Arteta will not change despite criticism of his touchline behaviour

Mikel Arteta has come under much criticism recently for his touchline antics, as the Spaniard is always animated while managing his players in games.

He is clearly an emotional and passionate manager and it shows in how he reacts on the touchline, but not everyone loves to see it.

The likes of Richard Keys and Chris Sutton have recently said the Gunners gaffer needs to change his ways or be punished.

But the Spaniard has hit back. He said, as quoted by The Daily Mail:

‘I’m not part of that debate. I think publicly they can have their opinions. I try to do my best for this football club, to defend it, to promote it, to play with the passion I believe the game has to be played with.

‘Every manager behaves differently regarding the circumstances. You cannot take the context out of a situation – I don’t think that is fair. That’s me! Whether I am here or on the pitch, that’s me – the good and the bad!’

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Every manager or player shows their emotions differently and sometimes, it is hard to control them, which should be understandable.

These pundits seem to have a vendetta against the Arsenal boss and it does not make sense. Neither does their opinion count because the FA and the people in charge have not punished or even warned Arteta yet.

As long as he does not break any of their rules, we do not expect him to be in trouble anytime soon.


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  1. Keep doing your job Mikel, even if it means taking a red card to win games for the team.
    Be you Sir! And we love you for that.

    1. And I don’t think he should change anything he’s doing a great job that’s how a manager should go about his job and be passionate about it I used to watch him play for the club and now he’s got us back where we belong go gunners 💯💯🇦🇬

  2. And why should he change?

    When Pep kicked a bottle at one of Man City’s opposing team’s bench and it hit someone, he was praised for being passionate. But when Arteta reacts to decisions he feels are wrong, he is “overly emotional” and “unnecessary”?

    The whole discourse over Arteta’s antics is grossly hypocritical.

  3. Arsenal FC with no doubts is the Best team in the world so far this season, many have accepted it, but it hurts them, this is a team that is defying all odds against it, every pundit, refs, name it many don’t like what they are seeing but all be in Arsenal favor soon

  4. “These pundits seem to have a vendetta against the Arsenal boss”
    I don’t think that’s fair. Some of them don’t like this aspect of arteta’s management, but he’s been roundly praised for what he’s done this season, and (at least retrospectively) for his building work in prior seasons.
    No vendetta, just opinions – I think arteta’s quoted response was perfect.

  5. I have always known that without great passion , by we fans our players and those who run our cub , football is not worth watching. That sums up my view of MA AND HIS TOUCHLINE PASSION.
    IMO, not only is it helpful, but of vital importance too! The evidence of its success is overwhelming, at least to those who choose to see!

    If only our absent owner had even a tenth of MA’s welcome passion, but he has not . Sigh!

  6. What needs to change is the time wasting rules.

    The match between Arsenal and Newcastle is the worst have seen all season.

    The young Englishman was very disappointing with his tactics and out right disgusting, surely Newcastle with all their wealth will realize quickly they can get better than Eddie Howe,, his limitations is beginning to expose.


    Time to introduce the world cup added time procedures

    Am just happy this is not the game the legendary Frenchman experience on his return.

    1. Gunsmoke, you, myself and many others too will no doubt be encouraged by the news, revealed in todays newspapers, that Howard Webb, now in charge of refs, has let it be known he is keen to change time wasting.

      And one solution put forward is to make all games 60 minutes with the clock stopped for all stoppages, save only throw ins and free kicks. That would add about five minutes to the average game in actual playing time.

      I would do the same but make the game seventy minutes with the same clock stopping, thus giving we fans another 15 mins (approx) of play each game.
      In time, if that is enacted, natural time wasting would shrink enormously , when players see how useless it then is.

      I hope and believe it will happen but with a 60, not 70(my personal choice) of minutes actually in play. It is many years overdue and is bound to happen.

      Only the timing of when it comes in, is in doubt!

  7. The problem is that some pundit do not want to accept that Arsenal & Arteta have arrived.
    They only see a little boy who is over achieving.
    Some pple still think Arsenal will fall badly despite its technical superiority yo other teams.
    I mean Newcastle packed its defence playing for a draw and got it although I think if it was Man U they would got a penalty. The Gabriel Malghaes incident was 💯 penalty.

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