Arteta wants a backup right-back? Arsenal already have one…

Why do Arsenal sometimes not look at what they already have!

If there is anything I have learnt as an Arsenal fan over the years, it is the fact that we never make things easy for ourselves at times, both on and off the pitch!

Of course, rumours are circulating about transfers once again and are stating that Mikel Arteta is reportedly on the lookout for another right back after current recruit Takehiro Tomiyasu, although showing his solidity in defence so far, isn’t doing much for Arteta as an attacking wing-back.  Just how true this is we do not know, but how will we fund a new right back if this is true?

Well reports are also suggesting that Arteta could look to cash in on Cedric Soares to pay for this new right back, but rather than splash the cash, would it not make more sense to give Hector Bellerin another chance at Arsenal once his loan spell at Real Betis comes to an end?

We know Arsenal at times are reluctant to spend money and would rather rake it in than lose it, so if they really do want to let Cedric go and are looking for that cash, then they could sell him for a fee, get Bellerin back and continue to use him as a back-up for Tomiyasu no?

After all, Bellerin can also be used as a winger, is not afraid of going forward and attacking and he knows Arsenal inside and out and is comfortable in London.

He hasn’t done too badly for Betis either, as he has played four games so far, bagged one assist and hasn’t been booked yet.

But if that was going to be a possible option it may seem unlikely as the Evening Standard has reported that Bellerin seems content to take a pay cut and stay on at Betis after next season as he was asked where he would be next season he said: I don’t know, but I’ve always said if I didn’t want to be here next season, I wouldn’t have come from the beginning. There are many things to be decided but what I want to do is enjoy this season that I am here. And what has to happen will happen.”

 If Arsenal are clever though they will get back what they are already used to, as, lets be honest, they may not be able to bag who or what they want depending on funds and league position, plus Bellerin would not really be the worst back up to have now, would he? Gooners?


Shenel Osman


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  1. Haven’t we got enough bloody RBs
    That’s 4 spots out of 25 squad places ,overkill IMO.

  2. Right now Arsenal has 4 RB’s but ony rate one.
    Bellerin never fully recovered after his operation and is in cruise mode till retirement.
    Chambers cost 16 mill about 7 years ago and has never been trusted, got injured, went on loan, got injured again and now seems to be simply a HG quota player. Cedric came on a free for what reason no one exactly knows. Getting a “fee” for a “30 year old “free” on 77 k per week is a pipe dream and he will go on loan then be let go on a “nominal” fee meaning for nuffin. Niles was brillant under Emery but then bizarrely disappeared off the radar and just when we thought Wolves were sending the 30 mill cheque for his sale the club said no..then sent him out on loan to WBA who were relegated. Now he is again in the window waiting for a decent offer.
    A real dogs breakfast which will take sorting.

  3. Use your logic before posting an article based on illogical rumors, since we’ve got too many RBs in the first team and in reserves

  4. My problem with the Manager is that he is never satisfied with what he has even signings he bought himself… His system doesn’t allow right backs progress forward… Hence that’s why Tomi is playing like a third center back.. Even Tierney is not doing most of the running he was known for.. MA has everything at his disposal it’s his system that is falling him and not his players

  5. Let him stop playing Aubameyang who is very unproductive. He’s focus on spending his huge wages not on playing.. Play Lacazette please, Aubameyang won’t get us anywhere.
    Even smaller teams are scoring goals but we keep struggling and only dreaming of top 4. We haven’t yet shown any consistency in dominating on the pitch

  6. Bellerin would be my personal choice as a back up right back, however he wouldn’t want to play that role, doesn’t want to stay with us, and will only have one year left on his contact. Best of luck to him, he’s a gooner forever and i hope we can get a decent fee.

  7. SHENEL, How many more useless and non productive years at our club would YOU have your odd choice as reserve RB stay!

    I would have sold him many years ago, while he still had speed, though nothing else, save relative youth.

  8. Chambers is out of contract in June, Bellerin will be in his last year then.

    Both are leaving the club, if an offer comes in for Chambers in January he will be sold, if not he leaves for free in June. Bellerin has made it clear he wants to leave. Maitland-Niles is also in the last 18 months of his contract, I expect he will be sold if he doesn’t sign a new contract soon.

  9. NO TO BELLERIN. Inconsistent, weak, can’t cross, can’t head the ball and can’t defend. Right now we need to be focusing on getting Martineli some game time up top and bolster our Defensive mid options

  10. Finally we seem to have a solid back 4, and now we hear rumors RB not attacking enough?

    How about getting midfielders more involved instead? How about stop putting 11 men behind the ball when defending?

    There are better ways to improve the attack then asking a RB to bomb forward and endlessly cross the ball hoping for the best.

    Play Tavares more if he wants an attacking RB; Tavares can play both LB and RB.

  11. I dont think a backup RB is priority and wouldnt expect to sign one. We have players that can fill that position if needed, even if they aren’t the most ideal replacements. As for Bellerin, he is the past. And we cant have a backup RB on that high on wages.

  12. While agreeing that Hector is now in the past, why do some of our “fans” diss players who have represented our club in an exemplary way?
    HB has always been a model professional and, if he doesn’t return – which I think is going to be the outcome – it’s the players choice and I will thank him for being a real Gooner.

    As for a new RB? Load of media rubbish yet again, in my opinion.
    AMN was told by MA that he was in his future plans and I see him as our “man of all positions, master of none”…. in other words a superb squad player for MA to work with and, who knows, become a “master of his trade?”

  13. The management of Bellerin’s situation has been so poor. He’s been below requirements for years with the exact same deficiencies as a decade ago with the inability to cross, not great heading, and no skill on his left foot making his play very predictable going forward. What did we do? Instead of selling him for decent cash when he plenty of interest, we waited for him to be the who wants to leave and now selling him at his lowest value and with one year left on his contract like usual. Literally should have been out the door 4-5 years ago for 30+ mil.

  14. I think Hector was promised he could go to another club after years of loyal service. He is also not up to the standard any longer. Not his fault.

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