As Arsenal expect more changes against Rennes, Emery explains his reasons for rotating

There has hardly been two games in row this season when we have seen the same Arsenal starting XI (has there been any?) as the new boss has been tinkering with his different formations and personnel for each and every game. Now that it looks like the players have started to understand Emery’s instructions and are actually putting them into place, he has finally given his reasons for his continual changes.

Tomorrow night there will be another raft of changes, both to prepare for the challenge of Rennes and also to keep some players fresh for the big match against Man United on Sunday. Emery seems to have got the balance right at the moment and he has explained his reasoning. “Each match is different,” he told “We are playing with a back four and also with three centre backs sometimes, and I think the team is improving and is learning to play different systems. But with the same ideas.

“It’s not the same to play with one player or another player, because maybe he has bigger qualities or better qualities more like a winger or like a full back or like a right back.

“For example, it’s different to play with Nacho Monreal or Sead Kolasinac. They are two very big and important players for us with their qualities. But one is more offensive than the other. Nacho is more defensive with a big performance defensively, more than Sead.

“But we need to use two players and sometimes with three or four at the back. Above all, to improve and grow up like a player, improving tactical issues and we are doing that. The reason why we are making changes to the system is adaptation to the opposition and also in our best combinations with the players.”

We have already discussed the changes I’m expecting Emery to make for the Rennes match, but we have to say that whoever plays they are definitely learning to play the Emery Way. It seems a lot of players are interchangeable at the moment.

He is definitely doing something right, and we hope he does it again tomorrow…



  1. I like to watch his variations, but the upcoming Rennes and Man United games will prove whether his players have fully grasp his concept or not

    Losing those two games would make Emery Out Brigade run amok in this forum again, but winning would lift the players’ motivation up

    I think Arsenal would win both games though

      1. I want MU to go through, the more matches they have to play, the better for us, obviously without winning the competition of course.

        1. I get what you’re saying stubill…. I honestly thought they’d get hammered tonight.. Mbappe had an off night… Buffon howler… last minute penalty… bloody jammy Man United….

    1. Based on the possession percentage, PSG are dictating the tempo though

      PSG are also still leading in aggregate

  2. United are leading on aggregate & about to go through. Now for them to celebrate by whipping us on our turf eh?

  3. Wow. Arsenal NEVER had a real excuse for our poor UCL campaigns. United’s B team won the tie. Fred, McTominay, Peireira midfield. Get us back Unai and make us realize our potential.

  4. Emery’s contract was not extended by PSG because of disappointing result in CL

    I bet Tuchel would have the same fate

  5. Now, the belief and hunger they’ll have against us will be so high, now I’m worried about the Sunday game, we couldn’t beat them in their worst moments.
    See what a young and hungry coach can do?
    OGS will make united title contenders again, this guy has changed everything and got them playing like United of the old

    1. Eddie on point. And no castigation, no stupid ineffective methods, just knowing the strength and weakness of his players. Weldone Ole. We should be better prepared now.

      1. Sue, Pat…I was telling a United friend of mine that if they could hold on till the 80th minute, that would win the game and qualify because it was so clear United was baiting PSG, they were soaking little pressure, I figured it doesn’t require a genius to know that after the 80th minutes, PSG would have to be the one defending… I’m really worried about our game on Sunday
        Solskjaer Gave PSG False Hope that they were safe.
        PSG took the bait, and stopped attacking with any intensity.
        Pure Machiavellian Principle ? ? ?.
        I Respect OGS so much

        1. I’m worried too Eddie, even more so now than normal! I’d like to say it’ll be ok we’re at home,… but we know how that’s turned out before……..

            1. They were jammy as usual. If that is how VAR is going to work they should ditch it now. Referees should not have the final say, an expert panel should as in rugby union. That said, I hope they are knackered on Sunday.

              1. Is there no panel for VAR? They really should have one. But i thought it was a penalty so I’m no knocking the ref for his decision.

                1. PSG got robbed, that wasn’t a penalty.. but like I said, they have themselves to blame… they really should blame no one but themselves, at home.. Poor Gigi Buffon, has to retire without that UCL he’s always wanted

    2. Well I hate to be a realist here but PSG
      resorted to there typical BOTTLING exploits
      in Europe to throw away yet another tie that
      was gift wrapped for them. Two howlers and
      a controversial penalty saw United through
      when they clearly were the inferior squad.
      There was nothing in there performance today
      that impressed me and quite frankly Arsenal
      should win on Sunday @ the Emirates.

      1. Ace I doubt you’re being honest to yourself… United won tonight with a B team, yes PSG dominated, but United’s game plan was there for all to see.
        PSG only have themselves to blame, and you say that as if every of our games against United we are outplayed. Each time we face them, we’ve always dominated and rule the pitch but they end up beating us and causing damage, even in their terrible form. If you really think tonight’s performance is nothing special then I don’t know how else to explain it to you

  6. OT
    My expected Arsenal first team squad for next season, barring new signings.
    GK – Leno Martinez iliev
    D – Bellerin, Niles, Mustafi, Holding, Sokratis, koscielny, mavropanos, Monreal kolasinac
    M – Xhaka, Torreira, Guendozi, Chambers, Willock, Suarez, Ozil, Smith-Rowe, Iwobi, Mkhitaryan
    F – Aubameyang, Lacazette, Nelson, Nketiah

    So farewell to the likes of
    Cech, ospina, lichsteiner, Jenkinson, elneny, Ramsey, Welbeck, Asano,
    which should raise enough cash to buy suarez. Leaving Emery with a full budget.
    Emery might decide to increase his budget by extending Monreal contract then selling him, along with Koscielny mavropanos, mustafi, chambers and ozil. To be fair, that seems an awful lot of changes, but in my opinion we need a bigger transfer kitty and a better “emery type squad” But we then need 2/3 centre backs, a left back, a new no. 10. and possibly 2 wingers.

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