Arteta will be under pressure if he doesn’t improve our attack quickly

Arteta under pressure now, and rightly so by ThirdManJW

Well that was a painful watch! Another Arsenal defeat, and another game where we’ve looked devoid of ideas in the final third. I think it’s fair to say, that the pressure will start to mount as of now for Arteta.

It’s still too early to really make a judgement on Arteta, and overall, we have massively improved under his leadership. Defensively, we have never looked better over the last 12 years or so. Defending was priority number one, and I am so pleased that Arteta put his focus on that straight away. Arteta has done wonders so far, given his inexperience, and what he inherited, but if there is a chink in his armour, it’s his tactical approach for attacking.

Arsenal have definitely progressed under Arteta, but I would argue, that our attacking game has regressed. We have never been a free flowing attacking side under him, but we seem to have only got worse at attacking this season. The performance against Villa was more of an anomaly, as we have rarely looked so bad from start to finish, but our lack of threat in the final third was more of a familiar trend.

This is where the pressure will start to come from, because Arteta cannot seem to find a solution to this problem…as of yet. We should remember, that Arteta is still learning the game, and is less than a year in charge at Arsenal, so he may be able to solve our attacking problems. What’s also encourerging, is that Arteta has acknowledged that this is something he needs to work on.

Other managers might just swat aside such criticisms, ignoring the issue, but Arteta has identified it, and seemingly, wants to fix it. The question is, can he fix it?

The signs don’t look too good at the moment. The likes of Laca, and Willian have been very poor this season, and Pepe is inconsistent, but Arteta isn’t helping them. We are really struggling to create in the final third, and even Auba barely gets a look at goal these days. I am very worried, because we don’t seem to be improving in the final third either. So, whilst Arteta is trying to solve this problem, he’s struggling to do so. Despite my concerns, I am willing to give Arteta a lot more time, but if we continue to struggle in front of goal, one can imagine that the fans will start becoming more and more restless, as will I.

As an Arsenal fan, the balance between attack and defence has been so frustrating over the last 12 years or so. During Wenger’s final decade it was a brilliant attack, and woeful defending, and now it’s brilliant defending, and woeful attacking! Ironically, we actually looked at our best in regards to balance, under Emery. For the majority of his first season, before it all went to pot!

How big a worry is our attacking game? Are we even improving in this area under Arteta?


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  1. You didn’t say that last week when we beat man U.

    It took Watford who are now relegated to beat Liverpool.A team that has won CL and was wining EPL.

    EPL has surprise packages and this lost could be one of the.

    Fans should have a little bit of patience.

      1. And did that statistics include the number of chances Laca and Auba have spurned? We need to also put some perspective to these statistics! Laca must repay the faith the coach has placed in him… Arteta cannot simply go on tinkering the attack and by the way, is it Eddie that should now start… Or Folarin? We say play Auba down the middle, and have you noticed Auba’s ball holding capability is abjectly horrible, his heading and chest control is very poor! Auba has little in dribbling… So he is definitely best from the wings… I can imagine that when Arteta plays Auba down the middle and things don’t work, we will return to blame Arteta…. No one blamed Arteta for ultra defensive tactics when he won the FA… Now we come blaming Arteta and fail to realize that the players must be blamed for a poor showing yesterday…

        So we change coach just like that? Please we need to be more discerning when we watch the games and be able to see things with perspective!

        1. Our forwards get one good chance at best every game. Villa even created much better chances throughout the entire game for their forward players, and fullback even. And yes, if your tactics are not working, you need to take the blame for that. Teams adjust to what you are trying to do once they figure you out and you must respond. What worked a few months ago may not work anymore. Teams are marking Auba out of games way easier than they were last sesaon and he’s very ineffective out wide.

          1. “one good chance every game”, but I don’t understand how and why you say so because that is definitely untrue and it’s difficult to discuss further when the basis of an argument is false!

            Tactics wise, yes, we need to be adaptable but have you also noticed that often it takes just the front three of the best teams to destroy their opponents all at full speed, control and finesse, take Liverpool, Mancity, Tottenham, and even yesterday Aston villa… So would you say that Laca, William or Pepe, and even Auba are anywhere near such characteristics… But that is what Arteta got at the moment… Bro, there is how far you can blame a coach who has worked so hard to bring watery materials to seem reasonable…

            But more than anything else, Arteta acknowledges where problems lie and admits to working towards fixing them… And that is a sign of greatness… Whether vile-spilling fans will allow that to happen only time will tell…. But we cannot join this growing group of persons and allow them to ruin a rebuilding process… For now, we are middle table quality, and only time and dedication to a change process can see us rise out of the shadows… Anyone who thinks we should be up there already, will be wished all the very best!

            1. It’s not untrue tho, is it? We all berate Lacazette because of usually just one good opportunity. And when he usually misses, the loss is on him. Auba goes games without even getting a shot on target!

            2. We’re 13th in expected goals and 15th in shots (if I remember correctly), so yes there are stats that show our attack is the worst in at least 25 years…

        2. Auba best from the wing is rubbish his best ever reasons were through the middle for Dortmund where he was amongst the elite strikers in the world even out scoring Lewandowski. Yes his hold up play isn’t great but hes not a striker who’s meant to hold up the ball he’ll make a line beating run and finish something that cannot be said about lacazette

        3. Please tell me how many chances had aubamayang got in the last 4 matches. And please stop all this aubamayang can’t play through the middle if Tammy abraham can score 15 goals through the middle last season, then auba can score 20

      2. Patience, Bloody Patience!!!!! Catch a grip!!!!!We are a cast of crabs playing back and forth across the pitch often going back and seldom forward. Patience? My patience has ran its course its action we need and I am afraid something has to give, the manager or 3/4 of those wasters you call players. Harsh but true!!!!!

        1. Patience I would have been a bloody doctor if I had patience STOP changing the bloody team these young Gunners as more fight than some of the other players

  2. Arsenal are becoming a mid table club Chelsea, Tottenham even Everton and Leicester are moving ahead of us.We must buy the Leicester scouts they find brilliant replacement for their star players at least we will buy quality young players

    1. We need two creative players in the middle of the park ., we have those players but Arteta seems to like players who do well in training first and train just to get in the match day . But if they train to play and then dont play then what is the use of picking them if they don’t play the way they train to play he is to stubborn. If the players are not playing the way he wants them to play then pic the europa players (young players) at least they will give you 100% and won’t question your tactics or pic ozil swallow your pride. .. Now we all realise how good mr wenger was as a manager ..Zhou could be the best coach in the world,but if you can’t communicate with the players then you are rubbish

  3. “Brilliant defending” is being generous in the extreme.Holding and Bellerin were abject yesterday so no surprise to find the 3 Villa goals were conceived down their left flank.

    1. @Grandad

      Brilliant in comparison to what we’ve been used to over the last 12 years or so, but of course, nothing compared to Campbell, Lauren, Adams, Keown, Cole, etc

      1. TMJW, I read a great many of posts on this site from very many people and I truly believe that both you and I have the most realistic view of how utterly dreadful our defending has been from around 2008 til MA arrived.

        My longterm beef with Wengers last decade and a bit, was his complete unwillingness to even see how vital a proper defence is to all top teams. His pathetic and long term inability to find a class CB and a DM was beyond a joke.

        This is the main reason I turned against Wenger and I prize proper defence more than probably any other Gooner on this site , excepting only you.

        Time and again foolish fans have written that we have a good, great , brilliant, sound defence , when I SEE NOTHING OF THE KIND.

        I NEVER RATED MERTESACKER at all, as he was freakishly slow and always an accident waiting to happen, despite his good positional sense.

        I dislike all players in any position at all who lack pace and mobility, XHAKA BEING THE PRIME ON HERE RIGHT NOW WHO LACKS BOTH.
        Proir toyesteedday even wise fans such as KEN 1945 WER BLITHELY SAYING “WE HAVE THE BEST DEFENCE IN THE PREM”, when what he OUGHT to have said was that we had so far, conceded the fewest goals. Totally different things!
        Apart from Gabriel and Tierney I DO NOT RATE A SINGLE ONE OF OUR OUTFIELD DEFNCE and have the sense to know that for MA to properly replace them will take at least two more windows , at best.
        Without a proper defence no team has a cat in hells chance of seriously challenging for the title as thelast 14 years have proved.

        You and I are two of the very few Gooners, along with Grandad who properly see this truth!

        Of course we have other team aread too to improve but I realise this can not be done so soon as some juveniles demand and who throw their toys out of the pram in Trumpian style when it does not happen in an instant.


        1. we cant keep saying that Arteta needs “this type of player” Most managers in EPL are working with what they have. BR came in and improved Leicester pretty quickly, spending less money than us. Mourinho was offfered little funds and is improving Spurs right now, even with a Bale not fully ready. We cant keep shrugging our shoulders and saying ARteta doesnt have the players he needs. Managers have had less.

          1. @RSH…please look at the list below for the players Brenda has bought alone in just 1.5 years…
            Youri Tielemans €45.00m
            Wesley Fofana €35.00m
            Ayoze Pérez Ayoze Pérez €33.40m
            Timothy Castagne €24.00m
            Dennis Praet €19.20m

            That’s devoid of those he brought in on loan…. Please is that amount close what Arteta has spent?

            And we praise other coaches ahead of Arteta…

            The above is same with Mourinho..

            Please visit the link below and see that the money spent is faraway from Artetas’


            So managers haven’t had less… Or do you want to mention Lampard or Olie? Please we need to bring perspective to analyse what’s going on with Arsenal… This is just my view!

          2. @RSH…please look at the list below for the players Brenda has bought alone in just 1.5 years…
            Youri Tielemans €45.00m
            Wesley Fofana €35.00m
            Ayoze Pérez Ayoze Pérez €33.40m
            Timothy Castagne €24.00m
            Dennis Praet €19.20m

            That’s devoid of those he brought in on loan…. Please is that amount close what Arteta has spent?

            And we praise other coaches ahead of Arteta…

            The above is same with Mourinho..
            Giovani Lo Celso €32.00m
            Steven Bergwijn €30.00m
            Matt Doherty €16.80m
            Pierre-Emile Höjbjerg €16.60m
            Joe Rodon €12.10m

            Please see that the money spent is faraway from Artetas’.

            So managers haven’t had less… Or do you want to mention Lampard or Olie? Please we need to bring perspective to analyse what’s going on with Arsenal… This is just my view!

          3. @RSH….just to complete my earlier post…. Here is amount spent by Arteta

            Thomas €50.00m
            Gabriel €26.00m
            Pablo Marí €8.00m
            Rúnar Alex Rúnarsson €2.00m
            Cédric Soares Free transfer
            Willian Free transfer

            Please compare to my earlier response on the amount spent by other coaches you mentioned…

          4. BR was already improving Leicester without his recent spending. Mourinho was already improving Spurs without his recent spending. Arteta has gotten funds and we have actually gone backwards, and Saliba is in limbo because of horrible mismanagement. And looking at the lists, how many of those signings are doing poorly? I’d say none between those two teams. Already I can look at our list and see that Pablo Mari, Willian, was a waste of time and resources. I stick by my statements. Managers have done more with less. Arteta is a rookie, this is a fact, and he’s been making rookie mistakes, and needs to learn from them very quickly.

        2. Hi jon , I think in general gabriel has been great . Tierney was a average yesterday but has been great . Do you not rate them at all ?

    2. WE need to stop buying from abroad buy from the EPL they are already blooded in look at PEPE when is he going to take a player on USELESS

  4. Arsenal attacking front is the weakest in the EPL. Laca is a waste of space upfront. He doesn’t know the position to take when the team is attacking. When he’s given the final pass, he completely misses those glorious goalscoring opportunities.

    1. Our attacking players need to come to the party. Lacazette is a waste of space and time. Aubamayeng was playing for a contract and now he is not interested anymore. How many managers must we go through before these players wake up! If we do not get behind the manager and let these players know that these performances are unacceptable.

      1. Simple and short! Thanks Dboy! Yes Arteta has made his tactical errors… But how can we be putting this amount of pressure and wanting his head now… Its really sad to see Arsenal fans assume this approach against Arteta when on a night like this, these players just failed!

        I keep asking if we were ruthless and Laca buries all his chances then we would be winning all these games and the confidence levels will be roof top level…

        Harry kane took a half chance, one of the minimal chances of the Tottenham game and they went top of the league… If he didn’t take it, they will be criticised..

        I simply agree that Arteta should be allowed to fix the issues, which he will surely do, then we will all be back praising him… Sad, we are only available when things are good and when things suddenly go bad, we flash our swords…

        Arteta is an intelligent man and he will deal with this period! That I am convinced about…

  5. Brilliant defending results in draws. Yet we have a 4 on L column. Our goal difference is -1.
    I do agree though that if the front 3 can get going, that would take some of the pressure of our defense as well, so back 4 not solely to blame on that.

    1. Totally agree. When our attackers come to the party. It takes pressure of the defense. But these guys keep going to sleep. When will they wake up?

  6. “Arsenal have definitely progressed under Arteta,” – is that a joke?

    stop lying to urselves, we have made no progress under arteta, the man has a worse record than emery now. Deluded Arsenal fans.

    FA cup win is enough to cover all arteta faults now?

    1. What progress really, 4 losses 4 wins… 2 concecutive losses at home. Second to a team that was hummered last 2 games.

      C’mon guys…..

  7. We all need to drop the hyperbole and accept that you sometimes have bad days at the office, especially when you’re trying to build a team. Team’s not anywhere near perfect, but it’s still very much a work in progress. For now, I trust Arteta to get it right in the end.

  8. Perhaps Arteta should consider an assistant coach who can help coach on the attacking side. I say perhaps because maybe Arteta can figure it out, perhaps not. Clearly it is a concern at this point.
    What doesn’t help is playing players out of position, switching from 3-4-3 defending to 4-3-3 in attack, or trying to prove to the world how smart he is.
    Honestly, what is Arteta’s style of play? We’ve seen this negative style of football under Emery and it got him sacked in a year and a half. This negative football and constantly trying to counter opposing manager’s tactics isn’t working.
    Name a manager this constant chopping works for? The successful managers have a style of play, and tactically try to impose it on their opponents.
    You know what Klopp, Pep, Jose, etc…. are going to do, but can you stop it? They don’t chop and change to thwart opponents, they force their style on the other team and either outplay them or lose.
    They don’t win all the time, but over the long run it brings more success than negative football.

  9. This signing praises of Arteta is our biggest downfall. Arteta have quality players as compared to Wenger in his last 10yrs. His football is boring, and his understanding of the game is very much limited. If his initial strategy fails, then he’ll run out of ideas. How can fans praise this guy when we finished mid-table last season? Arteta must go

    1. Arteta took over mid season, with the club on its knees, won a trophy, and qualified for Europe from that position. Maybe judge him after a full season.

      1. Thank you so much ThirdManJW!

        But why are we fans devoid of perspective! Why do we have such short memories? I have been wondering that we have forgotten how bad this Arsenal team and players had become in recent times, and honestly, change cannot occur in such a short time…. I saw Arteta struggle to buy Aouar and honestly do we blame him for not getting him… Then he springs a surprise and gets Partey… We have no idea what it means to manage at Arsenal and if Arteta leaves, I bet we will all be discussing in the Championship because no coach, not even Guordiola can manage Arsenal…

        Sir, can’t our fan-base see that these Arsenal players are not world class players, please let us be truthful! Arteta has brought in two solid players in Gabriel and Partey and honestly we must credit him! Even Ozil does not play and work so hard like Grealish… So can we mention any attack minded player like Grealish in the Arsenal team… So we have to allow Arteta bring in his players, while for now working with what he has…

        Arteta must be given time and as for yesterday the players must be blamed the most! I strongly believe if he could have benched Xhaka then he will bench both Laca and Willian but who does he bring in… Pepe? Willock? Folarin? Nelson? Oh mine!

        I don’t blame Arteta because if these same fans can criticise Wenger even after all that the Man has done for us, then Arteta is nothing to them even after winning us a trophy in 8 months!

    2. Exactly, and I will add that he has no respect for this club as opposed to Viera who passed on offer; he wants to grow as a coach before to come back.

      Same for Lampard, went to experiment in a lower league as Gerrard today!

      Arteta will never be a top coach for very reason resumed by Topgunner!

      1. @Mogunna..why didn’t you say this same thing when he won us the FA,which got us back into the Europa at least… So after Viera has won the champions league with Nice, then you feel he can come win FA Cup with these players… Sad! Even Henry tried out with Monaco and almost got them relegated… If you don’t see what Arteta has done and you feel these period is what killing him for, then sad!

  10. He mentioned brilliant defending now. I don’t know what part of the defending was brilliant yesterday.

  11. I am all for judging MA at the end of the season and I suspect we will have many ups and downs during the season.All I want from Arteta at this stage is tactical consistency starting with the system to be played week in week out. From what I have seen this season , Liverpool are unlikely to run away with the League indeed the likes of Leicester and Chelsea may well push them and Man City all the way.. Significantly, these four sides virtually all play the same uncomplicated 4-3-3 system with minor variations.In my opinion , Arteta has passed his “settling in” period when he was finding all about the capabilities of his players and the time has come for him to make tough decisions which may ruffle the feathers of a number of players , who despite their stature and experience, are no longer good enough for a team with top four aspirations. I await his next selection with considerable interest.

  12. Blaming someone for mistakes doesn’t mean we are calling for his sacking. Arteta has become clueless on improving attack. Our team thrived on putting the opposition under pressure. Now we are absorbing all the pressure! When you absorb too much pressure you will inevitably succumb to the pressure at some point. This has been the case with Arsenal these days. Our team is capable of playing progressive football but it seems our coach insists on defensive play. How do you explain dropping Xhaka for Elneny? Much as some people may dislike Xhaka, he is one person who makes forward passes. He is also got physical presence which Elneny lacks. If we don’t revise our tactics we shall continue to lose against teams that play direct football. Yesterday was shameful to watch and we are having Leeds next. Let me hope shall change our tactics.
    My major quarrel with our team is using same tactics for all teams. Why should we be defensive in all games? When we used to beat teams we used to take the ball to them. Now we wait to absorb the pressure and then do the counter-attack but this should apply in some games not all. We have rendered ourselves vulnerable because of our insistence on being too defensive forgetting that the best form of defence is attack.

    1. Oh my Lord! How can you begin to mention Xhaka again! I respect its your opinion but for God’s sake, how can you begin to mention Xhaka again…. Our fan base gives more headaches than even these poor Arsenal players..

        1. You have your views right and no one is gagging you here… I respected your views and provided mine so what do you mean by gagging…. If you want us to agree or disagree, then simply provide your counter reasons to why Xhaka shouldn’t be dropped! Didnt you watch the ManU game and didn’t you see Elneny’s performance… So why should Elneny be dropped in the next game for Xhaka?

          So no one is gagging here.. Simply state your point or leave it…

          1. Have you you forgotten that you told me “not to bring Xhaka in here”? If that is not gagging, what is it? You can disagree on Xhaka but you have no right to tell me not to mention his name. Let us have respect for one another’s views. Afterall we are all Gunners and want the best for our team. I believe both of us are disappointed about last night’s result. Each of us should be trying to figure out what can be done.

            1. Check my words again: I said “How can you begin to mention Xhaka again”, and not what you claimed “not to bring Xhaka in here”… These are different expressions.. I posed a question to you.. And again I say I am not gagging you… Nevertheless, if you feel so, I tender my apologies in the spirit of a progressive fan base…

              Yes we all want the best for our team and that begins with our expressions and how much support we can give when the team is down.. We can express our frustrations but in the end, we must be progressive…

      1. Is it Xhaka who played horribly last night? If you stopped reading that was okay because you were exercising your right. However others continued reading because they have no personal issue with Xhaka who didn’t even play yesterday.

  13. Arteta came in at a time when there was so much bad vile spilling around the team with Ozil being out, Laca was out under Lungberg and the defence was in shambles… He couldn’t be ruffling feathers again at this stage but rather he must keep the team together…. All Arteta said in his post match interview was the best a great coach can say… He simply took the blame for a set players that were disgraceful and couldn’t repay his faith in them… Arteta is an intelligent man and he has shown he can adapt quickly particularly for a young coach…. I am not worried because he proved recently that he can bench Xhaka and everyone that played yesterday were the same players that were incredible against Man U…. Please what more do we want!

    I am so convinced he has given Laca enough chances and he will be justified now to bench him, but please he needs someone else to be better than Laca in order to prove his point… So he will play Auba down the middle…. But I am so convinced that would be a horrid option simply because fans with no knowledge are screaming for it..

    Stick with you building plan Arteta and keep solving the problems… You will surely be successful! And then all these bad mouthed fans will be back praising you…

    1. Indeed, I admire your mature and sound intellect and you posts are wise and considered. SHAME MORE ARE NOT LIKE YOU!

      1. Yes Jon, there are only few people who like to see beyond their superficial emotional mindsets… I wouldn’t deny that it was a horrible display, and I wouldn’t say Arteta hasn’t made certain tactical errors…. But to come all out in premature annoyance to ask for Arteta to be ousted is unbelievable!

        I respect the views of people who demonstrate perspective, thoughts, and analytical abilities, which offcourse many lack… Notable people like Ken, you, Granddad, Sue, Dan Smith, TMJW and recently Fire should be mentioned… I only wish the majority pack don’t boil up a vile atmosphere again as I see no salvation from else where apart from what we have now
        .. Someone who changes a culture and a process for the better is definitely destined for success and I am convinced Arteta is…

        1. Indeed, that is similar to my list of thinking fans. I would add Sue P, (Sue being someone else) and a few more as well, to be fair to them.

          Won’t name them all in case I miss some by mistake, but when you debate with a person of intellect, irrespective of whether or not you agree on that particular topic, then this site is a joy.

          Most of the time though, it is hugely frustating trying to battle with frankly, (and at the risk of being honest but seen by some as harsh- since some do not welcome truth) dull minded fans who choose not to think first.

          I recognise that most of us, and I very much include myself, have our own personal biases but the thinking ones among us recognise our own biases and can debate them rationally, without hotheaded emotion.

          ONE OF MY BIASES IS THAT I DO NOT SUFFER FOOLS GLADLY. The reason for that comment is that I have always loathed laziness in action AND also in thought (or lack ofit!!)

          1. I cannot agree less with you Jon…. I can be very blunt with a few guys but I would gladly agree with superior arguments if put forward… But I cannot seem to understand how some people simply feel ousting Arteta is now the solution…. I find it difficult to wrap my head around such a reasoning… The players all attest to the great atmosphere he has created and yet some call him “a control freak”…. Even Bould attested to Arteta’s brilliance in training and some people come spitting some vile…

            Jon, you have been here far longer than I have been, and so I can surely understand your frustration… I am new but I am thinking of leaving this site already because I see it only brings me closer to the negativity and not to a reasoning fold… I see why Sue or SueP simply enjoys herself based on her posts and she avoids taking people’s comments to heart… I guess it’s a tonic!

            1. I think indeed you meant ‘ couldn’t agree more’ . Yr lucky ya do agree with the fox in the box or he would have yr guts for garters for yr mistake. And then the long winded self love feast that accompanies his scorn

              1. Mac, Some on here take a very different slant from you on the importance of telling the whole truth and not accepting half truths and lies.

                Some willeasily recognise the importance of telling the truth, as we see it , openly and fearlessly, currying neither friend nor foe in posts . My principle of always speaking my whole truth is constant and I do not blow with the wind, as some choose to do.

                I am true to myself, to what I believe and if that means on occasion being blunt, then I do so freely. I do not seek to make friends nor enemies and neither is ever on my mind when writing what I believe to be true.

                Some on her will value those things; others like you will not. But either way, nothing will change the way I always write; ALWAYS choosing my personal truth above half trths, distortions and outright lies. Food for thought for you, or possibly not, as you choose!

                1. Yes I heard you say that many times . You didn’t answer my question posed earlier. You said you dont rate any of our defenders , what about gab and Tierney, do you not rate them ?

    2. We’ve been saying the same thing about Laca for months though. A bunch of no knowledge fans can even tell the obvious about Lacazette. Why do we have to keep dropping points for MA to finally realize he’s no good?

      1. @RSH….because when he dropped Laca against Mancity, and we lost, we all came out flashing swords and bad mouthing him… I can imagine that if he plays Gabriel or Saliba as a striker and they score and he keeps winning, then we all will say Arteta is out of this world, he is so brilliant!

        The point is Arteta needs to prove beyond doubt to Laca and others that he has given them sufficient chances to prove themselves before he will be justified to bench them, else we will all come out as we did in the Ozil case…

        Bro, quote me, Arteta will drop Laca, and but when he does, who does he bring in… Atleast when he benched Xhaka, he brought a supposedly improved Elneny… So when he benches Laca, he will bring in Eddie, and then I can only smile…. Or push Auba to the middle as many “wise” fans say… And then let’s see!

        Lastly, I don’t know your age, but assuming you were to play a Play Station competition, would you select Arsenal as your team? Well, the ratings are clear via the game! And I don’t I think we should now have unrealistic expectations for now while we are rebuilding, which many have forgotten that we are rebuilding owing to Arteta’s sudden ability to make the team look good…

        1. Quite irrevelant to the point you are making, but I do select Arsenal and win against my friends sometimes even when they have better teams. And I believe Mikel Arteta will also take us back to the glory days. Shame we don’t have longetivity of the past and clubs have become more frivolous. At this rate he only has a season before people are out with the pitchforks and banners. I hope they see that one thing MA has definitely improved is our defensive shape and play, which can’t be helped by embarrassing displays like yesterday..

          1. It’s not irrelevant because the ratings from the game provides a perspective of how much the entire team is rated albeit by an independent body… You may use them to win but the point becomes more relevant and obvious that the ratings are typically average… Many analysts typically use such game in auto modes to provide predictions and so again my point is not irrelevant…

            That said, I am glad you believe that Arteta will take us back…. But as you mentioned, it is also a function of how understanding the fan base can be… Now my point, many have false expectations and are thinking Arsenal should be back contending for top four or the Premier league and that lies the problem…

          2. Haha I’m the same side I always play with arsenal , I often play the team who just best us in the premier league just to give them a good hammering . Lol i get a lot of goals with lacazette that’s when I realize it’s not real lol

  14. @Dan kit

    Poor ol Dan, you’ve made yourself look stupid again! You disagree with me about Wenger’s defending over his last 10 years or so, meaning you actually think it was good! Conceding 8 in one game, 5-1 three times in a row against the same team, and so on, you think is good defending! Thus proving how little knowledge you have about what good defending looks like.

    Back to the playground!

  15. I wanted arteta because I assumed he had learnt from pep how to create football on the front foot and u deratood that was what fans wanted at arsenal … so far he has shown he has not … can’t just blame players as bielsa coached a 30m quid squad how to do this and even Rodgers appears to have more idea than arteta … so yes he is under pressure and should be … doesn’t mean he should go tomorrow but if there is no sign of improvement by January then we will be finishing mid table and he will be gone by seasons end … still when you have a money grubbing owner who has no interest in the game is any of this surprising? … the dead fish stinks from the head down!!

  16. I will say this as long as I can :
    ”Lacazette is the new Giroud without the head”

    Just face it guys, we still are not Champions League material.
    Let’s wait for the rebuild to take place. Give Arteta another transfer window and then judge him.

  17. WE need to stop buying from abroad buy from the EPL they are already blooded in look at PEPE when is he going to take a player on USELESS

  18. We need to objective Arteta is in charge for almost a year . He has made decisions bold and brave he must be held accountable. Arsenal style of play and confidence is a disaster. He came into this position untried and inexperienced and its showing. He will lose the dressing room soon. The squad don’t look effective at all. He has made signings … He has decided to exclude and sent out on loan…now he must deliver

  19. Where I would start worrying is if Arteta cannot see what we can see. We have some overated players. How Saliba does not get a chance shows Rogers vs Arteta. We got Saliba and Rogers bought his side kick and plays him. Leicester play with ‘le joie de vivre’, we play like a lot of over-managed robots. Arteta LET GO mate….too controlled. OCD!!! If Arteta stays full of this ‘control freak’ attitude to controlling the players he will be gone soon…..that’s a guarantee. I can see it, the supporters can see it, Arteta MUST see it!

  20. The only thing I can come up with is…. at least we didn’t concede 7 🤣🤣Seriously, we have to put it behind us now and think ahead to Leeds – could be another crazy game.
    My only hope is that our players are up for it… as 9 goals in 8 games really isn’t good enough….and we all know Leeds are at it for the whole 90 – it could get messy…. in a weird kind of way I’m looking forward to it though…..gulp 🤣🤣

    1. Sue, the same thing will happen against Leeds and we will experience this all over again. My opinion is not is wrong with our players if we really look deeply at their qualities. I know many will disagree with me on this one. Our problems is our players to don’t tackle and mark at all, all they is getting behind the ball and leave the rest to chances. I have seen our players on numerous time goes 3 to 1 on opponent and that 1 will still take the ball away from them. Our way of play is reactionary not proactive. We wait for the opponent to lose possession on their own mostly instead of taking possession from them. Look again at the Villa disallowed goal, first and the goal scored from counter initiated by Martinez and see for yourself. Our players waited until it was too late to do anything. Bellerin escorted Grealish to the edge of our box to make that pass that lead to the goal when he could have stop him and got a card. I know if these our due to Arteta instruction or not but I have seen that too often that I believe if it isn’t due to his instructions he would have changed this. It is difficult to defend Laca and Auba but also I have seen them making too many runs into opponent half for passes that didn’t arrive hence they stopped making those runs. Laca played so deep so often that by the time the passes got to where he should have been it was either he was too late or not their at all. So many people call that lack of positioning. Compare that to what I saw from Grealish and Watkins yesterday. Those two spent most of their times in our area pitch yesterday except when they are defending corners or free kicks. We make it too easy for everything that have beaten us .They go through our players like hot knives go through butter. We are too slow in our attacks, no urgency, no desire to get back in the when we are goals down. This is what I think is wrong.

      1. A very detailed comment, Mobella 👏
        It amazes me the difference we saw in just 7 days!! I thought we were fantastic at OT… then against Villa, we were horrible! Did we underestimate them?! We were so poor all over the pitch. We could’ve carried on playing for another hour and still wouldn’t have scored (conceded though 😉)
        I’m nervous about Leeds…. and if we do witness another poor, really poor, performance…I hate to think.. actually no it doesn’t bear thinking about!!
        Much work (motivation!) to be done!

      2. Oh yes Mobella! I read your comments and indeed, you were spot on! That is a major problem with each Arsenal player and that is why Arteta is forced to require all of them behind the ball to provide at least an idea of a good defence. But one on one, these guys are the worst you can come across safe for Gabriel and Partey…. So you see why Arteta is faced with a big challenge and has had to adapt his tactics… The matter is further compounded by the fact that they are poor with their first touches, poor with ability to turn with the ball at feet, poor with close ball control in tight spaces, and these are the qualities every star player should have… And that is why they opt for the safe pass sideways and backwards, it is not because Arteta directed them to do so, but instead it stems from the innate inabilities of these players though many will never realize… Arteta is truly plagued with these challenges and can only solve them over time.

        Lastly, many think our players are good, but they don’t realized that for the reasons you rightly mentioned, our players are just mid-table materials…. I only feel for Arteta for the amount of work he has done and what he is left to do… But I believe in him and I know he will be rewarded, even though he has already been rewarded tremendously by the FA cup, although many of us have forgotten from our short-lived memories…

        Again, nice comment!

  21. Congrats on Villa on such a performance and shame on arteta for not dealing with grealish Laca needed to be subbed off for Xhaka or Ceballos so we could play a 433 but it didn’t happened, I would rather play 433 or 3412, but enough with only 2 midifielders.
    I want to see how Ceballos would play in a more advance role
    Ceballos Aubameyang Pepe
    Elneny Xhaka partey
    Tierney Gabriel holding bellerin
    Aubameyang Pepe
    Amn elneny partey bellerin
    Tierney Gabriel Luiz,

  22. There is some really bullshit after tge event posts. We have a really good squad, we have a few duds but our squad is good enough not to perform like they did yesterday. Lacca, Auba, Willian, Saka, Partey, Elnenny, Tierney, Bellerin, Holding, Gabriel and Leno, should not be playing at the level they did yesterday. The players we have to come in, Luiz, Mustaffi, Willock, Pepe etc should all be capable of better each week than we see. We can perform, we have proved it but we aren’t consistent and that is the problem. Is it the players, is it the manager, is it the style we are playing. Whatever it is we should be doing better against, palaces, villas, Leicesters and Brightons of this world. For me Arteta has dug a hole for himself. He has made us more organised but he has made us more predictable also. We have flair players that are not showing flair, we have goalscorers not scoring. He also needs to stop talking bullshit about players playing for their place in training, all i can say is training must be poor because the same old players are playing the same old way. Willian is a massive let down, Amn is far better at RB than Bellerin (maybe he doesn’t want to be there) so play him. There isnt enough pressure put on defenders by our attackers. He seems to be developing wengers problem of putting square pegs in round holes. Tierney at left center back, Pepe on the right, Amn all over the shop. Specialist players in Specialist places doing the best job for the team is a start. Yesterday’s performance was dire and lifeless, he had better find out why and sort it. Whatever the moan is about our players, they should be all performing at a higher level that yesterday and some other days this season.

  23. Folk,

    I know the truth is painful and I should not rub our pain in deeper – but Alas!

    Arsenal has been doing this for a while now. They are so penny-pinching that they have outdone themselves. And sadly Arteta’s newness and tinkering is not helping. MA demanded money to fix the spine. Now the spine is reasonable good – not good. The distinction became obvious when Partey got injured. So reasonable good but too thin and thus fragile. But I am going to err on the side of rationality and thus assume that MA also asked for a creative midfield player – Aouar. This would have been a reasonable ask given that the Club decided they do not like Ozil. In my country we say: “when pus belly full him say ratta batty stink.” This means that a cat with a full belly says rats buttock smells. How on earth could they not buy a creative midfield in the heart of their standoff with Ozil? Now here is where I blame MA – and nowhere else. If you do not have Ozil, and you have no money from the Americans, why not put Pepe or Saka in the midfield with Partey. Did you see what Villa did? They looked at the middle and see Partey and say hell no! They used their 2 flanks and poor Partey had to be behaving like a winger for about 15 minutes. A team is as strong as its weakest link. It is better to be average overall than strong in only one area. And yes the criticisms are fair that the frontline is not getting enough support from the middle. Partey is defensive first and creative second. He is not God. I listened to his interview. He said I defend first and when I am certain we are safe I step up and hunt goals. I was not surprised as I have always said if it comes from Athletico and Chelsea it will defend. I feel sorry for MA; but up until stupid and underwhelming January, he will have to try something with the middle. I will even take Willock or Niles in there. I am desperate.

  24. OT
    I’ve given Pepe plenty of time. He’s just not worth the £72 mil. In fact Emery didn’t even want him. He wanted Zaha

    It’s really sad how we wasted so much money on him

    There are risks for every transfer but at least Zaha had PL experience. That doesn’t mean he would play as well as he did at previous club but it’s a better gamble

  25. well now, i say, bring back whatshisname, arsene wenger. he is the greatest manager ever to be employed by our club, and nobody needs me to tell them that. wenger is in a makeyuppy job somewhere within FIFA, wasting his vast experience by sitting on his hands.bring him back and lets be done with all these pretenders of managers.if he came back i am sure he would find a way to play the greatest number ten in the world, namely mesut ozil.then we would be at the top of the table, guaranteed.we have the strikers, we have the midfielders , we have the bones of the defence. most of the players confess that wenger has always been a father to them, well bring daddy back, and lets see what he can get out of this bone idle squad.i know it is mainly former players of ours that say that wenger was a father to them. so that begs the question, why did all these great players leave our club, and, their dad.our great club is simply doomed, we are gone back to cross pitch passing and gaining no ground or advantage. it looks like they are afraid to hit the penalty box, it really does.i sure as hell have no idea how to fix this problem, bar, sack most of our squad,and build again.

    1. Bring Wenger back, and our defense goes to pot again! We’d be torn to shreds when playing the top teams, and you are forgetting that even our attack over the last 5/6 years of his reign became stale, because of our relentless sideways passing, and possession for possessions sake.

  26. Yes Mark. I am Jamaican; and from here it sure is painful watching Arsenal struggle against smaller teams. The truth is that we are now heading towards the other wall – from offensive to defensive. I cannot imagine Arsenal becoming a defensive team. We actually parking bus. You remember this bloke called Wenger. He loved attack so much that at one time he tried out 2 creative midfielders. I was so scared the first day as together they did not weigh 300 lbs. I remember the day Santi came and people laughed and he and Ozil destroyed 6 teams consecutively. And 2 commentators said they would just kick them. Since the Invincibles that still remains the best midfield. It did not last long enough as people started aiming at Santi and as usual the refs did not protect us according to the rules of the game. Now all I am asking is for a righteous blend of Partey and a #10. I am not greedy. I just want an upgrade to Dani. Someone who will enter the box with Bamma when he cuts inside; someone who will play him 10 balls into the box per game. Someone sent me a video of Ozil cutting through 28 tough defences and I see why we are all vexed. So, we are saying if he cannot play because he has become a political tool, then get us someone 67% or two-thirds as good – and we will stop annoying the anti-Ozil fans.

  27. We the innocent supporters are paying thr price of dressing room politics. Aryeta is using. He has the answer to his attacking challenges in one Ozil. Our strickers are emancipated. The midfielders are not doing enough to feed the upfront. This is compelling the Strikers to retreat which is a way inviting pressure. The best defense is to attack and get goals.

  28. So our frailalties were exposed yet again.
    3 things we must address fast.

    1. Tierny has a fantastic ability to whip in superb balls and this should be positively encouraged. This does mean however more players need to attack the box. I would suggest to stop playing him in a back 3 and play as a back 4 allowing him to run that touch line. Also worth noting that Bellerin should be shown how to do this also from the right as he contributes nothing from that side in comparison.

    2. Lacca needs to stay on his feet. I am tired of watching him rolling on the floor. Arteta also need to stop dragging him back so far so we have no option higher up the pitch.

    3. The midfield 3 needs a 10 role. We are devoid of ideas and penetration through the middle. We go side to side and back again but simply have no option through the middle. We all know the saga with ozil and I won’t dare suggest we play him (even if I would). But Willock showed mid week what happens when you run into the spaces behind the defence and we have no midfield player that is willing to do that.

    So I would like to see this team.
    Bellerin holding gab tierny
    Elneny partey
    Willock/willian #10
    Pepe or Saka. Lacca abu

    If we address these 3 areas I am certain we will create more chances and have that “balance” everyone keeps banging on about.

  29. We’re not brilliant in defence either, are we? According to BBC Sport readers’ ratings, none of our centre backs are among the top 10 most rated so far, probably undone by the farce of Sunday more than anything else.

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