Arteta’s first three summer additions to Arsenal revealed

Mikel Arteta has just signed a contract extension at Arsenal as the club shows him nothing but trust.

He has done a great job at the helm so far and they believe it can only get better.

His team is on the verge of sealing a return to the Champions League, a competition they have not qualified for since the end of the 2015/2016 season.

Considering they finished outside all the European places last season, a top-four finish will be a major step forward.

The club is now ready to back him and has revealed three players he wants in his squad for next season.

The first name on the list is William Saliba. Luckily, the defender is on the books of the club and is only spending this season away on loan at Olympique Marseille. 

The report says the Frenchman will be a part of his team when he returns.

The former midfielder also wants the club to sign Wolves’ Ruben Neves to shore up his midfield.

Alexander Isak is another player he wants, with the Swede seen as the ideal striker for his system.

Just Arsenal Opinion

These players will make us much stronger and we need to be that good to compete next season.

Squad depth has been a problem for us in this campaign. If we sign these players and keep our star men, we should easily compete for titles in 2022/2023.

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Video – Mikel Arteta on his new contract, Leeds game, and incoming players…

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  1. “On the verge to sealing a place in the champions league”? Not after tonight’s game they are not!

  2. You can’t add Saliba. He is already on the books. For me Isak has fallen off the shelf. We need a left back as good as Tierney if not better. Stirling and Jesus up front and see if Artera can eat humble pie and bring back Guendozi. If we add Neves, we go over the £200m mark and Arsenal will never spend that much.

  3. Isak is not looking ready to lead the line up front, hopefully we’ll pass unless we can get him at half the rumored price as 2nd choice striker.

    Never is good, but no way worth the price that Wolves are throwing around.

    Hope Isak and Neves are smoke screens to distract from their real targets.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, Durand. I was surprised when Neves was mentioned at that price, but disbelieving of the article when Isak was added.

  4. Did I just read compete for the league next year??
    Come next year then with some early lose, same people will say we were not meant to be competing for the title next year.
    I guess because we had a single win less than Liverpool without using the other stats like, goals scored, conceded, matches played, position in table has made you think we will be competing for the league next year. Same Liverpool we couldn’t score against 4 times this season..
    We can compete next season only if the likes of chealse and united and spurs remain the same as this season, then Yeah, we definitely going to compete.

      1. Nice questions.
        When we scream top4 is a must this season, your likes are the one who will tell us to lower out standard as the squad are very young. So top6 is the progress..
        But how can you who have a dream of top6 this season,then go about dreaming of winning the league next season?? A genuine question.
        Imagine westham who finished 6th last season, and have their eyes set on the league this season. We haven’t won the league in 18 years. I thought you guys always use klopp and Liverpool as an example. Remember it tooks klopp 5 years to win it, and Liverpool like 3 decades. Oh wait , we are not following Liverpool step anymore??
        You really can’t pleased human can you.
        We get our standard high, we are being labelled toxic and ask to support another team like we took permission from you before we started to support the team.
        We lower our standard, then we are pessimist .

    1. With Saliba there is a great 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 . Guendouzi is worth 50-60M if we buy him today. Need a striker who can head it.

    1. I dont realy see any great potentials in Gabriel Jesus , He is just an average player in a great team Why not get premier league proven strikers like Antony from westham, get gnabry back or bring in Zaha for the left wing and sell Pepe or better still loan him

  5. We rather go for Nkuku or Martinez if not then we get Jesus and retain Eddy for next season.And add some DM to see if it can work then do any additional signing in January transfer to surplement.

  6. I rather go with Neves/Luiz or both from Villa and Wolves respectively,and then when it comes to striker,Victor Oshem from Napoli or Lewis Nunez from Benifica.From there bring back Saliba and Mavropanos because he has done so well.FromUganda.

  7. We need scoring strikers than anyone else. If we had striker who scored 20 league goals this season, we would have qualified for champions league already. Great teams score goals with strikers.

    1. Not always. Chelsea won the title with lampard their top scorer with 13 goals in 04 and with 16 in 05. Both times their top scoring striker had 12. So it is possible to win it without a big goalscorer up front, although I certainly agree we need more goals from our striker(s)

  8. With those three obove mentioned players lining up in an Arsenal shirt next August, I’d definitely have a lot more belief in “the process”.

  9. Davi.. arsenal winning the league without a striker is a dream.. the best wingers with us have 11 goals how good is that. If we had 2 to 3 wingers with over 10 goals, plus a striker with 20 goals. Now we could be talking of champions league football. We need Jesus, Gakpo/asensio, tielsman, and Spencer… Then we get saliba and Nketieh back… At least for another top for next season.

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