Arteta will not be fired if Arsenal loses in Europa League claims journalist

Charles Watts says he expects Arsenal to maintain faith in Mikel Arteta even if they crash out of the Europa League.

The Gunners have had a poor season but they can end it on a high note if they win the Europa League.

They will face their former boss, Unai Emery and his Villarreal side in the semifinal first leg this Thursday.

Winning that game would help them put one leg in the final and will keep their season alive.

However, losing the two legs of the encounter and bowing out at this stage of the competition will mean their season has ended poorly and they won’t play European football in the next campaign.

It could see more calls for Arteta to be relieved of his duties and for the club to name a more experienced manager for the job.

But Watts says he expect Arteta to remain the manager regardless of the outcome of the game.

“I don’t think he will get sacked,” Watts said on his YouTube channel

“I think Arsenal have bought into this project and they will give Arteta at least another summer and see how next season goes, even if they don’t win the Europa League.

“I think there is an acceptance at club level that this is going to take time, that he needs to be given more transfer windows and this is a bit of a freak season. He will be given more time, so I don’t think he will be sacked.”

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  1. If that is the case, the owners are just rubber stamping the fact they are not ambitious. But i have a suspicion that there will be a massive backlash and things will change quickly.

  2. As an ardent arsenal supporter,I gave up long ago about any success under the current environment we operate in.
    We can’t have a mix of the mad owners (kroenke),a naive&clueless manager and a walking dead squad under one roof and expect anything good.
    I hope one day we wake up under a new owner with Marcello Bielsa as manager and without all the dead wood crowded in the arsenal dressing room.

  3. I think it’s a little too early to predict what may or may not happen if we should fail in our quest for Europa gold…if he were to lose and the fanbase turned their attentions towards the manager, even more than presently, I think it’s plausible that Kroenke might acquiesce and fire Arteta as a way to appease the angry mob and to deflect attention away from himself…the fact is we should know just how much rope the ownership has afforded Arteta by the way he sets his tactics against Emery’s boys…if it’s the all-too-familiar negative tactics, then I would suggest he could be on shaky ground, but if he employs a more aggressive philosophy he likely has the full confidence of the owner

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