Arteta’s here for the long-haul whether we like it or not (Opinion)

It is my understanding that some fans are still not sold on Mikel Arteta being the man to take Arsenal forward, but I believe he is here to stay regardless of what the fans want. Guest post by Sarah Rohan

Hi all!

Thinking about the future of our current manager I think he will be here for the long haul. Sorry to the remining Mikel haters! Are you mad?

I’m not wholly agreeing with the decision just yet. I’m still 50/50 on the situation to be honest, but I’m just stating that I believe he will be with us for the foreseeable future; beyond the end of his 2023 contract at least.

Pep Guardiola’s protégé joined us in the middle of the 2019/2020 season. It’s been choppy waters since…

On the upside we won two cups in quick succession in the first 18 months of his managerial career. On the downside, in the August of 2021 we was bottom three with our team in a mess and a lot of people calling for him to get the axe.

Where many other clubs would’ve sent him packing, our club has a tendency to give managers more time to turn things around. That same year we saw the sacking of two other club legends Frank Lampard at Chelsea and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Utd. Even the legends didn’t cut the mustard with their beloved clubs. Arteta proved to be the last man standing with regards to the trio, and it is currently paying off.

This summer we brought in players that have changed the dynamic of our first team. Unfortunately our team improved as opposed to our squad, as we’ve seen of late in our cup game against Nottingham Forest, the second string are well below par…

We need back-up players, we need players that we can rotate and mix things up. We need players that want to compete and fight for their places. We need players like last night; Even when down to 10 men because of the culprit Xhaka (I say no more!), they gave their all and showed true grit to keep the game level.

Are the next two transfer windows going to be key for the club and our manager? Most definitely. We now have a depleted squad with Covid, injuries, players at AFCON and players out on loan.. I think Arteta needs to bring in at least three players ASAP to keep us in top four contention. I think this will be make or break for the Spaniard regarding the support he will get from the fans seeing him go forward.

Sorry to those not keen on him. I still believe even if we drop out of the top five, Arteta will still be trusted to take us forward by the board (even against the supporters wishes). Like it’s been said time and time again, “trust the process”. Now our manager even having a mediocre season of ups and downs will still, they say we still need to trust the process. New players have brought in, so these things can’t happen overnight. Well something needs to happen overnight as we have two important games that could define the rest of the season!

Surely there is something about Arteta that has made him the man to take us forward? He’s made our team mentality stronger. Like I’ve said in a previous post, we no longer give up when we are losing, our heads don’t drop and we carry on. This is a huge plus from previous seasons.

Arteta has also changed the defensive play in our game. When was the last time in recent seasons when our defence was this strong and consistent? I honestly can’t recall! Probably because I cant see past Bellerin, Mustafi and David Luiz playing for us!

Our players are playing out of their skin and seem to love Arteta’s way. Saka has said he is a tactical genius and can outsmart any opposition manager, which I can see glimmers of. Working under Pep must’ve rubbed off on him in some way.

So after managing 112 games, we’ve won 60, drawn 21 and lost 31. We’ve won a couple of cups, changed the teams playing style, brought in some great players, and probably more importantly gave some of the worst players the shove.

It hasn’t been all plain-siling however with some strange tactics in the beginning, bizarre selections in games and some mind boggling substitutions in important games, but I guess that is to be expected from a manager who is still finding his feet in a new role.

Whether we like it or not, Arteta is here to stay! Sorry!

Enjoy the game Sunday Gunners. If it goes ahead of course…

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  1. DaJuhi says:

    We have great young core. Credit where its due to MA. Not so,sure about Edu though.

    We have few senior players, who have let down us time and time again (Xhaka, Auba), kind of like we had Willian, Luiz, Mustafi etc. All senior but absolute dross.

    So the signings of senior players need to be spot on, no room for errors. Arthur most definitely isn’t one be trusted on but I think he’ll be just enough for to cover rest of the season. Given that another MF arrives too.

    I base my judgement on Arthur on his displays for Juve, Barca and A Mineiro. Very unlikely he’ll start performing consistently when he hasnt done it for whole of his 5-year professional career.

    1. Aj says:

      One thing no one speaks is change in culture and dressing room.
      Look at Chelsea dressing room before Hazard was sold. No manager was able to give results two years back to back. Look at ManU. No manager is able to stabilize team there. And they have spent good money.
      We lost Arsenal when dressing room became too powerful and dividend during last 18-24 months of AW. Just the time when club was putting in structure for first time for life post AW and started creating new senior manager profiles.

      Once AW lost power to players atmosphere was toxic around the club. Emery couldn’t do a thing about it.
      I am actually surprised that power has been taken back from dressing room manager has full control of group. That’s the biggest achievement of Arteta in my view.
      Only when there is openness to learn n adapt, respect for fellow players n one is willing to fight for this friends on the pitch, willingness to give 100% on pitch a club can truly achieve things on consistent basis.

      Arteta or not, the foundation of club is different from 2 years back and with 4-5 good signings club can be more consistent on pitch. No matter who the manger is. And it’s not easy to fight dressing room power. A rookie MA has done it successfully.

      1. Loose Cannon says:

        Very true, you are a real fan, someone who noticed the rot and acknowledged the achievemt of a young manager, something a 70year old reffused to admit, accept and weed it out. Tell that to his detractors club over here, they put those fringe lunatic players over the club ethos and values. Good we have a ruthless manager, irrespective of the results, we are better off as club now.Once the foundation is well built, the results will come.

  2. Mac says:

    There’s a togetherness building nicely .

    Yes they’ll be bumps in the road but this team is positive and behind the manager !
    Let’s support them !

    1. Y3mmxiii says:

      Agree. Support, support, as we move forward.

  3. Greco says:

    Ofcourse we want him to stay.We are not blind….right folks?

  4. gotanidea says:

    I’m afraid his contract extension would depend on our final EPL position. If we finish below sixth, he would likely be replaced by other manager

    If that happens, at least he’d leave us with a group of likeable young players who’ve been trained intensively with positional play. This will make the next manager’s job much easier, particularly if the new manager has similar football philosophy like Ten Hag

    1. Sylva says:

      Ya I agree with you Gai. I guess Arteta knows this he’s been reluctant when interviewed to talk about his Contract renewal. Anything less than Top6 after four season as a big club is just not good enough.

  5. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

    talk about your recency bias nonsense…you can’t wax lyrically about the way in which the players supposedly rallied around their manager when the cock-up King made another appearance last evening, knowing full-well that in the game prior they stunk up the joint and delivered an entirely listless performance…just be honest, anyone with such a selective memory can’t possibly be a 50/50 proposition when it comes to supporting our present manager

  6. Siamois says:

    As I said before,I have been critical of MA,but if performances ,results and progress continue,I would be ready to give him more time.i was pissed off after the Forrest game but not with MA but the players,they had the chance to prove their worth against a mid-table championship team and didn’t.this game confirmed what we already know,the lack of in depth quality,once we go past the first 11-13 players,we struggle big time.if we finish in the top 6 qualify for Europe, I’d love to see MA get rid of a good few fringe players and bring in at least 4 quality players who will have an immediate impact and may be promote a couple of young ones to the first team.i will wait until the season is over to make up my mind.

    1. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

      I get what your trying to say Siamois, but that Forest game was the game right before the Pool affair…a game against a championship side where our manager deployed such a ridiculously negative tactical plan that our deepest lying players had more than 80 touches each before the 80th minute…this is what I mean by cherry-picking “facts” to fit a particular narrative…now if the Forest game was a month and change ago and we had performed consistently since that time, then maybe such a perspective would be far more understandable

      1. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

        you’re NOT your

      2. Siamois says:

        I know where you’re coming from now, that’s true,there were some dodgy/strange decisions that night.

  7. jon fox says:

    I had some doubts much earlier this season and see the many mistakes this former rookie manager made while he was a rookie.
    He is now no rookie, not by a long chalk and I THINK IT VERY LIKELY THAT – WHATEVER SOME WISH- he will be with us as manager for many years to come.

    He has won me over and any doubts I had have been dispelled by the clear progress, marked sense of direction and above all, the sheer team spirit that we show, albeit with the odd blip, as in the Forest game.

    But I think seriously and soberly, without natural fan bias too, and do not panic when we have a setback.

    Almost all teams have setbacks and that is just how life works. I and many others are mature enough to know that.

    But to throw the baby out with the bathwater(proverbially speaking) which some fools would do, is not going to happen and I rejoice that it will not!

    1. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

      the winds must have changed directions, maybe I should wear a scarf out today…thanks for the head’s up Jon

  8. IslanderG says:

    I’m 100% behind Arteta. He has strengthened the mentality of the team and helped strengthen the bond between the team and the supporters — the ones at matches, in any case. And he has coached up younger players to reach their potential. Now with more time and some key additions, the sky’s the limit. Or would you rather start over again just as we are taking off?

    1. Mick says:

      It took Klopa few seasons to get the team and results he wants

  9. Durand says:

    Our club “gives managers time to turn it around…” wonder if Emery would agree. Never thought Emery was a good fit, but he has to feel hard done by; only 18 months, didn’t have the same input in player transfers, was in 8th midway of season after finishing 5th and got sacked.

    His replacement with no experience got plenty of money to spend, unlimited patience, and overlooked two 8th place finishes, where Emery finished 5th.

    Personally I think Emery was always a temporary appointment, merely put in place while the club transitioned away from Wenger as manager.

    I hope Arsenal succeed, and Arteta is successful as well. But if he can’t finish in the top 5 and fighting for 4th the rest of the way, then he simply must go.

    Club first; Arteta spent over 250 million, well over 12 new players he brought in, and 2 1/2 years in charge. Excuses won’t fly at this point, and accountability comes at the end of this season.

    1. SueP says:

      An interesting idea Durand that Emery was a stop gap. Bruce Rioch was imo but the CV Emery came with was pretty strong.
      In any case the dressing room was hideous for him

      1. Durand says:

        I don’t think Emery was ever a long term candidate. I think he was brought in to keep us competitive, do well in Europa to back door into CL.

        He was always getting the blame for our decline, a shield for the board and ownership until they landed a longer term replacement.

        They never thought language barrier was a problem? Friction with players at PSG wasn’t a concern? Never gave him final decision in transfers?

        It all points to stop gap and human shield for me. He never was going to get the gig longer term. Fired as soon as they could justify it.

        Comparing that to Arteta getting vastly more control, money, and patience from the board in spite of inferior results.

        How else to explain it?

        1. SueP says:

          Why would the board then have hired Arteta who had not one iota of managerial experience? He had no history at all. Emery was a European winner. Being a stop gap is not a disgrace if your successor is a Klopp or Tuchel level, but surely Mikel as Pep’s water boy was not what Emery was hired to be the stop gap for

          1. Durand says:

            That is the question isn’t it Sue?
            If club wanted to go the youth route and rebuild you would want an experienced head to guide, develop and lead them.

            They chose Arteta and we finished 8th twice and out of European play for first time in 2 decades.

            We’re fighting for 4th now, after finishing 8th twice. I feel 6th or 7th place finish isn’t good enough, and I feel more excuses won’t wash.

            Arteta has to deliver this year, he simply can’t finish worse than Wenger and Emery for 3rd straight year.

    2. James says:

      I think he Emery had the problem of he wasn’t really wanted by the owners. The Kronkes had a vision of developing Arsenal under Arteta. This looked like it was going to happen when Wenger left and I believe Wenger supported the idea too. But Raul Sanlleih(excuse the spelling) pushed forward Emery at the 11th hour. I think the club realised all the mistakes they made with Raul and bracketed Emery as one of those mistakes.

      I don’t think he was the right guy for us but hes a likable character who has found a club that works for him, best of luck to him too

    3. Goonster says:

      I think Emery’s show of weakness and lack of authority was one of the biggest reasons the club got nervous about him. He let certain overpaid primadonnas shape the narrative.
      He came in, let certain social media primadonnas in our squad disrespect him without any consequences. It was repeatedly reported that a few of our most paid celebrity players were constantly mocking him in his face and indirectly on their social medias. They clowned his authority. They banded together, downed tools and accomplished their mission I guess.
      The whole thing was a clown show for the club in the media.

      You can’t be having such a manager that is too tentative, let’s senior players dictate proceedings. You are appointed as the manager, you are supposed to be the alpha leader of the pack. You are supposed to be the patriarch / matriarch of the pack. Emery let certain players and our fanbase pressure influence everything. And that is a losing strategy.

      Just compare and contrast the attitude between Emery and rookie Arteta? There is a big big difference. Arteta came in, put his foot down and exercised his authority. The same primadonnas tried the same tactics but he nipped it in the bud. One made so much noise with the fanbase right behind him but Arteta held his ground. Exiled him and refused to give into our emotional fans tantrums regarding it.

      With Arteta, all the poor attitude bad apples are warned, put in the naughty corner and if bad attitude persists they are exiled.

      This kind of leadership gives the manager, players, fanbase and club board members confidence..

      With Emery he let everything disintegrate. He let player power run amok, the football was terrible with bad results, no discernible plan, he let the fanbase influence him etc..
      What a poor combination, it was all a recipe for disaster like it unfortunately turned out for him.

  10. Jo-Gunz says:

    MA is going to succeed with us.
    The project will be a successful one and it is evident based on recruitment, the new mental strength and results.
    He knows what he is about and is best for us.
    I believe he is going to be a constant presence on the touchline closer to our bench for a long time to come.
    Better days ahead.

  11. NY_Gunner says:

    Rumour has it we’re requesting a postponement of the NLD, due to injury and illness ravaged team…🤔

    1. DaJuhi says:

      I think it has happened but 100% certain FA won’t help us. Its only reserved for Man United and Liverpool.

    2. Voyageur says:

      I’m not a fan of the request tbh – injuries are part of the game, Xhaka is out because of his own stupidity and AMN is in Roma because it was felt the right decision to loan him out now rather than wait for Partey and Elneny to return.

      PL and their lack of transparency (echoes of VAR) only have themselves to blame for the confusion.

      Play the game.

      1. SueP says:

        Interesting to note Voyageur that Auba has been ruled out for Gabon with heart lesions post Covid. Awful for him to digest as a man and as an athlete.

        1. Voyageur says:

          I saw that. Bayern Munich’s Alphonso Davies also out with myocarditis after Covid. Scary but hopefully mild cases.

          For the record, I support postponement for genuine Covid outbreaks. This just doesn’t sound like one as most of the absences are AFCON which we knew about, injuries which are inevitable or stupidity which, for at least one senior midfielder,, also seems inevitable.

          1. SueP says:

            Agree on that
            Unfortunately I get the impression that the rules have been blurred over the last few weeks

  12. Siamois says:

    OT:I read Conte interview,in it he says that right now we are slightly ahead of them,but he also had a slight dig,saying that MA has been working with his team for 2 years now and has had several transfer windows, I’m pretty sure that he meant that with the same amount of time and money spent, he’d do a better job who knows??

  13. David says:

    An alternative question is: Could Arteta become one of the world’s great managers?

      1. Professor lalala says:

        Who are you to determine that?
        Are you God
        Or u can now see tomorrow?

        1. HH says:

          The same question can be asked to those who support Arteta? So the past and present is a better way to judge?

    1. Siamois says:

      “one of the world’s great managers”??if by that you mean the Pep,Maureen, Fergusson or even Zidane..i don’t know about that.

  14. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Midfield dilemma? If our EPL match away to Tottenham Hs does go ahead amid the Covid-19 and injuries problem that is looking to affect the Gunners team. Which if it prevails could lead to the postponement of the match.

    But if the Spurs match went ahead, can’t Arteta field the midfielDers he had playing against Liverpool last night who stood their ground in the match after Xhaka was red carded? But that’s assuming these midfielDers will be intact by the time Spurs match is played. I think if Arteta field these same midfielders for the Spurs game on Sunday, they should be capable to also stand their ground in the match but not fall apart it.

  15. JW says:

    Sorry chaps,

    But at the end of next season, when Pep leaves Man City to take the Spainish team job Arteta will be off like a shot.

    1. SueP says:

      As assistant Spanish manager or head man at ManC?
      I’d prefer to think, rather than expect, that a ‘successful’ Arteta would carry on at the Arsenal.

      1. Jw says:


        I think he will become the new Manager of Man City.

        With not a tightfisted Kroneke in sight!!!

        1. Tony says:


  16. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Midfield dilemma? If our EPL match away to Tottenham Hs does go ahead amid the Covid-19 and injuries problem that is looking to have affected the Gunners team. Which if it’s prevailed could lead to the postponement of the match.

    But if after all the Spurs match goes ahead, can’t Arteta field the midfield personnel he had playing against Liverpool last night who stood their ground in the match after Xhaka was red-carded? But that’s assuming these midfielders will be available at the time the Spurs match is played. And I think if Arteta fields these same midfielders for the Spurs game on Sunday, they should be capable to also stand their ground in the match but not fall apart in it.

  17. FingersFurnell says:

    I am an Arteta fan, think he has done well for us and will remain in position for the rest of the season

    Beyond that who knows, top level football changes very quickly and there are many variables, one of which as identified by JW above, Arteta gets a say in it as well and of course if City came knocking he would go and who could blame him, nothing to do with Kroenke it’s simply a better job for him and it’s reasonable to expect them to want him

    Pep has a history of getting out at the right time and that right time could be the end of this season

    Arteta might have learnt that from Pep as well and even if the City position wasn’t an option then he could still leave rather than being sacked part way through next season, Everton maybe as an option in the summer

    It wouldn’t make him a bad person, Managers move around all the time, longevity in the seat is a thing of the past

    If that happened he would leave Arsenal in a better position than when he arrived in my opinion with a young squad able to make a genuine challenge under the next Manager along, maybe someone like Brendan Rodgers?

  18. Sean Williams says:

    We don’t know what is around the corner. At the moment Arteta is finding his feet, but things change. Like every supporter here whilst we are moving forwards I am happy. Nothing is permanent, everything changes. We have some good young players and Hale End is buzzing. We are a midfield player or two short and definitely a striker short. ESR, Saka and Martinelli have me caught up in their possibilities, and at the moment the club are on the up. We do some strange things though like the Forest game which was a quite shameful performance.

  19. Simba Murerwa says:

    Unfortunately we are in a period where managers must deliver immediately. The era of Fergie is long gone. Now there are a lot of rich clubs with Newcastle added recently who buy success. Contrary to what many say Kroenke has splashed money on players which on many occasions has been wasted by the managers and those involved in recruitment. With Newcastle added to the rich list Arteta has a big job on his hands to deliver the EPL which is what we want. An institution needs to be ruthless with non performance in order to be successful. At a club like Arsenal success will be measured by trophies and the trophy we really need now is the EPL. Based on performance and results Arteta I no better than Emery. Emery did reach the Europa Final which on it’s own is a very big achievement. Arteta won the FA Cup with a squad assembled by Emery. On his own he is still to convince. Statistically we are still the same in terms of goals scored and conceded.

    If we don’t qualify for the champions league we will always attract players of the Ben White calibre as better players will have no desire to join us.

    We are not West Ham or Crystal Palace who measure success by finishing in the top half of the log. Arsenal must aim for the league and as a supporter I just want a manager who can deliver. I believe Arteta has been given time and financial support to achieve success. Instead of buying Bissouma and Maddison he gets us Lokonga and Odegaard. He had brought several substandard players like Mari, Tavares, Soares, Ceballos, and Runnarson. He has failed to improve promising young players like Nelson, Niles, Torreira,
    Guendouzi, Chambers, Saliba and Mavropanos. A team can’t be built on purchases only. A manager must be able to improve players from the juniors and the ones he finds at the club.

    1. James says:

      Maddison and Bissouma would have cost us 120m Lakonga and Odegaard cost us 60m. Maddison has a reputation of being a arrogant selfish snob at Leicester and like Guendouzi not the type of characters I want at my club.

      So what Arteta has a net spend of around 150-170m in 2 seasons at the club. That’s over 2 billion shy of what Chelsea, City and Utd have spent. We can’t compete in their market so we have to create our own market it’s that simple.

      Development is a 2 way street fella, the manager will support you, but you have to do the work and perform when given the chance. Players like Nelson, Nkethia and AMN have not been consistent enough when given opportunities. These boys are professional footballer they should be ready to perform. Nelson has never looked good enough when you compare him to Saka and ESR when given chances, Nkethia was bossed by 2 championship defenders and to call young Taveres sub standard after one bad game is shambolic of you.

      I’m sorry my friend you need a better perspective

      1. Simba says:

        Nothing shambolic about my perspective. It’s a managers job to put players in line whilst allowing them to play. Sometimes reporters go over board tarnishing a players image. I don’t see anything wrong with Maddison. Yes him qnd Bissouma would have coat us 120mil and it would have improved the team massively and would have allowed us to move Xhaka to AS Roma. We would have then kept Torreira to cover during the Afcon. One, two, or three quality players will change a team massively like what happened to Liverpool with the addition of Allison, Van Dyk, and Fabinho. These were expensive but quality and experienced players. How does a club which finished eighth concentrate on buying inexperienced young players like what we did.

        Tavares to me doesn’t look the part. Are we saying we couldn’t get a left back in our youth system who could do better?

  20. James says:

    Look I’m an Arsenal fan first and foremost. In any manager who manages my club has to manage it with respect, determination and dedication. This is why at this moment in time I’m behind Arteta. The man loves and respects the club in the same way Wenger, Graham and Chapman loved and respected the club.

    He has a set of principals (the non-negotiables) that at this time the club needs. He’s seen how a successful operation works and what it needs to consistently challenge and succeed in City. He’s trying to imprint that mindset at the club withought spending 2.8billion on players to achieve success. The man has worked wonders behind the scenes, planting seeds as it were for a better future of Arsenal football club.

    He’s sacrificed himself and his career, in probably the most difficult job in the country if not Europe with the most demanding and in some sections over privileged fan base in the world. He’s changed the structure and ethos, ensures that the players are disciplined and respect the badge.

    Wengers reign was never a dictatorship he was like the hippy of management in the end. He allowed freedom of expression take over from discipline and structure. In the end we paid for that, as we realised we could have all the flair in the world but that doesn’t guarantee 3 points or titles. With the oilarchs the footballing landscape had changed around Arsenal and we failed to adapt early enough.

    Arteta has had a monumental task taking over Arsenal at the time he did. There was a squad of in some cases terrible, overpaid, underachievers at the club. Players who could have been great and should have been great but we’re too lazy. Like the millennials of today expecting greatness to be given to them not actually earning it. Coming to work with Arsene cause he makes you great not realising that they have to do all the work.

    Buying ready made superstars was never going to work for us. In our history we’ve never operated like that either. We provide the platform the facilities and the support to make players great and thats the way it should always be at Arsenal. It why I love my club because we do things the right way not the easy way.

    Arteta is the right man for the job weather people like it or not. He’s done a good job cleaning up behind the scenes as well as trying to make strides at the front of house. We’re starting to look like Arsenal again, the people who didn’t take us seriously are starting too. The chorus of people laughing at Arsenal has dwindled to alomst nothing. Like I said about the end of Wengers hippy communist reign. Arteta has realised he needed to bring back the discipline, structure, organisation and respect that Wenger built his titles off the back of. When Wenger won titles it was of the base of a well organized structured defensive unit. We’ve got that now thanks to Mikel, the flair will come. The transition is by no means complete there still players who need to go (as the Forrest game proved) and come in but we’re close.

    1. FingersFurnell says:

      Excellent post James

      1. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

        If you know functionally little about this club’s recent history and have your Blinders placed firmly on…his post reads like a grade 6 book report…C-

        1. FingersFurnell says:

          Didn’t like it then, I did

  21. Nickerless Bender says:

    Oh my… what a MA love in.

    I wonder what the responses would have been if this article came out after Everton, Palace and Forest games?

    Pretty appropriate that it is released just after one of our better performances of the season.

    I’m still not sold on MA as he cannot instill consistency in the way we play or results, and his in game management is woeful to non existence. If anyone can show me a game where he has tweaked a formation or changed a player to achieve a positive result do tell as I do not recollect ever witnessing one.

    The football is one dimensional and at times turgid to watch. He sends his players out with plan A, there is no plan B or C. If it goes wrong it is always the players not supplying the effort or the referee. Not that he hasn’t prepared for the bleeding obvious.

    What I do like about MA is that he does big up the ‘values’ of Arsenal football club. The problem is that one of those values is to be consistently competitive. Alas he so far hasn’t supplied that.

    I appreciate there will be ‘bumps in the road’ but so far there has been too many for my liking under his tenure.

    If we do not qualify for Europe this season then he must go.

    1. James says:

      Tbh mate, there have been plenty of positive performances more than bad for a change. Plus we’re in 4th this time in the season for the first time in years.

      The fact is for the first time in years the decenting voices against management have shrunk considerably. Unlike the end of wengers reign or through Emerys tenure to where we are now you guys are the 2-5%. The I want the manager out brigade is very much the minority.

      Forget that we’re not challenging for the title or in the champions league this season we haven’t done that for years before Arteta was even a coach. We were all asking for improvement and unless fans are completely blind and so adamant they want Arteta out the fact is we’re in a far better place now.

      We might not be there come the end of the season but signs are good. With a good summer of transfers we should be challenging

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