba laca nketiah as a CF, then plays him as a RW over Pepe, Nelson or Auba who is best & more used to’ that wing than on left where he was burried for ages!

    What abput sunday? Plays him as a Left wing to play Auba in middle but benches Saka our best LW..

    Evrryone plays intrrnational, to rest him was no excuse, this is EPL and he did npt feature zntire games with England.

    Wr have so many options all over pitch, but Arteta seems to take the worst possible one!

    Now he got that Luiz must sit, hopefully he will realize Willian is same non sense!

    1. Mogunna, I thought that you had some reasonable opinions from time to time, but that rant has done nothing to make me consider you in anyway a rational man.

    2. arteta is only a smooth talker and talks a lot of rubbisch.. he can talk his talk but sadly for us not walk his walk, he is too arrogant for being a rookie who is failing big

  3. He definitely sees something in him.Remember David Luiz,gets a red card and everyone says he wont get a contract.He gets it!Pablo Mari,gets injured,everyone says he wont get a contract.He gets it.Now Pepe is given a rare chance to start an EPL game,gets a red card.Everyone says hes finished.Arteta says,hes just starting.

    When a manager stands by his players,the players fight for him

  4. I think Mogunna has valid points. Another of the decisions by MA have been questionable. Now as we do not get to see training etc we can only go by what we see on the pitch. But all of what Mogunna has said is valid.

    Start saka get 1-0 up and rest him

    William has played 3 different positions. Why on earth was he ever our CF when u have auba lacca nketia and even pepe? Surely admin you have questioned some of the William decisions. He has not been any better then pepe for me personally?

    Cebellos in DM. Why not. I did think it was gonna be cebellos in CAM Willock as a B2B and xaka holding DM. Can’t say artetas choices were awful in the middle.

    We do seem to be getting worse and its looks like apart from the defence there is ko fame plan. There looks like no practicing in scoring goals. It doesn’t look like our midfielders know where our attackers will run.

    The jury is still out to be fair he has until January for me as I keep saying then it will be a full year. But we can’t deny what we see

  5. sbgunner, indeed that midfield makes no sense.

    Unless i missed it all, Niles is more defensive than Ceballos. Partey gets injured, shouldnt it be Niles instead of Ceballos playing in front of defense?

    Cant blame players one by one, keeps giving laim excuses but not sure why and what went wrong!

    Let’s not forget that defense was pb until Luiz injury. Or he would have not realized we had better options to pair.

    The man has no clue, never coached ever, given a ferrari to learn how to drive!

    I blame this louzy board to hire him, he just lost his damn mind thinking he can dress as be Pep. Everyone goes anf learn in smaller leagues, Lampard went and learned, gained experience then took Chelsea challenge both hands. He had a first year in EPL, secured CL and goes for both titles now.

    Not a wise choice/move, shows his lack of brain, displaying thar for a year now.

    This tells a lot; he will never be a top coach, takes brain…

    As to resign as he should have finishing at worst ever spot, cup means nothin if relegated!

    We lose or draw, can land at 15 or 16th spot.

    Until we get a top or good coach, we will keep falling and offer a boring and crazy football…

    This is just all nuts for over a year. Emery was a good coach, didnt get time, nor Partey & players he had ask to add the small inch we missed CL of.

    Prediction is what da heck he is gonna come up with for Wolves to eat us all up?

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