Arteta was totally correct to drop Aubameyang against Spurs

Arteta was right for dropping Aubameyang for being “late”.

Arsenal were due to play Tottenham Hotspur. One hour before the kick-off, social media went into a meltdown after Arsenal captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was named on the bench for the match against neighbours Spurs.

Mikel Arteta in his pre-match interview said that his star striker’s absence was due to a “disciplinary issue.” It was later reported by The Athletic that the Gabon international reported late for the crucial North-London derby.

More importantly, this was not the first time that Aubameyang has put a foot wrong off the pitch.

Last month he was “reminded of his responsibilities” as a skipper of the Arsenal Football Club, after he went to get a tattoo amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Arsenal manager was completely right to omit the former Dortmund man even though he has been one of the most important players since his switch to London.

The club is going through a lot of change behind the scenes. They have young players who are shining under the coaching of the staff and the guidance of the more experienced players.

To put things into context, what happens when you look at your parents doing something, which might not be ethical? You are more certain to adopt that habit. Similarly, if the young players are looking at the more experienced players and seeing them get away with trivial incidents then they are also bound to repeat it after them.

Had Arteta not punished Aubameyang for arriving late for the match against Tottenham, it would have sent a wrong message to the team, especially the ones who are gradually emerging as first-team players.

And what is the best way to draw a line of what is wrong and right than benching a crucial team player?

Lee Dixon, a former Arsenal defender who made 458 appearances for the Gunners, said on his Twitter profile, “Arteta was right to drop Aub (Aubameyang) in my book. Regardless of the result. The integrity of the team and its values have to be maintained.”

He continued, “No one bigger than the group. It has to be that way.”


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  1. I’m glad that he was dropped due to his supposed infraction and it being a disciplinary matter. He’s lucky not to be dropped for his on-field indiscipline of being a striker who’s never in the box and a player not making an effort to influence the game in any positive way.

    Without him and Bellerin, we were 2/11th’s better yesterday.

  2. Rightfully dropped and in all honesty is not captain material at all. People say just because he’s not vocal doesn’t mean he’s not a good captain and I agree with that, taking that into consideration I still think he’s a poor captain.

    -Rarely puts a shift in
    -Doesn’t seem to be in control
    -Late himself of more than one occasion
    -If not scoring, contributes nothing

    Great guy, great goal scorer…piss poor captain IMO

  3. This team is at the early stages of gelling into something we
    can be proud of. We dominated Sp*rs yesterday.And, to be
    honest, we’ve been better than every team we’ve played since
    Boxing Day. When we lose it’s because we cause ourselves to
    lose, not because the other team is better. Excellent
    performance yesterday.Only two blemishes are the Saka injury
    and Auba’s indiscipline. Is he really captain material…? Give it
    to Tierney, Partey vice captain.

  4. It was the right decision and I bet it killed Auba sitting in the stands watching on – can’t see him being late again!

  5. All good that we won the game. Lots of lashes would have come against Arteta.
    That said, my take is that Arteta appears to struggle with Reasoning and Ego. Achilles was someone who had infractions and attitude but was the main motivator and energy for Greeks in the Trojan war.
    The manager is setting a pattern with human management out of the security of his ego. Ozil, Guenouzi and now Auba. He was lucky for the slim out of the game.

    1. Sorry but you just perfectly wrote bûllshît up there. Anything Arteta does, he gets attacked by some of you fanboys

    2. It’s funny how Arteta has been branded as egotistical by several posters. Why is Arteta, by demanding discipline within the team, being referred to this way? He could be defined as a hard task master but that doesn’t make him and egotist, I’d have thought.

      The one thing that stands out to me is that the total indiscipline that marred the last few months of Emery’s reign have been pretty well wiped out. I wouldn’t expect school pupils to laud it over their teachers so why would it be acceptable for football players to do the same to the manager?

    3. What tosh from someone who at least knows a little about the Trojan war. I would have hoped for better analysis as you are clearly bright, even though foolishly biased and apt not to see the clear truth which is staring us all in the face. That MA IS A FAR BETTER MANAGER THAN MOST ON HERE WILL ADMIT, EVEN TO THEMSELVES.

  6. Yes it was the right decision, nobody so be bigger than the team, but why did he told the whole world about it and why was he even on the beach

    1. It’s a message. Besides, the story could have leaked to the press either way. So he got to control the narrative. At this level attitude and ethics come into huge play. No great team could have become great but lowering the standards for any players. Especially from the skipper

      1. No Mr William

        This was all about Arteta, he didn’t had to told the whole world that he just discipline the skipper. Even if a story had leaked that Auba was late this is way he didn’t play would have been reasonable story, but now the whole world know that he was discipline, in what light does it put the skipper. What had come from we deal with in inside and keep it inside. Read below what LW said about this story. Again I stand by my words, MA is a good coach but poor manager

  7. Come on talk the truth men…,he didn’t do the right thing. In fact he publicly and naively shamed his talisman to the world. The man who has literally made him keep his job so far. If by bad luck we had lost to Tot, MA entire body would be aching due to the heavy lashes he would have received from “the fans disciplinary committee” 😝😝😀 There’s a difference between discipline and egocentrism. MA won’t make it too far with this mindset.

    1. But I believe if Laca had did that, you won’t have complain.
      And if you don’t complain, what does that make you? An Hypocrite.
      He set an example to others.
      Damn if he do, Damn if he did not.

      And people saying he told the media what happened are so funny cos Arteta did not reveal what happened to the media, he only said, it was for a disciplinary issues.
      And I believe the late issues came from David Oinstein.

    2. Good Day LW

      I just what to compliment you, you have good sense, something that is very rare nowadays

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