Arteta’s remarkable turnaround from sacking favourite to Manager of the Month

From sack rumours to EPL manager of the month win – Arteta’s remarkable September turnaround

At the start of September, Mikel Arteta was in grave danger of losing his job at Arsenal. Three games into the Premier League season, the Gunners had lost all, scored nothing and conceded 9 goals. It was all looking bleak for the Spaniard.

This is how quickly things can change in the world of football and kudos must go to Mikel Arteta for somehow inspiring a positive change in results.
What a period the last one month has been for the Premier League manager of the month of September. Here is to hoping Arteta continues to deliver after the international break otherwise, it won’t be long before the calls for his sack prop up again.
There were calls by club fans on social media for Arteta’s sack. Antonio Conte was touted by the media to be the man waiting to replace him. If reports that emanated are to be believed, Arteta had until the end of September to turn results around or face the sack.
3 wins with 3 clean sheets and 1 draw in 4 Premier League games since the beginning of September is not only the current holder of the Premier League manager of the month, but also has his job at the Emirates Stadium secure once again.
Ahead of the September international break, the beat was on and the pressure was high. Arsenal had just suffered an embarrassing 5-0 loss against Manchester City. Arteta needed to find a solution to Arsenal’s problems quick and fast.
The international break afforded him the opportunity to work on his team. Thankfully, he had new signings that we just beginning to settle in and players who were just returning to fitness.
During that break of close to 2 weeks, Arteta came up with a new lineup consisting of a blend of his new signings and injury returnees. He also apparently gave priority to working on his team defence that had hitherto conceded an average of 3 goals per game.

The result was a 1-0 win over Norwich City immediately after the break. It may have been “just” a 1-0 win over the whipping boys, Norwich, but the Gunners did keep a clean sheet for the first time in the EPL this season.

Then came the tough narrow win at Burnley and the wondeful destruction of Tottenham, and Arteta’s redemption was complete.

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  1. Congrats Arteta, you have made all gunners proud. Win more such awards so that Arsenal keeps progressing in the League, top 4 would be soon possible.

  2. Not all proud Ivan tell you PAL- With only one decent 45 minutes in those games I would say he had a lot lot more to do before you should get carried away.
    Let’s remember- we have history of Arteta failing to build on any previous positives. Why is now do different?

    O.T. – and a reply to @Jon Fox.
    So Jon, I was unable to reply to your request to share my views with everyone on JA which was in a previous Headline. But I am now sat in 39C Dubai sunshine and will certainly get found to it later.
    You’ve left yourself open again JF, as you always do. But you demanded a response so I will happily do so later.

  3. Congratulations to Arteta for getting results the last couple games.

    After 2 8th place finishes I’ll not be cheerleading quite yet; finish top 6 and then we can talk.

    Fawning over a 4 game stretch is silly when final standing is what matters.

    Had a great run to finish the season, where did we end up finishing? 8th

    Have a great 4 game streak building, where are we now? Bottom half.

    I’ll wait until the season ends before judging the success or failure of Arteta and his near 3 years in charge.

  4. Last awarded to an Arsenal manager back in 2015 (A W).

    You’ve set the bar Mikel – 10 points from the next 12 will go down very nicely.

    Consistency is the key.

  5. So why were you guys asking for him to be sacked after 3 games into the season? But want to wait for the rest of the season to pan out before giving him credit?

    1. What credit is actually due here PAL? We beat a very poor Norwich 1-0, a committed but equally poor Burnley 1-0, Spanked the Spuds for 45 minutes, then stank the place out at Brighton. And you feel what exactly? Pleased with this?
      Why so many set their bar so low is just beyond me. I see zero improvement from last season at the moment,

      1. Hi Phil.

        Given where we were prior to the Norwich game, I see 10 points taken from 12 available – as simple as that I’m afraid.

        At this stage, given our dire start, that was all that mattered.

        I disagree that it is low bar setting in being extremely happy with such a return.

        What’s the alternative, being well off the pace for 6th to 4th by Christmas?

        And not low bar setting re’ 6th to 4th, it’s called realism.

        This season where we are right now in overall terms, I’d bite your hand off.

        1. What perspective? We are a mid table side. You happy with that PAL? Toothless in attack because we have to protect the defence so much.
          Boring to watch. Saved by the fact we have a couple of youth players who have come through the ranks. I’m struggling to see perspective rive here PAL.

          1. Phil, take a breath, I was on your side…I think you just misinterpreted the “preach” comment…Cheers

    2. Hi Sirjoe.

      Quite a generalisation.

      However testing at times I, and many others, have not once called for Arteta to be sacked or come on here flip-flopping.

      I saw very early on, and remain of the opinion, a change of ownership is more of immediate concern – especially after the events of this week.

  6. Arteta has been given due credit for a good September. There are those of us who felt that calls for his sack were premature and quite ridiculous. The team still needs to improve and Arteta recognizes this. There is a long way to go till the end of the season. The team now need to establish some consistency.

  7. As always AJ
    You don’t resort to bullying tones to get your message across. Politeness goes a long way; frequently allows you to engage with other posters and debate at a human level. How refreshing

    1. Thanks so very much SueP, greatly appreciated.

      All folk want to do on here is “chew the fat” re’ all things Arsenal, and is it so refreshing when that’s what we all do – whether in agreement or not.

      I’m sure we all look forward to reading each other’s views, that’s why we keep checking in.

      Thanks again.

      Take care.

  8. Ho Ho Ho! I can’t even remember the we played Norwich and Burnley, have drawn total blanks there while the game against the Spuds seems like an age. Manager of the month my… Wonder if there is any truth to the rumour the he has offered Saliba to Manchester City as part of an exchange deal for Stirling. Pep should take it. Possibly one of the best centre halves of his generation for a speedster who is not getting an younger and has few other assets.

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