Arteta was very angry at Thomas Partey after Tottenham debacle

It was obvious that Mikel Arteta was not looking very happy on the sidelines at Tottenham after seeing Kane and Son team up to score an incredible goal from outside the area, but he was even unhappier when Thomas Partey tried to walk off the pitch just before half-time, which allowed the two Tottenham strikers to team up again for the second goal, which just about killed off Arsenal hopes of a magical comeback.

Arteta was obviously watching down the game unfold at the other end trying to get the equaliser when Tottenham broke yet again, and suddenly he sees Arsenal’s flank exposed and Partey is strolling towards the touchline instead of trying to stop the attack.

It is obvious Arteta was angry when you listen to what he told NBCSports (Sky’s partner in the US). They quoted our boss as saying: “Thomas is out, he’s limping, he’s in pain, he has to come off and we lost a man in that crucial transition moment. He has to fall on the floor,”

“I wanted him on the pitch, doing whatever he could for the team in that situation. No one expected him not to be in that position.”

You can understand Arteta’s anger, as we were not only down to ten men, but he should have been in that position to stop the breakaway. If he is in too much pain, he should have lied on the pitch and called for the trainer. Anything other than leaving the team ten-against-11.

Arteta continued: “I was trying to push him back on the pitch, I don’t think he realized the gravity of the situation when he left his position. That was probably because he was in a lot of pain. There is nothing we can do at the moment to resolve that.”

“It was too quick, we were through, I think it was a four-against-three situation for us to play the final ball and we were through. Suddenly they were coming to us and Thomas is walking to me and I am trying to push him. I haven’t spoken to him. I don’t know exactly how it happened and if he felt something really serious. I will look at it and we will talk about it.”

So it looks like there will be serious words from our manager, and not only that he has lost Partey again through injury for probably at least another month….

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  1. ken1945 says:

    What a complete shambles from start to finish.

    1. Partey should not have walked off.
    2. Arteta should have realised that a professional player doesn’t just walk from the pitch for fun.
    3. Arteta should never have pushed Partey back on the pitch, as the player would never have been able to influence the outcome of the goal anyway.
    4. Publically talking about the incident is not advisable regarding relationships between the two men.
    5. Were our medical team and Partey influenced by the need to have a positive result? Arteta only selected Partey after advice from both parties – not his fault regarding this point.

    Another unacceptable piece of folly all round!!!

    1. Val says:

      It would have made no difference if he stayed on the pitch on the floor or walked off.

      It wasnt a head injury and play would have continued regardless.

      MA and his staff ar eto blame for playing him after 1 training session back, especially when we had Elneny, DC, Xaka and AMN all available and 100% fit to play.

      He pulled up AGAIN when trying to get back into position, which could have made any injury worse than it was.

      Being angry at TP was pointless, he should look in the mirror and be angry at himself!

    2. gooner1578 says:

      I suppose the technical director or director of football is a post that may not have this written in the JD in particular. But seeing EDU disappearing from the situation and not influencing any of the goings currently is ridiculous. I know he might be doing all he can behind the scenes but in certain situations someone has to come in and take the pressure off mikel. Or maybe EDU wants him to fall on his face and get a new manager lined up for the second half of the season.

      you could write a book on the current arsenal situation but its becoming increasingly depressing.

      If mikel goes , i want arsenal to go for someone like erik ten hag or julien nagelssman , or maybe if they want stability let arteta continue for this year however bad it gets. and we might end up in a relegation battle.

      Since brighton is below us who are a much much better unit under potter and beat us twice last season, burnley will be stubborn and follow the blue print of mourinho’s team plus they have giants in the forward line and put in crosses all day long targetting tierney and holding, tierney is so poor in the air and for that reason i dont want him to be my LCB , he is a LWB/LB,

      Lets see what happens, hope we get an easy run in up to the semis in europa cause thats our only hope

  2. Niles says:

    All these are stories by Arteta.
    What happened to Elneny.

    Such link up plays btw Kane and Son are the kind ofgames ELneny likes breaking.

  3. Mobella says:

    It is good that he is angry but his anger is misplaced and should look at the mirror to see who deserves the anger. The players should not have played anyway or started the match. We have Cebellos, AMN and Mo who are completely healthy for the match.

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