Arteta wants Arsenal to “play better as a team” every single day

Arsenal were comfortable winners against Wolves yesterday in the end, and we got yet another vital three points to pull away from Man City, who amazingly lost to Brentford thanks to a last minute goal from Ivan Toney.

So we are now 5 points ahead of our rivals, and to honest, we looked anything but comfortable in the first half, but we came good in the second half with Martin Odegaard securing the points. Arteta was happy after the game, but he says that we have to always improve further to carry on our form after the World Cup break.

The boss told “It’s great to be where we are. We are enjoying that moment, and we have a big break. We have to reflect on what we are doing, and be very much prepared for what is going to come after the World Cup. But, our aim is to play better as a team every single day; to have better tools to do what we want to do on that pitch. I can say that it has been phenomenal to work with these players and staff.

“When a team is in that moment, you want to carry on playing obviously, but it is not possible. We have to use the time now in the best possible way so the players who are not participating in the World Cup, they will have some time off, which they fully deserve. And the rest [will] just fulfil a dream that every kid has had, when they had a chance to represent their national team in a World Cup.

“It doesn’t get better than that.”

If I am sure of one thing, it is that Arteta will have his players fixing Day. t and ready to carry on competing on Boxing Day.

WE can only hope that none of the Arsenal players get any injuries while fulfilling their dreams….

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  1. 14 games and 35 points it’s amazing, and it’s even better than Man.City’s achievements after 14 games last four seasons. I agree with Arteta, we have a tremendous potential and will probably get better as team, we are still young. Let’s hope we can add one or two class players in January and continue our journey ⚪️❤️

    1. I have not had time to confirm this after reading it on news…, it really true that our point tally right now is better than what man city achieved after 13/14 games in the last 4 seasons?

      1. I don’t know, but 12-1-1 after 14 games is amazing PL stats in 2022. Even more amazing is that we are just doing our job regardless of the opponent.

    2. It’s 37 points, and both City and Liverpool have had 40 points when they were leading the league.

      Not downing our accomplishment, just being factually correct.

  2. I have to tell my fellow Gooners, most of whom will be much younger than I, that in all my 63 years as an attending Gooner starting back in 1958 regularly going, I cannot remember a time when out team showed better wonderful team harmony. The early AW years certainly matched now and those years were played by a better team.
    But as for actual dressing room harmony and key desire, I cannot say we have ever bettered right now. Equalled yes, but not bettered!
    We now have IMO, the true successor to Wenger and his glory era.

    1. Further to my above post, I cannot imagine even Pep G doing as well as MA, given the relative shallow squad depth, and the massive gulf in quality of depth of the two rival squads.

      City can easily put out two teams of virtual equal strength.

      The Brighton game showed only too clearly that, as yet, we certainly cannot do so.
      MA is managing his far lesser resources brilliantly, IMO.

  3. Well we’re almost safe from relegation after 14 games, so that’s close to proving one group of pundits wrong 😉

  4. Trouble is, not many are really getting a rest. Copy/pasted from

    Goalkeepers: Matt Turner (USA), Aaron Ramsdale (England).

    Defenders: Takehiro Tomiyasu (Japan), William Saliba (France), Ben White (England).

    Midfielders: Granit Xhaka (Switzerland).

    Forwards: Gabriel Martinelli (Brazil), Gabriel Jesus (Brazil), Bukayo Saka (England)

    And Partey “expected to travel”.

    That’s 9 of the first team regular starters, if you include Tomi.

    Only Maghalaes didn’t get selected, MO not going because Norway didn’t qualify. Not a lot of actual resting going on 🙁

      1. I am actually worried about those who are not playing….Playing in november and décembre for any top footballer is a normal thing but not playing for a month and a half is an umprecedented thing.We do have half of the squad with no compétition for six week…A Weird dilemme to solve for MA

        1. Pires Don’t you think our manager is already well aware of how much some will need to play to keep match fit, while others will be away at WC and out of his direct control!

          Only a fool would let players not play at all. Therefore we are set to have some games on tour abroad for those left behind. MA is not as naive as you seem to believe he might be.

      2. True, if they get knocked out in the group stages they get a bit of a rest, it’s the players who start getting knocked out on penalties in the semis who will come back emotionally and physically drained.

        And then, as Pires says, there’s the ones who don’t play for a month… but then, that’s what being the second string is all about so I hope the club has ways to manage that.

    1. I agree, but not all of these players will play a lot. How will their training regime be during the World Cup? Perhaps Newcastle is the dark horse that can benefit from it?

      1. That’s what I’ve been thinking too. No-one expected them to be so good this season, perhaps it was exepcted in the coming seasons when the money starts to make a difference, but they seem to be over-achieving so far this season.

        For them to be 3rd, it seems unlikely to be a coincidence that they don’t have the hectic European qualifying schedule that their rivals have had to deal with.

  5. The gaffer has done extremely well and when considering just a few weeks fans and pundits alike were ranting what has he done to earn a pay rise.

    The gaffer must now take a page out of Wenger book when it comes on to managing the B team.

    Wenger consistently allow the youngsters to play together without mixing them much with the senior team, this model prove very effective in taking them on some long run in the league cups.

  6. Not sure if our present style is a style still in process or how it is going to be. I find it pretty unexciting to actually watch (but i do also think football in general is going that way) but if it gets results, that is THE most important thing. You cant play well every game and even this season, we have played some stinkers but if the overall result is successful we wont be complaining. O dont hold this weak squad excuse or fatigue, it all is what it is for all, so its about getting something that works. If it does happy days. We have to be able to finish something off yet but for the moment we can be proud of the team this season so far.

    1. We’re playing a style to promote control over the game, maintaining pressure, covering gaps, keeping the ball as much as possible, and limiting the damage when someone gives it away. What is good to see is that we aren’t having so much trouble creating chances in tight games as we often have in the past.
      Personally, I think this setup is the way forwards – we just need more squad depth and patience with some of the younger players as they are still gaining experience (which incudes about half of the starting players). Not expecting a league title this season for those reasons, but i think we’re on the right track.

  7. I don’t know what youngsters you’re on about mate because even the A-Team is a pack of young dynamites.😂


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