Arteta – “We should have scored many more” against Norwich for “incedible fans”

Arsenal finally got our first three points of the season in front of a full house at the Emirates, and it is no surprise that Mikel Arteta was feeling nervous after seeing three defeats in a row, especially as we stayed goaless for most of the match.

But he was very pleasedwith the performance, right from kick off, and hecertainly feels that we dominated completely and should have won by a bigger margin.

“Emotionally it was a very tough game to play, after the three defeats, playing here in front of your crowd.” the Boss told “It was a must-win game and I saw [us] straight away come out of the blocks really quickly, really aggressively, wanting to score and please everybody. We had a period after 20 or 25 minutes where we started to [look] a little bit shaky, trying to attack too quickly and giving the ball away. It was an open game. In the second half, we took control of the game again and we should have scored many more.”

It must have been difficult to get the squad’s heads back up after our awful start to the season, but he he has ended up proud of the way the whole club has reacted and stuck together to believe they could pull themselves out of adversity together. “I must say, it’s probably been the best 10 to 15 days I’ve ever had since I’ve been in football.” he declared. “I’m not saying they were the easiest, but probably the best. You have to find a purpose for why you do what you do and why you’ve made the decision to be a football player or a coach. It’s all made sense in the last week or so. It’s about the relationship we have built. It’s about the level of trust that everybody at the club has. It’s about connections and emotionally how players react, how everybody in the team – and I’m talking about every department at the club – supports and tries to improve and be positive around the situation. You have to win football matches but, for me, that’s an absolute joy to watch, how everybody has been behaving around the context that we had around us.”

Arteta also admits that he was worried about the reaction of the home fans to being bottom of the League, because although everything was going positively within the club, there was a lot of negative reaction from a lot of Arsenal fans on social media (and a lot of negativity at times on JustArsenal to be honest), but again the Boss was very pleased with the way the fans got behind his tea. “What I’m describing is probably what you guys don’t see – what happens internally. I had doubts, I had question marks because I had to read and I had to understand and I had to reflect a little bit on different opinions and criticism. I don’t know how much they’re going to be affected. I think the club has been extremely open to send a message across of what we are trying to do.

“I had a question mark, I have to be honest. But I just saw incredible fans trying to inspire a team, trying to tell them ‘we are ready to suffer with you and we’re going to support you’. The rest, it doesn’t matter. I’m extremely grateful and I got pretty emotional to see that because I think it’s pretty difficult to see in football. People are maybe expecting something or they want to go down other roads and try to transmit hate or whatever, and it wasn’t the case at all – so thank you so much.

I’m not surprised the fans got behind the team though, they could see they were trying right from kickoff and they had positive energy to feed off. 30 attempts on goal is not a bad return in my book.

Now we just want to see more of those go in the net in future games…

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  1. Our top 14 players as of 12th of September.
    Tomiyasu White Gabriel Tierney
    Xhaka/Partey Lokonga
    Pepe Odegaard Saka
    Lacazette ESR Partey/Xhaka.
    Lack of goals is our achilles heel right now.
    Some how Arteta has to get a tune out of Auba Lacca and pepe.

  2. Same non sense; “should , would or could have done better”. Talking about how émotionnel and tuff to play home after 3 losts…

    We lucky to not conceed in the end, not able to kill the game against Norwich!

    Coach Viera showed how to get job done, coaching, in style beat Spurs as he used to on pitch…

    Very positive day with boys securing 3 points and discover that Viera has all it takes to be a top coach & manager.

    It took to watch one game to notice his potential and skills.

    You have it or you dont, he gets a 10 for best coaching in this 4th game. Arteta gets a 4 to 5 for not losing or drawing, a zero and 2 then…

    Hard to cope with this totally wrong casting at management in such a football club

    1. Relegation fight has started for us.

      Looking at fixtures, we’ll be there til next window.

      Looking at teams above us, Europe’s already seems out of reach, totally be by next window.

      1. After Week 4 last season….
        Arsenal was 4th, Everton was wining league, M.City at 14th, ManU at 16th with GD of -6 and James Rodríguez was player on fire and must be worth $50m then.
        Arsenal Fans were riding high after we won FA and then Shield LY and then started last year by beating Fulham. Willian was proving to be such an astute signing after that game.

        Last year we didn’t end the season on high we started with.

        We Arsenal fans always believe that Arsenal can there is only 1 way for us. Down !!

        2 months back we said Sambi who? Ramsdale is relegation specialist backup only, no one though he could be ahead of Leno (not saying that he is but won’t be surprised if it happens)
        15 days back we said who is the RB we sighed? Can he kick ball? He is here to help sell T-shirts in Japan.

        Fans (most at least) said MA was great manager 12 months back. Most of them now say he is worst possible manager.

        Without seeing enough of new players we have already relegated the team. Like many, I have doubts about MA today, but for sure a lot can happen between now and May.

        When other win after playing badly we say thats sign of great team and when we win after playing badly we can only be relegation team.

        But all some of fan can do but whine despite just seeing new players win a game for Arsenal.

        LIGS – life is so good.

  3. We are behind you coach.keep up the hard work and goals will come.None serious fan thought we could win city or chelsea under these circumstances.

  4. If I should forget about Arteta and support the team does that make me a fool are an hypocrite. Kreonke or Arteta who is worse. Ozil robbed arsenal according to some whilst leaving us with some beautiful memories. Arteta is taking our money and the returns are frustrating. Am done until Arteta leaves the football is unwatchable.

  5. Our ‘A’ team looks viable now. Although we attacked a lot, particularly in the second half against Norwich, Aubameyang did not really look on top of his game. Shame we did not buy Odsonne Edouard, a massive mistake by Edu. If we don’t give young Gabriel Martinelli some outings to get into a rhythm of scoring we are going to struggle to score goals again this season. Our football football is often 65% possession but no goals. ‘If things don’t change they stay as they are’. Give Martinelli a run.

  6. The reason we dont score so many goals is our slow build up, when we create chances the opposition more often than not are in position to defend. Even when we create chances, they are more half chances than full ones. Our set up fot attack is all wrong, we wont score goals playing how we do. Throwing crosses in to one or two players is not going to reap rewards, that seems our main attackers threat.

    1. Spot on Reggie….. there’s a glaring selection mistake that is costing us goals…and it borders on saka,Pepe, aubameyang, ESR, odegaard and lacazette…

      1. From last season, we can all agree that lacazette is key for the new system that depends on wingers…he is the glue to the attack…the drawback is the fact that he is less prolific, which means our wingers have to score more…

      2. Since the wingers have to do the scoring just like liverpool…we have to play them in positions where they are more direct and have a clean shot at goal…. currently saka on the left and Pepe on the right doesn’t help matters… ….Pepe wud run to the byline,cut back and try unsuccessful curlers…saka would run to the byline line to cross in for an overwhelmed CF….

      Simple solution…
      (a).Saka moves to the right thereby driving in more often , winning PKs and laying short passes for easy tap-ins than headers for our CF
      (b) Pepe moves to the left which also stops the need to cut-back but drive in directly with pace to shoot at goal ( like greenwood does) or lay up chances for our CF or Saka at far post….this also relieves Tierney of the tedious work of overlapping runs to put in same crosses over and over again..

      3. For games against lesser oppositions, A single pivot DM with Odegaard and ESR driving counter attacks is key for clear chances….while for games against strong sides the double pivot can be deployed with Partey and Sambi…not partey or Sambi.

      4. The defense and GK position are spot on for now.. ramsdale,Gabriel,white, Tierney, Tomiyasu…

      1. System is set by coach.

        Need to change coach to change all Arteta non sense. Take Edu with him; for a new system,’

  7. We play such slow football we never take teams by surprise. Same slow recycled approach that hasn’t worked for the last two years. Same against Norwich. We may have had 30 attempts but as per usual none go in. So, so slooooowww. Are our players fit enough. Can’t they speed up?

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