Arteta’s “coaching is really top class”

Arsenal legend shares a piece of news which will excite Arsenal fans


The Arsenal faithful must agree that when Mikel Arteta took over the helm at the Emirates, it was never going to be a quick fix. The current Gunners boss obviously did not take over a steady ship.

He took over a ship which was halfway submerged in the sea, sinking. The former assistant coach of Manchester City first decided on addressing the most important aspect of the team. Which was the defense. Although many argue that Arteta’s cautious approach has led the team going on a dry spell from scoring. Gradually the team is showing signs that they can defend as well as score.

Since the Spaniard took over Arsenal in January 2019, Arsenal have boasted one of the meanest defenses in the Premier League.

Former Arsenal defender Lee Dixon who made 458 appearances for the Gunners, scoring 25 goals, had a bit of an exciting news for the Arsenal faithful.

Speaking to the Premier League Productions, the former right-back said, “Word that I get back from the training ground, from people who I know that are still there, is that he is a brilliant coach.”

The England international who retired in 2002 continued, “His coaching is really top class. So, he will improve these players. It’s whether he can get the quality through the door to supplement those youngsters as well.”

The Spaniard was given a three-and-a-half-year contract at North-London at the point of his appointment. But if things don’t change, Arsenal might have no good evidence to prove that Arteta is the right man for them.

Time is running out for Arteta, and he must prove that Arsenal have got it right with him.


Yash Bisht

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  1. Dixon said word is Arteta is a great coach but does not back up his claim with any evidence.
    He then goes on to say that “It’s whether he can get the quality through the door to supplement those youngsters as well.”
    So Dixon is saying that Arteta needs great players to succeed meaning Leno Aubameyang Lacazette Pepe Gabriel Partey Tierney are all so bad that even a genius coach like Arteta can not succeed with them.
    So is it a top coach we need or a rich owner who spends big on players?
    Lee has me flummoxed.

    1. Well you named 7 players there, at least two of which have been out of the side for long periods with injuries this season. You present that list as though it’s impressive – I think Auba, Partey and Tierney would draw a little envy from most of our rivals (although one has been horrible of form this year, and the other two have been injured for decent chunks of it), but the others wouldn’t really, especially based on their pre-arteta form.
      Also, did Dixon say anything about spending big money? I think we need wise investment – hungry players with something to prove, but they don’t all have to cost the earth. Leicester and Villa have been showing that. The difficulty has been getting the high earners off the wage list and freeing up space in the squad. In the summer we should be in a better position to bring in that quality.

  2. Artata has already proven that he can’t able to inprove the,they players are lack of self confidence,no scoring abality,too lazey,no chasing power etc.secondly the match against man city we are down by goal he did late changing while pep change early he should have been urgent dan pep cuz pep side can hold on the ball more than us as for now he knows it. so with eighteen minut we cant case and win the ball to share a point or win the match.thathow he was not able to red the game

  3. good coach but a poor manager…why is he not playing martinelli..his team selections are terrible..Willian for example ..Luiz ahead of Gabriel now..shocking management.!

  4. In the case of gundozi,take a look at the past of rooney,suarez,cavani,baloteli etc where they not worster than this young potiential player?but just because he can’t able to manage man he want to sell the player

  5. M.A is a good coach,take a look at klop a very powerful man right now how things are bad because of the absence of Virgil arsenal fans should hurry slowly a problem can not be solved in only one month verbally start from the culture of the club so allow the man fix the players who can follow his game approach thanks

  6. come on now, he has lead us ti worst spot in 2 decades strong and about to break his own record, all season 11th spot average.

    Keeps playing his Luiz , Willian chelki rejects and Ceballos madrid di not want…

    Making us a confirmed mid midtable in less than a year & 1/2.

    This is reality we in and table shows it, we fight for 9th at best , but really 10, 11 & 12th place we in all season.

    Only way to Europe is win EL, most realistic target today.

    Most tuff teams left are Man U, Spurs, Milan, Roma, shaktar, not sleep on Villareal et sociedad.

    We have team to win this and focus should be. Not risk key players in EPL, but protect and rest them for EL games…

    We in a real spot and players know they must step up no matter how arteta makes it harderwith his guessing….

  7. It’s pretty obvious that Arteta has very little experience and it shows weekly with a lacklustre team. From what you see there are no tactics as you see with Chelsea or Man C . and his team selection where he favours certain players whether they’re good or not is very disheartening . He needs to manage a championship team before a big team like Arsenal . It was a wrong mice from both the management and Arteta himself.

  8. Great Coach, Poor Manager
    I heard what Dixon said, he also heard that Arteta was a good coach, and it is probably true. But for me it is Arteta management skill that is poor, and the evidence is backing that up.
    The way he managing the squad in terms of team selections, substitutes, applying discipline, some players get more chances that other, he bring in new players and just put them in front of current players and keep them in front without performing, especially his own signings. The opportunity he is prepared to give to young players is pathetic.
    He is not making our key players better, just when Pepe is getting on, his drop. Then you want to criticise Pepe for missing an easy chance when he came in again. He coach doesn’t build enough confidences into these players and he doesn’t create a harmony atmosphere around this team, just look how players are speaking out as soon as they are out on loan.
    Some many said he needs time, buy Arsenal don’t have time, our finances and performance are get worse then even, soon we will have a problem to keep some of best players, especially our good youngsters, like Martinelli, Saliba, even Saka and it looks like Balogun is already gone.

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