Arteta’s vision has made Arsenal “this connected to each other”

Why Deny It? Arsenal Are Becoming A Dream Team….

Is Arsenal currently the dream team that many other teams will seek to emulate? Laura Woods, an outspoken pundit and Arsenal supporter, believes so. She admits that everything going on at Arsenal is making her heart happy. Arteta, she claims, has been working his magic behind the scenes, using Martin Odegaard’s £30 million swoop as an example of how Arteta’s decisions are paying off.

According to Woods, Odegaard has truly been something special, and Arteta may have recognised it from the start, even if many others did not. About Arsenal probably being the dream team in the PL at the moment, she said, “I think a lot of people were sleeping on Arsenal in general,” she said on talkSPORT.

“I think while that was happening, Mikel Arteta was knitting together this amazing plan that he had, and I think a lot of credit needs to go to hierarchy for backing Arteta and backing his vision.

“I’ve not seen an Arsenal team this connected to each other for years! for years and years.”

On Odegaard standing out among the rest, she said, “I said, ‘Martin Odegaard for £30 million?’

“I hate myself for questioning that. I hate myself for that. But I love this Arsenal side.

“I think the vision as well from Arteta to give Odegaard the captaincy as well, they see things we don’t, how this guy operates around the club, and I think that was an inspired move to give him the captaincy.”

Three years ago, not much could be said about Arsenal; now, blogs like ours can’t go a day without expressing how brilliant Arsenal is.

What a fantastic time to be a gunner!

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Arteta on two points dropped by Arsenal and the transfer window

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  1. While Arteta has been instrumental in bringing about the big improvement in results and team spirit, he himself, needs some guidance from above as to his juvenile antics on the touchline.He needs to calm down and lead by example by showing respect towards referees and officials regardless of their calibre.To carry on like he did against Newcastle not only tarnishes the image and reputation of our Club but can only alienate the referee fraternity and work against our players when marginal decisions are called for.Arteta is doing very well indeed but someone in higher authority at Arsenal needs to get him to change his ways on the touchline.

    1. Ha ha his reactions have been over the top, i’m sure Edu and Arsene will have a word with him.

    2. I doubt he can control that, it’s instinctive, he is a very passionate person. Unless he lost his passion for the job and d game, he won’t change

  2. So everyone gurned that Wenger was always sat in the dugout during games doing not much and now at it again as we have the opposite in Mikel who is very animated like alot of other coaches and last night Newcastles didn’t come to play football, came for a battle and poor tactics…. his passion boils over and I’d rather have someone who cares and shows it, than a man who doesn’t.

    Mikel literally is kicking every ball on the side as his young guns need guidance. I’m sorry but he’s fine let him be as much as a character as likes of Fergie, Klopp, Pep, Jose…. Arsene was like a fine wine with class, last of that breed of managers.

    How many times with those antics from other managers work and ours pressure in ref and 4th officials.. and now VAR.

    We should of at least had one of those 2 penalty decisions but AGAIN VAR let us down and not 1st time this season.

  3. I used to get annoyed at Wenger’s quiet demeanour & furrowed brow after a decision went against the team – wanting a bit more oomph. But his inability at the end of a difficult and tense match to shake hands with his opposite number I also found a let down.
    I can equally say that I find Arteta’s histrionics a bit OTT but this is also part of his personality as was Wenger’s reaction to decisions.

    1. SueP, it’s a delicate balance and one has to be careful we don’t throw the baby out with the water, its paramount to have that fire in his belly.

  4. On the subject of the article, Arteta, in my mind anyway, clearly had something special about him. It is marvellous that the Edu/Arteta partnership is bearing fruit and that the owners and senior management team have found a better way of working together.
    For a brand new manager to go from where we were 3 years ago to where we are now is remarkable. I didn’t know if MA would be an elite manager but he is certainly showing signs that he can become one – unlike Frank Lampard whose career at Everton is hanging by a thread and who doesn’t look like he has what it takes.

  5. The passion the gaffer displays on the touch line is as a direct result of the fire in his belly, it quite often than not wiped up the players on the pitch which in turn transfer to the fans in the stands that leads to the electric atmosphere we are now experiencing.

    1. Way OTT imo ,constantly out side his Area even getting in the way of a Newcastle throwing last night .
      Not sure why he shouts at the forth official even before VAR have had a chance to even look at it .

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