Arteta: “We were competitive” (until Man City’s first goal)

It must have been very difficult for Mikel Arteta to come out and speak to the press after Arsenal’s unprecedented third defeat in a row at Man City.

The pressure is now really on the Spaniard, and the 5-0 demolition to his old boss was never going to make it any easier for him to bear, and after the game, Arteta did try to defend his players, but only up until “the first action”

In his interview with the media and after the match, they decided to use a massive understatement, and asked if he was feeling the frustration of the way things were going. “Really big, really disappointed with he things that happened on the pitch.” he said.

“Obviously the summary after three games and losing the three of them it doesn’t make it any easier.

“I think we started the game really well and took the game where we wanted, we were really competitive but in the first action, the ball is wide, we didn’t stop the cross or deal with the runners or defend the box well enough, and if you do that here it is impossible to win a football match as there are so many basic things that have to be done better.

“After that we conceded the second one a few minutes later, which I think is a clear punch on Calum Chambers’ face, so I don’t know how the goal is allowed to [stand]. We continued and after another 20 minutes Granit gets the red card and we have to play 60 minutes with 10 men against the best team in the league. A very difficult day, yeah.”

Hell, it was a difficult day for him, the players, and the fans who poured out their frustration on JustArsenal after the game.

But, to look on the postive side, things can only get better from now on, can’t they?

Surely they can’t get any worse!

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  1. Yeah I thought we started off quite well, but then heads dropped, floodgates opened – same old same old.
    Well, 3 games without Granit – surely we won’t appeal 😳 With some luck, that we’re in very short supply of, Partey will return after the break, along with Gabriel and White 🙏 The thought of making Norwich (our rivals) look like Barcelona/Puki banging in a brace/Daniel Farke talking ten to the dozen makes me feel rather queasy!
    A 6 pointer already 😆

    1. Xhaka played for Switzerland and he was one of the best..arteta and edu are the problem right now.

      1. Not only under MA, Xhaka was the same under AW/UE. How many red cards/wreckless challenges is he on now?
        Why can’t we see the Switzerland Granit for a change?

  2. Norwich Burnley and Spurs.
    5 points would be enough for me
    Although if we have most of our squad available I expect at least 7 points.
    Brighton Palace Villa Leicester.
    7 points would be enough for me although I anticipate 9.
    So if we have 12 points from the next 7 games I’m OK with that although I actually anticipate 16.

    1. Are you sure that you are an Arsenal supporter? Wanting 12 points from the next 7 games??? We arent a relegation team!
      We are Arsenal! We should be beating those 7 teams not hoping to get a point here and there. Where is your pride?

      1. Judging from the comments I’ve read from Fairfan in the last few days, I would say he’s among those who’ve psychologically adjusted to the ‘we-are-a-small-club’ mentality.

        Within such a mindset, the results currently being produced are only slightly below expectations and so we must continue to trust the process.

        Or maybe Fairfan is just trying to provoke reponses by deliberately being ridiculous?

        Is that the case Fairfan?

  3. As fans we ask…actually we demand…that Arsenal are competitive for more than the first 25 minutes of any Premier League game.
    Thus far this Season Arteta’s team have failed miserably to remain competitive past the first 25,15 and 7 minutes respectively.Once the opposition scores the first goal we shouldn’t expect Arsenal to meekly capitulate and look bereft of ideas.
    It is clear that the job is beyond Arteta.The illness and injury problems accepted the team has been completely disjointed,clueless defensively and lacking in both leadership and drive in every one of their Premier League games so far this Season
    We now reach the International break and I am hoping with all my heart that the owners rid us of this arrogant charlatan.Whilst they are about it they can kick Gasper Edu out of his Ivory Tower and tell him to find another Club which is happy to allow him and his super-agent friends to take the piss and perhaps find out what a Technical Director is actually meant to do for the benefit of his Club.

  4. Yes it was 0-0 when the ref blew his whistle but thats as good as it got. The usual happened and the even more usual xhaka happened and that is the final straw. The decision to keep xhaka is so bad it deserves s a sacking just for that. Nothing works what Arteta does, in fact, it fails, basly. I see only despair while the fool is our manager, do the right thing and go because our owners dont know what they are doing if he isnt sacked by Monday.

  5. OT.
    Niles on loan to Everton?
    Aubameyang to Juve?
    Who is coming in ?
    And I don’t mean manager 🙂
    Why was Pepe not in the squad?

  6. Arteta & Edu should be given their marching orders.

    New Manager & Director make sure to get Matteo Guendouzi & William Saliba back at Arsenal for next season, loaning them out was a huge mistake & should of been in the squad this season.

    Xhaka should of been sold to Roma, wanted to go then got a new deal and the arm band when Aubas out. Lokonga is a better player and is a good signing as is Taveres for back up for Tierney.

    How Elneny, Chambers, Kolasnic & Willian are all still here, Plus White for £50m & Ramsdale for £30m when we had Martinez last summer. Pepe £72m, losing money in terminating/buying out deals as we cant shift the players we put on big wages.

    This club is a mess and all over the place. Arteta is not the man to guide us we need experience to sort this out and Edu is inexperienced and all the dealings have proved that bar one or two nice deals for young players coming in or renewals.

    This window was supose to help us but we are a lot worse off and have a few days to sort it.

  7. Listening to Arteta makes me cringe!

    He is clearly way out of his depth. Almost all of us can see it. He keeps on breaking all kinds of negative records. This should indicate to any rational person that he, at the very best, is not talented enough to coach a great club like Arsenal and, at the very worst, should consider pursuing an entirely different vocation altogether.

    I do not say this in anger or out of spite. The results and performances so far speak for themselves; they condemn him more forcefully than any vitriol his most fervent detractors can ever muster.

    Those calling for him to resign are not being realistic. No self respecting man would want to be known as the guy who bolted when the going got tough. (Even I, if I were in Arteta’s position, wouldn’t apologize and resign as some on JA suggest.) As such I expect action to be taken by those above him in the club hierarchy. It simply does not make any sense to target Arteta any more.

    Unfortunately, the only ones above him are Edu and Vinai. Neither has the clout, credibility and competence to do what needs to be done. The Kroenke family, which knows nothing of football nor of the great ambition of Gooners around the world, relies on these two incapable novices. I have no idea who else constitutes the board but, whoever they are, their silence and anonymity confirms their irrelevance to this discussion.

    I see BOLD and LOUD protests as the only recourse available to the fans.

    My fellow Gooners in London, therefore, go forth and MAKE YOURSELVES HEARD!

  8. The saddest feature of the match to me was the fact that Man City did not have to be particularly great to thrash us. Arteta needs to throw out the tactics used by Man City and adapt a simple method of playing to suit the players he has at his disposal.He has to get back to basics and ensure that the priority for his defenders is to defend.Without a quality, dedicated defensive midfielder which we badly need, our full backs should not bomb forward unless they are covered and every player must be prepared to put in a shift defensively just as I witnessed yesterday from an impressive Chelsea side.The dynamic of the side must be changed to create a more workmanlike unit that becomes difficult to break down.Two no scoring draws against Chelsea and City would have kept me happy , and while injuries have hindered us , we cannot continue to be the “soft touch” of the Premier League.One positive from the embarrassment yesterday is the fact that Xhaka will automatically miss a couple of matches.If I were in charge he would never play again and the fact that he has just signed a new contract should not prevent efforts being made to sell him asap.

  9. ‘UNTIL THE FIRST GOAL’ What a joke? He should not have spoken to the press if he had nothing of substance to say. This is so sad. Who is going to save us from this madness. This man has completely lost it! The sooner he leaves the better.

  10. “We were really competitive until the first action.” I have heard everything now!

    What next? “Until kickoff we were the better team perhaps”!

    This sort of nonsense speak is why I have finally lost all confidence in MA. Any manager who utters such utter nonsense should never be OUR manager. I pray he soon will not be!

    1. So does all of us immature Arteta out “fans” now jon fox has joined us all of a sudden became correct and right in what we are saying now?

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