Arteta: Wind, rain, snow or artifical turf – “We are here to win the game”

Yesterday morning, I did a post a post asking “Can Arsenal reserves handle a cold, wet, windy Thursday night in Bodo?

I mentioned that when the game kicks off this evening it will be around 5 degrees, likely to be raining with winds of 20 mph just to add a little spice to the mixture.

Furthermore, Bodo/Glimt’s pitch is artificial turf, which makes the ball do strange things, especially when it’s raining.

In other words, it is going to be in completely different conditions to last week’s game at the Emirates, and the home team are going to much more accustomed to all of the above.

But Mikel Arteta is not interested in the differences, he doesn’t want to hear excuses, he just wants us to go out and win, no matter the circumstances. “What we think about is how we are going to win the game,” he told yesterday “That’s it. How we win every three days, in different conditions, in different contexts, in different weather, in different competitions, and that’s the only way we are approaching it.

“Even if it’s windy, or rainy or snowy, that’s not an excuse. Our focus is to win every three days and find a way to do it every time.”

“Obviously, everybody is aware that there are a lot of things that are different. The speed is different, the way you can use the grass is different and we will have to adapt to it. We know that, we are here to win the game and tomorrow night for sure we are going to play on an artificial pitch.”

But one thing for sure, we are in for a very interesting evening once agan. I am looking forward to seeing the likes of Vieira, Lokonga, Nketiah, Marquinhos and Reiss Nelson taking things in their stride and scoring lots of goals.

Come on boys, show the boss you can handle anything they throw at us!



strong> Arteta speaks ahead of Bodo/Glimt game in cold, wet Norway

“We have to find a way to win!”

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  1. This piece illustratews so well, thr refusal of Arteta to make excuses for difficult andunusual playing conditions, esp thr artificial turf. Strong men ands real winnrs neve rmake excuses inadvance and alwasy expect to win wherever and whenever they play MA s attitude gladdens my heart and is just one among manay other reasons whyI am massively pleased he is our manager.

    Though no person can, with any certainty , predict too far into the future, I can state with conviction that for me at least I can think of no manager on EARTH I would rather have at our club than MA!

    Not even Pep, who has never worked with such financial restictions as MA has had to do. I allow that KSE have made large team investments these Last two years but we STILL need key areas strengthening and this takes proper finance.

    I do not see Pep having those monetary restrictions, nor has he done so far anywhere he has been. And unlike our club Pep has had a board which fully backs their owner and who rubber stamp all owner wishes.

  2. We have a young manager who is bold , smart and hungry, no doubt he will want to win today.

    But with one eye firmly on Sunday, the gaffer must be bold again and ring the changes,
    Young men are brave and we should call upon them because they are strong and will play on this artificial pitch without fear.

    They are indications the fans support will be strong and no doubt will want to see a few gem unearthed here.
    But as an arm chair manager that’s just my opinion

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