ArtetaOut protests put on hold as Arsenal approach other candidates

Up until yesterday it looked like Mikel Arteta was certain to be named as the new Arsenal manager and there were reports of a meeting with the current Man City coach planned for yesterday, and we all thought that this meeting would only confirm the appointment.

But this morning we are being told that the Gunners heirarchy have still not made up their mind and intend to now have discussions with the biggest Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry, about the vacant post which is another indication that the selection process is far from over.

Just two days ago, Sky Sports reported that Arsenal had also spoke with the New York City manager Patrick Vieira, and although it would seem that conversation did not go well, the report also stated that Arsenal are expected to begin the interview process this week in the hope a new manager will be in place before the start of the World Cup on June 14.

Arsene Wenger has backed Arteta as a good candidate, and thinks he will have good support from the other ex-Gunners already in place at the club. “Arteta has all the qualities to do the job,” Wenger said. “He was a leader, he has a passion for the game and he knows the club well. He knows what is important at the club and he was captain. Why not?

“I left a lot of experience, people who were with me like Steve Bould and Jens Lehmann.

“That takes a weight off me, because if it doesn’t work I’d have felt responsible for it,”

Whoever comes in will also have that support, but it would appear that no-one actually knows who will be selected as yet. If this is only the beginning then it is more than possible that Arsenal are also lining up interviews with other interested parties, hopefully including top managers like Jardim and Allegri as well as former Gunners.

Perhaps everyone jumped the gun on organizing the #ArtetaOut protests!

Sam P


  1. gotanidea says:

    To all people that do not want Arteta, please hold your anger

    Who knows, we might get Emery, Enrique, Vieira, Henry or Hasenhüttl in the end

    1. Nicky says:

      If Arteta IS named as head coach/manager every single supporter needs to get behind him, whatever disappointment they may feel. You just can’t know how he might turn out. He could be a new Brian Clough. That wouldn’t be bad would it?

      1. Kilted Gooner says:

        Totally agree, he obviously wasn’t anybody’s 1st choice, but I will be getting behind him 100%. He and the team need our support, now more than ever!

        I hope the talk of ArtetaOut protests are just glorified nonsense or an attempt at a joke from the author?? I shall be embarrassed to call myself an Arsenal fan if that is the case.

      2. Maks says:

        Football is a game where you can be sure of some things. Arteta is not good to replace Arsene Wenger. Only miracle can make Arsenal great again with Arteta, and our team and miracles are not very close.

        1. Justice George says:

          If you say it’s only a miracle that would make Arteta succeed, then you don’t know football.. Why are Arsenal fans full of complaints? 1st is Wenger out & now more complain even before any appointment is made.. AFC fans are the only fans that turn against their so called club for reasons unjustifiable.. If you guys keep going like this, then I bet you no one(Both big players & managers) will want to come to our club.. I’ve always said we should be careful what we wish for…..

          1. Charles Wesseh says:

            If arsenal next manager is mikel arteta, then I see no reason why arsene was changed. Arsenal is at a point in her history were the very best manager in world football would find it very difficult managing her least to talk about artete. Give experience the chance cheep arsenal and be willing to spend big on transfers

          2. Lugdush says:

            If u are trying to say that this is because some of us want wenger out, so i tell u…i prefer arteta over wenger, even if we finished relegated…just because that is a statment of a change..with wenger we cant win the epl anymore, and that should be our target…now we will see if this is a board capable and with the will of get that

          3. Durand says:

            “AFC fans are the only fans that turn aganst their club for reasons unjustifiable…”

            You been living under a rock? West Ham fans acting out, utd fans demanding success, hell even everton fans acting up.

            Rookie manager with no experience you call unjustifiable? A manager with 22 years experience to a rube never managing a side seems ok and normal to you?

            Club talks about titles and success, then considering Arteta? Doesn’t mesh at all.

          4. Godswill says:

            I agree with you.
            I have not seen fan base like this. It make me wonder why some of us are supporting the club.
            Arteta or whoever, I will support.

          5. Arselover says:

            You are the dangerous lot that send out the wrong message to the board. They know they can get away with anything because of people like you. Your complacency is exactly why the board also have the courage to be complacent. Some of us will never accept mediocrity. This is Arsenal football club, a great club. But at the moment we are merely a sleeping giant at risk of never waking up again. It saddens me to see my club this way. We must demand better from out club. Support is not merely standing idly by, but demanding and expecting better from those that you’re supporting.

          6. Micah Hlordzi says:

            I don’t agree with you, Arteta has more Everton blood in his veins than Arsenal blood. I believe Patrick Veira or Thierry would make a better coach, just like Pep with Barca

    2. pires says:

      Emry is far better than Arteta

    3. A.ball08 says:

      Isn’t life a bit*h
      If Arteta is appointed then of course we will all support him but me personally … I hope he doesnt
      He doesn’t bring with him a feel good factor
      When pep came in.. I bet every city fan went..way h us go
      When conti came in most chelski fans were happy
      When moaner went to United..United fans were split but they knew he would be a winner
      When arteta was announced as a front runner for the job I felt sick to pit of my stomach

      If he is announced then I prey to God that he proves me wrong and makes me eat my words by be a winner and a leader of our great club

    4. TheJad says:

      Screw Arteta, Henry, Vieira. All these dumb kids.
      We need instant success right now. We wasted enuf time already dammit

  2. pires says:

    Ancelotti has publicly said that he was interested, what are we waiting?!!!

    1. Innit says:

      Sounds good to me.
      He wins trophies wherever he goes
      3 time Champions league winner
      Won double with Chelsea so has Premier League experience

      1. gotanidea says:

        Ancelotti is boring

        Got sacked from Chelsea, Real Madrid and Bayern Muenchen

        1. Ks-gunner says:

          Boring of what? Winning trophys?

          1. gotanidea says:

            Boring football shows and style, like Mourinho

          2. Ks-gunner says:

            You and i do not have the luxury to tllk about boring football and vs moros style or diegos te beginn with. I dont like also that much but compared to many he is still a champion

          3. gotanidea says:

            He has many major trophies, but I prefer Jupp Heynckes for someone that old

          4. Godswill says:

            Trophies are not transfered.

        2. Gabo says:

          Chased out of Bayern – we seem to have autograph hunters for fans. How big is your name is their interview question. People, revisit the disdain the Bayern squad had for Carlo.

        3. Shekar233 says:

          So you want the exciting Arteta who by the way hasn’t been sacked ever as he never managed any club ever?


          I think this arteta rumour has to be the work of Arsenal board. I guess they intentionally leak certain data through their sources so that it reaches the fans and thus get the fans reacting.

          I feel they wanted the fans to be disapoined so that fans would feel anyone who has ever managed at some level of professional football is better than Arteta(who has zero games experience). And then they announce someone like Henry, Viera or Nagelsmann or now ex- Leipzig manager.

          I personally feel Henry amd Viera are not who we need as they haven’t got that pedigree in them yet. They might be football legends but managing the tactics and making the players play like they(viera or henry) did in thier prime is very different.

          And i would be ok with either of Nagelsmann or Leipzig guy.

          But that is what i am saying. When wenger annouced of his departure.. I would have never accepted anyone else except World class manager.. i.e. Enrique, Allegri, Tuchel(psg hasn’t yet announced back then) etc..

          But now since rumours of Arteta almost became reality i had compromised and am happy with Nagelssmann or Leipzig guy.

          Well played you ass*oles in the board room of arsenal.

          1. gotanidea says:

            Great analysis and I believe the Arsenal executives have that smart plan

          2. Igna says:

            Zidane was thrown into coaching from nowhere so whats wrong with giving Arteta a chance? Coaching starts from somewhere for one to become somebody in this game of football. If whoever comes and has the support of players then thats it. Lets simply support whoever comes plz! Or we can as well choose to move on if not happy.

          3. Arselover says:

            That’s not good enough. What you’re suggesting is the equivalent of having a cub lead a strong pride of Lions. You might get through a few quiet weeks but eventually a challenge will come along, and you can just about predict the outcome. We can’t just support for the sake of supporting. That’s not passion, that’s mindlessness and it is a very dangerous way of thinking (or rather, not thinking). We need proven world class talent to come in and take over, or failing that; an experienced leader. I would take Brandon Rogers or even David Moyes over the likes of Henry, Viera and God forbid, Arteta. But even they’re not good enough. We need better otherwise Mr. Wenger might as well be reappointed.

          4. Arselover says:

            Actually Zidane had managed Real Madrid Castilla (B team), which plays in the 3rd tier of Spanish football, for 3 years before taking over the 1st team. Even he had more hands on management experience than Arteta and not to mention the quality at Real Madrid and their transfer budget are more superior to what is available to our own management here Arsenal. But excuses aside, we are not Real Madrid, this is not La Liga. In the premier league, if you fail to adapt then you might end up facing relegation, just ask another fallen giant in Newcastle how the Championship treated them.

        4. Maks says:

          Ancelotti would fracked us even more.

      2. Ozziegunner says:


      3. Ozziegunner says:

        How incompetent are Kroenke and the board? A good thing Arsenal have Sven and Raul working in the background.

    2. Gabo says:

      Someone Bayern couldn’t wait to get rid off? Same with Real Madrid – what sorta inferiority makes you so blind & have you thinking a big name is the answer, Ancelotti, Allegri, Enrique are only interested in EPL wages – wake up!!!

      1. Arselover says:

        Ancelotti gave Chelsea the double and is a 3 time Champions League winner. Massive success demands massive wages. You can’t have a proven CEO fortune 500 company and expect him/her to except peanuts for pay. If we need to return to our winnings then we need to cough up. Leicester is the only exception to that rule and will mostly likely not happen again, at least not for a few more generations.

    3. Prolay says:

      I think he(Ancelotti) is much better then any other candidates…

      1. Arselover says:

        He absolutely is. Says what you will about his style of football and management, but that man knows how to get things done. Just look at his accolades and you will instantly see what he can do for our club.

  3. arsenal should rush into decision of selecting a coach, there are better coaches a head

    1. Gabo says:

      Pep Guardiola & Mauricio Pochettino competed for his services as an assistant w/o any previous experience. If that doesn’t alert you to how highly rated he’s, then you’re choosing to stay blind to facts.
      Arsenal should be bold for a change – embrace the future instead of being tied down to the merry go round of coaches who don’t offer much. Arteta is the most prepared of any on the shortlist to manage Arsenal

      1. Durand says:

        No one wants Arteta as MANAGER what does that tell you?
        Other clubs are blind and stupid, or Ivan and board blind and stupid?

        Arteta can’t compare to Viera at all.
        As a player Viera as midfielder or Arteta? Ha ha ha
        One is midfield beast, other is milk toast.

        Viera managed pirlo and Lampard, even sat them for team. Check out how Viera changed NYCFC from before until now. Isn’t that what us fans want?

        Hearing Viera tops list to manage Nice in French league.

        Even Nice rates Viera over Arteta!!!!

        But not Arsenal, oh no no no. Only Arsenal would pay lip service to “values and traditions” then proceed to apparently pass over club legend with experience for Arteta, can’t make it up.

        1. Durand says:

          If Arteta is next great thing, then why is everyone saying to surround himself with experienced coaches?

          If he is tactical genius like people say, he shouldn’t need the help right?

          2 years with Pep as 2nd Assistant COACH ( not a manager, check city website) thought that was enough to qualify him for leading Arsenal.

          Swansea City also need coach, not even considering Arteta, let that sink in.

          Stoke City need manager, looking to Moyes, and rumors say Bould may be his number 2.
          Oh, they showed no interest in slightest for Arteta either. Even after all Pep has said, FU#&×NG STOKE AND SWANSEA passing on Arteta!

          When even scrub clubs think Arteta is too risky,
          Muppets gas up Arteta.
          Only at Arsenal is this sh!t possible. Literally can’t make this stuff up.

  4. big g says:

    I for one really would prefer an experienced manager who has won titles and trophies, as for the rest, I think I would rather we had viera over Arteta or Henry because he has at least managed in America. Also because of the type of player he was (tough tackler) I think he would instill the mental toughness our team are missing atm.

    1. Enagic says:

      Tough tackling has nothing to do with modern football you sounds like Sam Allardyce type of fan when he used to coach Bolton

      1. Arsene's first album had no famous guest appearances says:

        Well if we appoint Arteta then we might need Big Sam to come along early next year to rescue us from relegation

        1. Enagic says:

          Just give arteta a chance, bring in good back room staff to help him ie Carzola, Pires and good quality in every position we should be ready to go and my doubts on transfers are over since we have right people in place to close deals – Dick Law ? dont know what to say the setup was below zero

  5. UMAR says:

    Jardim,allegri or enrique

    1. Sabs says:

      Thank you Umar, I would take Leonardo Jardim all day every day. He is young, experienced and has won a trophy or two wherever he has coached, couple with the skill to manage and nurture young talent – that makes him a winner in my eyes.

  6. Big Charley says:

    Henry sounds good

    1. Maks says:

      Yeah, just sounds…

  7. H B says:

    Arteta is far much better than Thiery who chose man city game over Wenger’s farewell game at Emirates. he is also still the better option than Ancelotti. So unless Enrique or Allegri we stick with Mikel and support him. as for me if Thiery Henry or Carlo Ancelotti are appointed I’ll quit supporting arsenal until they are fired or retire

    1. Arselover says:

      And what pedigree does Mikel Arteta have that qualifies him to manage any Premier League club let alone Arsenal? Henry would also be a very risky option, as would Viera. I would rather have success and stability over youthfulness and nostalgia. Because guess where unproven nostalgia will take us?; straight down to the Championship. I don’t think any of want that.

  8. paul kapula says:

    When Arsenal takes time to appoint a new manager shows that Aw was forced to retire yet the board was not even ready who they will replace with . This can be seen how it is taking time appointing some one as a manager

    1. Big Charley says:


    2. Arselover says:

      Quite the opposite I think. Because if he was forced to retire then they wouldn’t have done so unless they had a sure fire replacement lined up for him. The club has been mediocre for years, at least when it comes to performance. But when it comes to finance, Arsenal are second to none. All Kroenke cares about is money. He is a billionaire for crying out loud. I think Wenger finally tired of trying to force change through at Arsenal and I don’t think the Wenger out chants helped either. He was only half way through his 2 year extension. If the club has stuck with him this long then why would they ask him to leave now with a year left, knowing full well that they haven’t got a replacement for him? Does that make any sense to you?

  9. paul kapula says:

    Young manager is also good because will grow together with players and system or philosophy. Who knew that PEP can bring ARTETA to MAN CITY . This is a sign that ARTETA is a good Coach for sure like Pep said will not stand in his way he knows that once MAN CITY faces Arsenal under ARTETA can be a good game for sure

    1. Big Charley says:

      Lol, because Pep said Arteta is good? Does that mean Arteta is good indeed, or what do you expect him to say when he was asked? If Arteta is that good why is he not 2nd to Pep (Arteta is part of his coaching staff not his number 2). Man City hired Pep, before you could say anything they have offered him another contract. Am sorry Arsenal FC has come to this!!!!!

      1. Mwsupporter says:

        City don’t have a Traditional number 2 that’s not in their structure.

        1. Big Charley says:

          He doesn’t seat next to Pep!!!, so he is not next to him.

    2. Arselover says:

      Of course Guardiola would recommend Arteta for the Arsenal management role. If I were in Pep’s shoes I’d do the same. All he is doing is seeing the opportunity to further hurt Arsenal by sending one of his unproven coaching staff to manage what should be a Premier League giant. Does that add up to you?

  10. Pukaz says:

    Arsenal fans are an amazing lot

  11. Maks says:

    Let’s be honest…
    We, who were irritated by Wenger for the last ten years, will jump on Arteta after just a few stupid losses. Also from Viera and Arteta I will always take Viera cos his an Arsenal legend and Arteta is not! Arteta was week as a captain and I dnt want Guardiola replica in the club. We dnt need him.
    So I d like everybody else except Rodgers, Benitez, Howe and Ancelotti.
    Somebody who would get rid of some deadwood from the team, and also sell some other players smart to rise more funds to bulit a new team arround Auba, Miki and… Ozil.

    1. Nash says:

      Being a former great player does not make you a better coach and statistics show the opposite. Most great coaches were never great as players e.g. Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsène Wenger, Jose Mourinho never played football at all.

      Great players who failed as coaches are just too many but here are some of them; Diego Maradona, Kenny Daglish, John Barns, Jean Tigana.

      So it does not follow Vieira will be better suited than Arteta as Arsenal coach. Let’s see who comes in and I hope the board remain bold and pick a young coach. You can see all progressive clubs are going that route. Real Madrid for example.

      1. Arselover says:

        It’s not about hiring youth for the sake of youth. It’s down to the fact that with aging manager retiring clubs have to look elsewhere for new managers.We don’t need to hire a young manager just to keep up appearances. We need somebody that will get the job done, young or old.

  12. Omar Alhawary says:

    Hi everyone, I would like to say something about the romours connecting Henry as the next manager at Arsenal.
    For me the most important thing man could give his favourite club is loyalty. I love Arsenal; all I know I just love Arsenal. I respect Arsenal, I follow Arsenal. Do you know how much you love your club? I will tell you. In the bad moments of the club. When your club is loosing games. When your club is receiving defeat after defeat. At that time if you found your self standing back your favourite club, it means you love him. You love your club from all your deep.
    Why I am saying that and what connect this with Henry. I will give you the answer. Henry is a legend no doubt. This legend had been created by Arsenal. And before Arsenal Henry was nothing. And without Arsenal Henry would be nothing.
    So, what did Henry do during bad times of the club that created his legendary? Criticizing, criticizing, and just criticizing in TV. He still criticizing the club even at the time he was coaching the youth at Arsenal. Do you imagine that my friends? I will never forget that and I will never forgive that. Why? Because Henry was criticizing the club that made him and the man that made him (Wenger) publicly while he has a chance to do that in close rooms. Because he was at the club. Yes working at the club as youth coach.
    I have one explanation why he did that; I believe he did that because those TV channels pay him to do that. And that means we are speaking about a mercenary and traitor.
    Some people may think me very tough to say that about the legend, I do respect their opinion, but I respect more my lovely club’s values. Those values learned us to be with our club at bad moments before good moments. And that because simply everyone will continue support his club when the club is winning, but fewers of lovers support their club when the club loosing.
    Do you think Henry was among those loyal lover?

    1. if u love your club you would not say that about henry. Henry said what he think he is right and he was right. He said arsenal need to bring a strong DMF and he was right. Henry is a legend and he is a winner

    2. Football expert says:

      This is negative thought or wrong perception, Henry is a true fan of the club just stating the obvious, everyone in the world can see that Arsenal need a strong DMF as stated by Henry except you and Wenger, no wonder you’re calling a legend, a traitor, you’re not a real fan but a weak fan.

  13. Idrix says:

    I dont think arteta is the right candidat because most of the players are his friends i doubt it if they ll respect him…if they are going for a lesser manager i ll prefer HENRY

  14. Nash says:

    I like the idea of getting Arteta as the coach if it is true. It shows that we have a strong forward thinking management that wants to create something new and probably different.

    Pep Guardiola took over at Barcelona with no managerial experience experience and we now forget all that.

    If experience was the ticket to success Wenger would still be the manager. Forget about experience, see what is happening with teams that always go for the so called experienced coaches, most of them end up in trouble.

    1. Arselover says:

      Actually Guardiola had managed Barcelona’s B team with which he won the Tercera Divicion winning promotion to Segund Divicion or La Liga 2 before taking over the 1st team. And the rest is history. But Arteta is massively unproven. Arsenal is facing possibly its biggest crisis in recent times and your solution is to experiment with an unproven young manager purely based on his youth. This isn’t Fifa mate. Don’t forget that Newcastle was once a genuine Premier League giant and they ended up getting relegated to the Championship. If we’re not careful the same might just happen to Arsenal.

  15. Arsene's first album had no famous guest appearances says:


    Thank you for the memories but time to move on, Arteta

    1. McLovin says:


      “No manager is bigger than the club. Gracias Arteta”

  16. RSH says:

    Ornstein putting our budget at 50mill pre-sale. This is why no big manager is too interested. Just gunna enjoy world cup this summer and not stress about this stuff. The regular season was stressful enough. Not gunna fret over who we sign either. It’s just whatever. This was the clubs chance to try to go big and Kroenke and his cronies just want to save money. Shame.

    1. YunqmuanY says:

      You said ‘Ornstein said …’ but he is not the owner of the club, he is a media man bro, just another rumour.
      The media claims Arteta is sealed and dusted but other news say they are still interviewing candidates. I guess the media knows more than the club.
      They claim Wenger was sacked and that the board knew long before now that he will leave and they are now blaming the club for just working on new manager is that not contradictory?

  17. Bakri says:

    I am sorry but Mr Wenger being sacked by Arsenal due to his failure to win back the premier champion fot the last 15 years , and his total failure to make any progress in the Champion League and dragging Arsenal to the sixth place 37 points behind Manchester city and nine points behind the fourth place Chelsea , he is in no position to advice Arsenal about their next manager.Artetal was trained by Steve Bould just two years ago , so how on earth that Bould is gouing to work under him. Ozil and Ramsey were playing with Arteta at Arsenal two years ago and he was not a better player than them ,so how he is going to train them . Arteta is an unkown magaer , so how he is going to attract world class players to Arsenal. What qualifications and working experience support Arteta to be an Arsenal football manager.

  18. Mikel Arteta says:

    Stop hating me guys… I believe I have all it takes to become a top coach for our beloved club Arsenal. I promise to deliver the EPL trophy in 3 years and the champions league thereafter.. I have a winning formula that I will introduce to the boys. I am also trying to see how I can bring Leroy Sane along with me because I have noted Arsenal is lacking a proper winger who can stretch the game.All I ask is your support. I have worked with Pep and I can tell you for a fact that I am a better coach than him. I am the reason he won the EPL this season. I will prove all doubters wrong

    ~Mikel Arteta

    1. David Rusa says:

      Is this truly you Mikel writing? If it is then you have won my support for it shows you are sensitive to fans’ sentiments. I only hope some prankster is not taking us for a ride!

    2. Sean Williams says:

      Total rubbish. Stop playing games with supporters. Idiot.

  19. Fkhalifa says:

    Mikel we fear you will be too nice to the boys, we need a ruthless manager who can bench,sell any big names, instill hardness and get the needed signings done as fast as possible…

    Thanks Mr Milkel.

  20. erao geoffra says:

    please is better to give that job to two people only and those are mikel arteta and hnrey and you need to buy good player bez we are been beaten and its enough news session we want good change player like martile,marezh.

  21. Mikel Arteta says:

    Everyone is saying that I will be nice to the players because I played with them. That’s not true. My philosophy is that for you to become my player, you have to give more than 100%. Talent without hard work cannot make a great sportsman in this competitive world. Above all, I think it is important that every player knows what is required of them so that we can move on as a team. As Arsene said during his farewell, these group of players has lots of potentials. A lot indeed. With my coaching and motivation, I believe some of the players who have been slated for being sluggish and incompetent can turn into world beaters. With a few additions, we will be among there with the best

    ~Mikel Arteta

    1. Sean Williams says:

      Pathetic nonsense. Small minded idiot simulating Arteta. I feel sorry for you. Get a life.

    2. Hello Arteta it’s your friend Carlo here. You’re a very nice guy Arteta and yes you have worked under Guardiola for two years but you neither have the experience nor the pedigree to turn Arsenal’s fortunes around. What Arsenal need is someone with a proven and consistent track record of winning, and winning big. I have all of that. My people say my football is boring football, and maybe they’re right. But do you know what else my football is? It’s winning football. So Gooners if you make enough noise at the board about me managing Arsenal then they might just approach me about taking over for next season.

  22. Sean Williams says:

    Arteta would be the singularly worst manager that Arsenal can choose. He has not one iota of managerial experience. The board must have group dementia. There are lots of idiots who want our beloved club to fail. Fake news people. They are pushing Arteta on to us. Resist. Do not accept this social media push. We want the best for Arsenal. Not even second best. Arteta is not even third best. Don’t succumb to those who are forcing Arteta onto us. This is a social media thing trying to control you. Only accept the best.

  23. Meshack Otieno Ogolla says:

    I prefer Thierry Henry, he has good shows that make the gunners to move on well and with a different pace as before, if in anyway Arteta can also get a chance, let him have it coz he also has the knowledge to perform well.

  24. ArsenalMane says:

    They finally posted my comment

  25. ArsenalMane says:

    Fans need to chill and stop acting like they are all knowing. As much as we like to underrate Ivan and co. The truth is they know great lot than any fan on here and if you beg to differ please post ur credentials and let us know your experience in running a club or managing one. And by all means do us a favor by using your wealth of experience and technical know how to get the arsenal job and save use all the trouble.

  26. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Arsenal Board could care less about the Fans, The last few years we were promised Top Top Class players and we got Shxxxx. Now the Board are going to appoint Arteta what a joke.

  27. royalman says:

    Let’s give Arteta chance, pls don’t start any bad campaign against him, don’t kill his career . u may be killing d career of arsenal great manager tomorrow unknowingly. one thing I am sure about is that , if arteta is useless as some fans here are saying why did Guadiola call him in d first place.this great manager must have seen something in him, n why is our board keep calling his name , they must have seen something in him, we must accept d fact that this ppl kno more than us. Support Mikiel

  28. Nick2741 says:

    Who ever becomes manager is not going to do well cos if it’s true the board will not back him financially … Don’t want Arteta Thoe it will only get worst the biggest problem is Ivan garzidis get rid of him if we appoint the wrong manager then we no it’s the board,s fought

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