Arteta’s 100th game as manager – “An incredible and big journey!”

Sunday’s home game against Watford will be Mikel Arteta’s first milestone as Arsenal manager as he reaches his 100th game in charge, and I certainly hope it is a very happy anniversary. I still cringe when I remember Wenger’s 1000th game – NOT a good day!

But 100 games is not a big number in the managers game, when you think David Moyes has reached a 1000, but only Wenger and Ferguson have hit that incredible record at just one club. I doubt we will see that happen again in our lifetimes, but Arteta can at least say now that he has some experience in the job.

So what does Arteta think about reaching that number? “An incredible and big journey!” he told “A lot has happened, not only at the football club but around the world. That obviously has had a huge impact in everything that we have lived in the last two years. But I am so privileged to be where I am and I am really enjoying the opportunity and the challenge that we have ahead.”

He was given a massive rebuilding task on his arrival, amid the chaos caused by Covid and playing behind closed doors, but does he think that Arsenal are at last heading in the right direction? “Yes,” he continued. “but this is about momentum and trying to pick it up and settle those foundations that we want, to give us performances and results, but also to build a sense of unity that is building around the club, with our people, with our players and the way we are playing and transmitting and for me, this is just as important.”

The atmosphere at the club does seem to be very relaxed at the moment, and hopefully Arteta can reach 10 games unbeaten in his 100th game, and one thing I’ll say is that I’m sure his next 100 games won’t be as traumatic as the first!

Onwards and upwards!

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