Arteta – “We have an opportunity” for a “big, big boost” against West Ham

The Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta finally managed to get a word in about our opponents tomorrow night, West Ham, once he had managed to field the 1001 questions about Aubameyang and him being stripped of the captaincy.

It is clear that, so far this season, West Ham have been awesome against some very big teams, and fully deserve their place in the Top Four, but even with Arsenal recent reverses, we have still managed to creep up to just two points below our local rivals, and can even overtake them if we can manage to win tomorrow night.

Arteta sounds reasonably confident ahead of the game, and believes the home fans will spur the players on to our fifth home win in a row. This is what he said when he finally got to talk about the Hammers: “For me they are one of the best teams in the league,” he told “The understanding that they have, the clarity in what they want to do and how much they are able to hurt teams with the way they play has been impressive and they have been really really consistent.

“It’s a big game because of the position they are in, and the position we want to be in. Tomorrow we have the opportunity at home, in front of our people to do that. That would be a big, big boost.

“You can see when the crowd gets behind the team, the moments that [the team] are creating,” he added.

“A really great example was against Southampton, and that’s what the players are talking about right now. They know tomorrow night under the lights they will be right behind the team and they want to please them.”

Obviously Arteta thinks that leaving Aubameyang out of the squad will concentrate his young team’s minds and with the Twelth Man there to back them up, then this couldn’t be a better time to play West Ham….

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  1. That last line – ‘this couldn’t be a better time to play’…. now where have I read that before? Oh that’s right.. Everton.. United.. Pool… 😄 Let’s hope we manage to pull it off this time!
    As for the 12th man, I wonder how many will stay away? Seen comments elsewhere from fans not going – covid – it’s not looking good [again]…

    1. Wouldnt it be wonderful if games were won on social media. Could actually not bother with actually playing the game. Just why couldnt this be a better time to play West Ham ? Seems more hopeful than factual !

  2. Why even compare or bring Southampton into the discussion about the West Ham game? Frankly Southampton lost heart by halftime, and straight up quit midway through the 2nd half.

    Neither losing heart or quitting apply to West Ham. They have been giant killers so far this season, while we have been killed by those giants.

    Moyes will have West Ham up for it, no doubt. I question which Arsenal team will show up tomorrow.

    Perfect time for Arsenal to make a statement. (Heard that before?)

    1. Prepared, intense, hungry and fight with 100% effort.
    2. Sputter and stall at the beginning, struggle against their press, and possession without purpose.

    One way or the other this match will tell us about our club and “the progress” people love to bring up.

    1. Sure. Winning before the game is even played is our stock-in-trade. I hate the mentality. And our players play with a complex against the big teams. With that attitude, you lose the game before even starting it. Horrible!!!
      When will they have confidence and just play from start to finnish.
      Against Southampton, it was the same attitude for over 25 minutes. How can a team fighting for the top places make 25 minutes in a game without a single shot to the goal?

  3. Arteta couldn’t have chosen a better time to release an IED into dressing room chemistry and team morale….less than 24 hours before facing “one of the best teams in the league”. (Just quoting his words).

  4. I agree with you MA 👍.
    You speak well.
    Now because it takes a lot of work and action to match up what can be uttered, it will be unfair to be critical of you when you say what you expect as gaffer of the team.
    Oh, and we have the opportunity to go 4th on the table midway the season yet some think you can’t or don’t have the right to be positive about things.
    Well, maybe some expect you not to grant interviews or hold press conferences and keep mute.
    But keep up the good job man.
    You can’t be perfect but I can see you are on track.

  5. Arteta is right about being positive and being well prepared to face WestHam. Go for it Arsenal, we can surely beat WestHam and break into the top 4.

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