As if Arsenal would give Tottenham £100m for ANYONE!

In what is sure to be one of the biggest jokes of the summer transfer window, according to Gazetta dello Sport journalist Emanuele Giulianelli, Arsenal have enquired about the Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli!

The rumour comes from completely out of the blue and must surely not have any substantial reasons behind it, however according to the report, Spurs would only sell the midfielder in the excess of £100 million, which in itself is almost as big a joke as Arsenal being linked in the first place.

Alli did have a fantastic first season with Spurs in all honesty and he looks like he is going to be a very good attacking midfielder for years to come, despite having a poor European Championships with England. Alli made 46 appearances across all competitions last season for Spurs, scoring 10 goals and getting 11 assists. His rise to fame from MK Dons to an England regular in the space of a year shows what a player he’s going to be, and it pains to see Spurs having such a player.

However this rumour will surely be going down with the likes of being linked with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of likelihood of happening. Of all the rumours that could be created, you’d think that it would be one that could have a little credibility and likelihood, however I suppose even if Wenger truly did enquire, then Spurs’ £100 million valuation will have put the Boss off anyway.



  1. let’s take one minute and LOL. Next article please.

    F*** spurs every second of each day!!!

  2. How did Spurs get Ali
    so easily for 7 mill in
    Jan 2015? Why did
    Arsenal not snap him up
    especially when Spurs were not in the ECL?
    Arsenal bought Wellbeck instead for 16 mill.
    Ali is better than all the Arsenal English players.
    Wenger has always maintained that
    English players are clueless clumsy klutzes.
    After the loss to Iceland who would argue.
    His Arsenal starting X1 reads
    Cech Bellerin Mertz Koz Monreal
    Xhaka Cazorla Ozil Sanchez Ramsey Giroud.
    Exactly zero English players.
    Most English players are in the squad only to
    comply with the Quota requirements.
    Is it fair to say Arsenal is a non English club?
    Of the 393 English players to come through
    the Arsenal academy under Wenger 97% failed to become top class.
    The only way Wenger would become England manager is if he could play
    4 French 3 Spaniards 2 Germans 1 Czech and 1 South American 🙂

    1. It’s easy to say that now isn’t it??
      But when he was unproven other than the lower league as opposed to an English international it’s a bit of a different story wouldn’t you say?

  3. This Emanuele Giuilanelli is a joke of a journalist the stuff he comes up with is so hilarious to say the least

  4. I don’t see what all the fuss is about Dele Alli. I’m not a fan of his type. I believe if he didn’t have Dembele and Dier behind him and Kane in front of him he wouldn’t have such great stats.

  5. Emanuele Giuilanelli has also said that arsenal have agreed personal terms with Lukaku.

    I suppose if Wenger did inquire about Dele Alli then the response would be £100m.

    As a general comment I think that about 95% of rumours are made up but fitted around someting factual or feeding off fans concerns. For example, many arsenal fans are concerned about arsenals lack of ambition so are concerned that the players feel the same, RVP left for this reason. Hence we get reports of our top players wanting to leave, Alexis fits well in to this category but also Ozil and Bellerin. We never get rumours about clubs being after Giroud, but there must be way more clubs who realistically could sign Giroud and would wish to, than clubs able to attract and pay for sanchez. But as we are not worried about Giroud being poached there are no rumours. We are concerned about sanchez, ozil and bellerin so hence lots of rumours.

    Of the remaining 5% there is an element of truth in the rumour but only a small proportion actually happen

  6. Sharap spurs! £100m for a one season wonder Alli? A joke indeed! Arsenal got a better player than Alli and his name is CARZOLA……….

    1. C-A-Z-O-R-L-A mate !!! his name is so nice to pronounce so please spell it right TWINNY. I hope you know what I mean?!!

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