Arteta wants Wenger back at the Emirates “because of the respect and admiration…”

Arteta wants Wenger closer to him by Yash

After legendary Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger stepped away from Arsenal in 2018, many believed that the chapter should be closed for good.

Unai Emery and the club tried to steer themselves away from the shadows of the Frenchman. But the next man in-charge, Mikel Arteta, seems to be doing the opposite.

He and technical director Edu were instrumental figures for revamping the dressing room and the players’ tunnel. The thing that caught the most attention was the photo of Arsene Wenger.

Ahead of this weekend’s clash with Newcastle United, Arteta confirmed that he has talked with his former boss about renewing his ties with the club and the place where he stayed for 22 years.

Arteta told the BBC:”We would be delighted to have him much closer,”

“I think he would have a great time just seeing the environment that he can create around him when he’s around this place because of the respect, admiration and the love that everybody at the club has for what he’s done, as well as for what he represents as a person.”

“Well, there has been communication, and I saw him and talked to him when we went to see the film. It was incredibly pleasant to see him and chat to him – and hopefully we can bring him close.

The Spaniard continued, “Because I think he will have a great time just seeing the environment that he can create around him (and) around this place. Because of the respect and admiration that everybody at the club has for what he’s done – and as well for what he represents as a person in this club.”

“What I can say is that I would like him to be much closer, personally, to me because I think it would be a great help, I think it would be a great help for the club,” he said.

“Things take time and I think he has to dictate those timings. What I can say is from my side and I can say, I think, on behalf of everybody, is that we would be delighted to have him much closer.”

Arteta’s comments have received mixed responses from the Arsenal faithful but largely it has been positive.
Seeing Wenger back at the Emirates Stadium would feel unreal, especially how things ended. I would personally jump on the chance of seeing him back at the red half of London.

His home. A place where he is adored.

Yash Bisht

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  1. I don’t think Wenger would like to leave his current job for a non-managerial work, but kudos to Arteta for inviting Wilshere and Wenger

        1. maybe you read this prior to seeing my comment regarding your mindboggling Xhaka takes…you have such an insular perspective because you don’t have any real connection with any other non-Arsenal related club or sport, which is likely why you express such naïve takes so often

          1. I just like to convey my observations and some facts here. I think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with my first comment above

            1. GAI don’t listen to such people, I am always looking for your comments because you always try to connect your observations to the big picture. I am disappointed only when your comment is not on top 🙂

  2. 2 chefs in one kitchen will never work. I don’t think an “advisory” role is something that would interest someone used to making the big decisions for 22 years.

    I may be completely wrong, and things could be completely different with Wenger’s thinking.

    1. Arteta by speaking this has exposed his weakness of starting to crumble under pressure. A man who balantly destroyed our club by signing dozens of nobodies after 2010 on mega wages needs an inquest to be done into those dealings and punished severly when proved guilty. Arteta will get all his good work undone by some wried decisions (like having the world cup every two years) and if it happens, then I will rethink on my support to Arteta.

  3. The great Arsene back at Arsenal will be very beneficial to the club and mostly to Arteta. Arteta shows he is learning for realising and acting on that fact.

    With Wenger at Arsenal Arteta will learn proper man management, something he severely lacks, and what better way to learn than from one of, or probably the greatest man manager in football history.

    He will benefit tactically also by learning from one of, or probably the greatest tactician in football history. We are talking about the man who built the greatest team ever in the Premier League history, with the greatest defense and the most lethal strike force in living memory.

    Wenger the invincible, the only one whose trophy is gold worthy. Not even the great Alex Ferguson can rival that!

    We are talking about one of the two managers who made a mere football rivalry into global event rivaling the World Cup.

    To have someone like that with a treasure of wisdom and experience at hand will be a gift to Arteta.

    The club will also benefit greatly having the man who not only knows but breathes the values of the club. That is something desperately needed to be taught to the current management.

    1. How quickly you forget what was transpiring at the club when your faithful leader was sent packing…what you’re talking about could be achieved from a comfortable distance, like with some weekly Zoom calls or something similar, and wouldn’t require our former manager being put on the payroll in some capacity…the “values” that he helped to instill, with Dein as his mentor and partner, were vastly different from the diluted and misguided ones he was propagating during his latter tenure at the Emirates…now I get that you’re an ardent Wenger Loyalist, which I was too during his pre-Emirates phase, but it’s absolutely laughable to think that his presence at the club nowadays does anything but complicates matters further…so if you want Arteta gone, I get that, but if you think the addition of Wenger makes the Arteta reign more palatable, from a footballing perspective, I think you’re way off base

      1. The great Arsene of the Highbury era and the great Arsene of the Emirates was one and the same. He was a tactical genius at Highbury as he was a tactical genius at the Emirates.

        Wenger didn’t change, circumstances did.

        His tactical genius achieved great and legendary things at the great and stable ship that was Highbury but when the same ship was sinking it was his tactical genius that miraculously kept it afloat as evidenced by what happened after he RESIGNED and turned his back on the club he loves.

        The addition of Wenger will benefit Arteta because he is there. I would have said the same thing even if it was another young and struggling coach.

        I will not like Arteta because he is associating himself with the great one, I will like him when results are pretty to look at.

        My feelings towards Arteta have not changed and I still think he should have gone at the end of last season but I will acknowledge his efforts every time I see improvements.

        Wanting Wenger back at the club is not an improvement so I will not embrace Arteta just for that.

        1. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree, especially if you can’t except the fact that there were clear differences between the Wenger of the post-Highbury era and the one that patrolled the sidelines at the Emirates

          the fact remains that in his latter years Wenger clearly resented the big money “diva” superstar players, those with “big” personalities and/or anyone who might usurp his monopolistic control over the locker room, which in turn negatively impacted his recruitment decisions…this is likewise why he had a revolving door armband policy and why some, like Arteta and Merts, were acquired with the understanding that they would be required to be his locker room lackeys/fine cops, before ever even wearing the kit

          not to mention, as per the circumstantial differences you spoke of, both Gazidis and RVP spoke publicly about the ample resources available to the club, yet those with blinders on continue to propagate the misguided notion that the cupboard was bare for Wenger.

    1. If Wenger is at Arsenal and Arteta seek his guidance on tactics I am sure we will see huge difference. He is an apprentice without an expert. With a mentor he has a chance, alone he is more likely to fail.

  4. Lets look forward not back, Arteta must realise we have moved on fron that Era. He is welcome anytime as a supporter but nowhere near team duties. It would be a major step back to allow Wenger any say in how we play, i very much doubt he will be invited to do anything other than an Ambassador role.

    1. He doesn’t have to be on active duty for them to have the benefits of his wisdom and experience. My understanding is that currently Wenger has dissociated himself from the club but if he is around even as an ambassador they can ask for his guidance every now and then.

      1. Ok i get what you are saying but Wenger “left” the club because his ideas were not working anymore. The manager now, if he has anything about him should be able to trust his own ideas and the team that is around him. I have always said the best managers are proactive and are successful because they are visionaries of what is new and needed, the rest are copy cats and generally are not successful. Wenger was a visionary until he tried to copy Barcelona, his effect wained after that.

        1. I believe our brand of football was more pleasing to the eyes than that of Barcelona minus the trophies and dramatic dives to make opponents sent off. But that is my opinion.

          I agree that the manager should trust his ideas but it is not a bad thing to learn a thing or two from the greats of the game. Nothing in football is new. Great managers learn from others, add their personal touch and move forward.

      2. Maybe the plumber can seek guidance to fix busted flushes (as he hired many of them) or the housekeeping lady seek guidance to dust the cobwebs off the cabinettes (as he was used to see them empty gathering dust for some 14+ years) or guide the groundsman in giving silly excuses for not mowing the lawn.

  5. With my cynical hat on, I think Arteta knows he’s skating on thin ice, so by getting Arsene and Jack on side, he’s hoping to ingratiate himself with the fans and just trying to give himself more time.

  6. I believe it unlikely, in fact very unlikely, that AW will ever consent to return in any meaningful and permanent way. That is not to say he would never help out on an occasional basis but I just do not believe he will ever accept being entwined with Arsenal again on any permanent basis.

    In the event that I am wrong though, I much believe there would be many difficulties if he came back in say an advisory capacity.

    I think MA would sacrifice respect from most connected with Arsenal IF, he were seen to be, in effect, a puppet for Wengers views.
    That is chiefly WHY I think it very unlikely, as both MA and AW will be acutely aware of that and keen to avoid it.

    I believe in any case that AW’s phone- but privately and away from press speculation etc – has always been available to MA if he chose to use it and it still will be, IMO!

    I think that AW will show more wisdom in refusing such a request then MA has shown in suggesting it.

  7. I believe Arsene and David Dein would be fantastic ambassadors for our club – unfortunately and for different reasons, neither will return..

    DD was sacked and AW stood down after wonderful service to the club.

    It’s the owner and a section of our fan base that have to wrestle with that burden.

    It just goes to show how these two men bear no grudges, as they both remain loyal Gooners.

    Let’s hope that time will heal and MA can succeed with or without the help of
    But it certainly is a nice gesture and MA knows, from first hand experience, just what AW brings tto the table… that’s why he wants him back.

    1. A wise post KEN but its worth noting that AW is now 72 and DD is 77!

      You and I might well agree that older humans generally become wiser, but Id say they also become tired more easily and energy in your 70’s is not so on tap as it was years ago.

      Simply put, both are really too old now to have any more than a behind the scenes occasional advisory role and away from prying journalists eyes and ears.


      PS: Wise humans of all ages and generations do not hold grudges, as grudges mostly damage the holder, not the recipient, as older folks know!

  8. I seem to remember Wenger saying he would NEVER go back to Arsenal while the Kroenke’s owned the club.

    Anybody else remember that?

    1. JW, dont you agree with me when I say that all sorts of people , including all of us on here, say things like the quote you mention.

      But people and esp timing and events can totally change peoples minds. How many women have said immediately after childbirth , they will never have another child, just for one example. But most do!

      I take little notice of mere statements, almost ever and look far deeper for the real truth.
      I allow for things to change and do not think it wise or mature to hold anyone at all to something they may have once upon a time said!


  9. Look all respect to Arsene Wegner. He is the original great one. But, I’m worried? Would Arsene come back as his own man, focused on making unbiased decisions to take the club forward, or would he still be a post 2008, Kroenke stooge repeating the same old, same old B.S.?

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