As fans return is delayed again here is how much Arsenal is losing

Boris Johnson has just announced yet another delay to the return of fans to the Stadiums, and it will prove costly to Premier League clubs.

The Premier League was hoping that the fans would return to the stands from the 1st of October.

But the UK is presently experiencing a second wave of the coronavirus infection and it has forced the government to take extraordinary measures once again.

Football has been played without the fans since March when the leagues were suspended temporarily.

Fans are yet to return despite the competitions returning and the 2019/20 season being completed.

After fixing October as the return date, it has been shifted again and Talksport has revealed the amount of money that Premier League teams are losing by not having fans in their stadiums for games.

Arsenal is one of the Premier League teams that earn a lot of money from their fans watching them play.

Their finances have been hit hard and every day that they have played a home game without the fans, they have lost a lot of money.

Talksport claims that Arsenal makes £96.2milion per season from matchday revenue, but as the fans have been absent, they have been losing £3.2 million per home game so far.

That cannot be sustainable long term.

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  1. The tiny bit of me that has any business sense tells me that it would make sense for Arsenal to forget about Aouar and Partey, run with Guendouzi, Elneny (and even Ozil if he’s not going to leave), sell or loan whoever isn’t going to get game time and keep their powder dry for next year when everyone else is desperate for funds.

    The fan in me though is screaming Auoar and Partey. Get er done Edu!

    1. Loved what you wrote
      I don’t know how much money comes to the club in tv revenue though and so far it seems to me that transfer activity is quiet without stellar amounts of money changing hands

  2. A drop in the ocean for our owner, who is making more money during the corona virus than most billionaires it seems.
    Let him start putting in the money to protect his investment (our club) or put it up for sale!!!

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