As expected – Mesut Ozil out of Arsenal’s Premier League squad

ESPN has reported that Mesut Ozil and Sokratis Papastathopoulos have been left out of Arsenal’s registered 25 man squad list for the Premier League this season.

Both players were told that they can leave the club when the transfer window was open as they are no longer in the plans of Mikel Arteta.

Ozil rejected offers to move as he remained adamant that he will see out the rest of his current deal at the club.

Sokratis was of interest to Napoli and looked like he would join the Italians, however, that move never materialised and he remained at the club.

Both players have already be excluded from the club’s Europa League team sheet and that means they will not play for the team again until at least January when teams will have the chance to revise their submissions again.

Ozil hasn’t played for the club since March before the coronavirus stopped football from being played.

He didn’t feature during Project Restart and he is no longer in Arteta’s plans.

The only game that both players can play will be for the club’s Under 23s as they will also be ineligible for cup competitions like the Carabao Cup.

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    1. yes because they need to get paid. They have to show up. They could be told to train alone or with U-23s only but that is a coaching decision.

      Frankly, can’t imagine why you would have them on the grounds unless they were stellar team-mates and really added to training.

  1. It was expected, so it’s no big deal . I hope saliba is eligible tho. I don’t want to see his talent going to waste

    1. that is a story I would like to hear more about from the club.

      1. Maybe he is no good, maybe the hype was unfounded. Consider the quality of a lot of deals at that time and it is possible. They didn’t want to move him because the club doesn’t want to show another bad and expensive purchase.

      2. Maybe he really is having a tough time adapting (he is young and for some people losing a parent is really debilitating) and sending him out wouldn’t work – if he is having mental health issues another strange club and city could be a disaster. Maybe the best move was to keep him with the team as it is at least familiar and should be supportive for an expensive investment. Perhaps they felt a return to France would not work either.

      Hope it is number two and not number one because based on hype and hope he should be phenomenal.

      1. Saliba is included..
        And as the club was clever enough to register him as part of the squad last season before he went on loan.. So by end of next season hw would have stayed 3yrs at the club before 21yrs old and can count as homegrown

  2. As I just said, at least we know that r decision is made and we get on with life.
    Hopefully the endless articles will now stop and the two parties can sort out sonetg in the January window.
    Onward and upwards.

      1. Do you really believe that. He who must not be named (and I am not thinking of Voldemort) is not going away anytime soon.

        Pretty sure that Martinez is fast on his way to being the new “he who must not be named”.

        It really gets tiring – kind of like my ongoing battle against the tide or the “famous” Grampa Simpson bit titled “Old Man Yells at Cloud” 🙂

    1. So you think these Ozil articles will now stop then KEN! I’d say dream on! This site depends on them for business. Seriously! They will reduce but not stop, once he finally leaves next summer.

      1. Jon, I have no issues with this site making money by using Ozil’s name my friend, they know a good thing when they see it.

        Our club have been doing the same thing and on a massive scale, since he joined us on the 2nd September 2013 and will continue to do so until June next year.

        As a realist, I know you will see the truth in those two statements and accept them as the truthful statements they are.

    2. Sadly what’s lost in all this: it did not have to happen this way. The club is wasting 350k a week at a time where money is hard to come by. Smart managers could have avoided this situation long time ago. It reminds me of the song
      I started a joke ********** but the joke was on me.

  3. I ain’t even surprised, saw this coming weeks ago when he refused to move his áss to Al Nasr.
    At least now we get to reduce the constant why is Ozil not playing after every game. Even though I wish we don’t even get it at all.
    Oh we need creativity, why didn’t be bring Ozil on? The manager is clueless, Ozil would’ve helped us. He’s being treated like dirt. What does Ozil have to do to play? Why is not playing!!!

    Why is he not playing? Well well he’s not playing because he ain’t on the list for the Europa and EPL.
    Stomach it Jack, and move on..

    Incoming moaners about Ozil being treated very poorly and ignoring Sokratis been getting same treatment too. Incominy in 3…2….1 and start👇👇

          1. Kstix, article and time would help your suggestion my friend.
            Mark and Lenohappy have gone a little quite, so thanks for your imput.

            lcw, on this article, has said we can all watch him at another club, nothing about not watching AFC though. Good try, but shaky ground and not a positive example!!!

            I admire your use of the word “perhaps”, as it means I can’t challenge you with “factual” evidence – my respect for you grows each time we parry and, as I have said many times…one is never too old to learn something new from another – the secret is to remember one’s error and not repeat it….what say you??

            1. Good one Ken, the whole point of the suggestion was based off of Mark’s original guess using the word “Might”, and I reasoned along same lines due to Icw and Mohsan being probably the most aggressive Ozil supporters on this site. I know you have a soft spot for him too but I’ve never seen you have a go at Arteta or anyone for that matter just because you’re trying to defend Ozil. You always make your points as calm headed as possible (even though I’ve tagged some of them as conspiracy theories borne from assumptions), and is something I admire about you, Sue and Grandad. I’m a secret fan of some sort you might say as I learn a thing or two from you as well.

  4. It’s tough on both players, but hey there is a far lot worse going on for people all over the world. Ask some of the furlowed, if they could scrape by on £350k a week and only have to turn up for football training.

    Let’s see if Ozil now offers his salary up to people furlowed on 67% or worse, seeing he is pretty much being laid off on full pay

  5. Wow, it’s a big decision to leave out your highest paid player. The board are backing Arteta. Should be time now to negotiate paying Ozil’s contract off, or get him cleaning everyone’s cars.

  6. Had a look at the ESPN article and the keyword that stood out is “sources”.

    Here’s a quote from the article: “Mesut Ozil could have played his last game for Arsenal after he was left out of the club’s 25-man Premier League squad, sources have told ESPN.”

    Though I definitely won’t bet against it, would still prefer to see something that’s verified by the club or the league

    1. I still believe Ozil is the best No.10 we have in our squad. Also believe that his omission is not performance based. We can’t do much apart from expressing.

      1. Whilst sat at the Emirates back in March, watching Mesut assist for Laca, I never for one minute thought it’d be the last time he’d don the famous red and white….. ☹

  7. What a tragedy but only for this site! It will not stop the endless Ozil articles that have made this site laughed at by so many of us. But it will surely reduce the scope for writing about him and for trying to promote him into the team, as now he cannot be included, no matter who wants it.

    I never have and am mightily pleased to see MA confirmed as a fellow realist, not that I ever doubted it anyway.

    But I still offer 6/4 on as odds that another OZIL ARTICLE WILL FOLLOW WITHIN HOURS!

    1. My favourite Sokratis moment was after the NLD. Son was shaking hands….Sokratis pointed his finger at him followed by the diving hand gesture! 😂 Brilliant!!!

      1. Nah my favorite moment of his was still the NLD but this time during the game, Harry Kane jumped into the air and Sokratis jumped with him, Sokratis got the ball, and Kane landed with a thud. Sat down there like someone who just got dragged the whole town by a raging bull.
        Then Sokratis standing behind him raised his two arms to the referring out wide like he’s asking “England is this your King?” 😂😂

        1. 😂😂😂😂 What a character!! And how could we forget his facial expression?! (As there was only one hahaha!!)

      1. My favourite Sokratis memory is his gesture after committing a foul
        🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️…… What me????

  8. Ozil will go on a free. Could be with the Spurs or Everton, both with managers who can talk back to the owners. Both will make the Champions League.

    That is why Arsenal will not pay Ozil to lead, and will keep him in the club.

    Our fans are of course part of the problem. If Ozil were English they home base would be really upset that he was left out of the club.

    1. Bwahahaha. And so the meltdowns begin from his disciples.
      Nothing more difficult than accepting the truth.

      1. What a crass reply Goonster.
        Words you use such as “disciples” and” fanboys” show such immaturity and disdain for others and I doubt you have thought any further than your nose, regarding the outcome for the remainder of the season as far as the club is concerned.

        In case you haven’t realized, the club will still have to pay him whatever his contract says and he will do what he said he would always do – stay with the club “THROUGH TO THE LAST DAY” of his contract in June 2021.

        I’m puzzled that you see this as a positive outcome, as the “truth” is that Mikel Arteta has decided that he doesn’t see Mesut Ozil in his future plans, that’s his decision and we should all back him 100% and I certainly do, but I also look at what this decision has done.

        The club have decided he cannot play in two competitions, so no one can accuse or argue that Ozil is happy just to sit back and take the money can they? The club has, to all intents and purposes, given him a “get out of jail free” card…if he ever wanted one in the first place of course.

        You are not thinking about the club in any way whatsoever, as, until June, they have to pay the man what he is owed and there isn’t a thing they can do about it, as MO will make sure this happens and he is mentally strong enough to see it through, as he has already proved.
        If you think playing him in the U21’s or whatever, will make him break, think again. If that was the case, the club would have tried that, so I presume his contract will cover that kind of issue and will collect his wages each week/month until June 2021 without fail.

        This is a DISASTROUS outcome for the club financially and kronkie should have negotiated a deal and got him out of the club, if that’s what MA wanted, this saga would have been done and dusted and we all could move on.
        Ozil isn’t going anywhere, unless HE wants to now, he holds all the cards and you think it’s a good outcome???

        Talk about putting player before the club, Goonster, you take the biscuit my friend, you really do!!!
        Try thinking about the consequences a little more and stop your nonsense about fanboys and disciples, it really is quite pathetic.

        1. My goodness. @Ken. What a melt you are when it comes to your favourite player ozil. You are too emotionally involved in ozil and it makes me a bit worried.
          The guy does not even know you exist but you turned yourself into the Ozil police.

          1. Yet again, such a childish response, it really is laughable.
            It seems that you are incapable of grasping any other point of view to discuss.
            Perhaps you have a problem with the facts when they are presented to you, I really don’t know.
            Still, come next June, when the club have shelled out a further £9,000,000 on a player who they decided to keep on but not enter for two competitions, the enormity of it all might just sink in…. but I somehow doubt it.
            Just keep going with the insane rants, as each one makes no difference to the outcome and they give some light, if tedious, relief to the real issues at the club.

    1. Why should Arsenal pay him leave? That’s will be taking a complete p!ss by ozil. No one had put a gun to his head and forced him to stay at a club that is tired of his poor performances and poor attitude.

      I am okay with Arsenal freezing him out instead of just paying him off. Paying him off in one batch is what Ozil wanted and the running off.

      The guy has one of the most stinking attitudes I have ever seen in any player at Arsenal.

      Just glad Arteta did not buy into the Ozil’s typical victimhood card and social media propaganda. Kept calling him on his bluffs.

      1. Then we can keep talking about Ozil as he is still on the payroll and not being played.


        You are deeply mired in the owners propaganda, and not trying to make the Champions League. Without Ozil we will not make top four.

  9. Finally! I hope this puts an end to these endless, tiring and nonsensical Ozil articles. Death to JustOzil!

  10. Emery also dropped him and also not performance based?

    There was no Ulghur, wages cut issues yet Emery dropped him

    Ozil has forgotten how to play football
    He’s not bigger than Arsenal the club, Ozil fans can leave the club and follow him.

    1. Havyn what a ridiculous last comment!
      I feel embarrassed for you. I’m not an Ozil lover but to suggest anyone who thinks or expresses that Ozil is a decent player should leave the club too 🤦‍♂️. There are people ( me included ) on this site who have supported the club for 40/50 years……. I haven’t seen anyone who has suggested Ozil is bigger than the club????

      1. Tony, just like the claim by Loose Cannon, that fans were comparing Ozil to Bergkamp, it’s all just pointless drivel and Trump-like lies designed to inflame the situation.
        Like you, I am a long term supporter, but we has a different opinion about Ozil, so what?
        We support the club and I can only imagine this guy thinks that, by making such statements, his street credibility goes up – when in fact, it makes him look like a total twat!!!

  11. I feel a genuine sadness that his career at Arsenal is ending this way. For all concerned whatever your viewpoint

  12. Ozil is needed at arsenal. It was proven again against man city. We have no clue what we doing. Ceballos cannit make play only past left and right. Auba does not receive ball but after the game everyone ask why did he not have a shot on target. All the arteta lovers that is agreeing with him now will be the same ones complaining and wanting him fired after January when we 10th or lower again.and I’m sure arteta did not make the decision it was higher than him cause this has nothing to do with soccer but he does not have the balls to fight for what is right he is just a yes sir type of guy with no backbone

  13. This is sad. With the lack of creativity in midfield and the inability of our strikers to create chances its going to be boring bus parking for the future 🙁

    1. There is always Youtube. You can watch hours and hours of Ozil’s craft while he turns football into an art. One day he will be playing somewhere and we will have the privilege to enjoy watch him again.

  14. I wonder .. does Ozil dont deserve any respect at he a complete shit for Arsenal?

    He just want to stay loyal to his contract so be it…

    Kroenke is HAPPY .. to pay him 350K a week without playing him at all…

    So be it …

    To me .. i respect MA decision not to play him and i appreciate what MO has done for Arsenal … kudos to both.

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