As Mesut Ozil has stayed, perhaps he is still in Arteta’s plans

Guendouzi out, yet Ozil stays!

With Matteo Guendouzi finally leaving Arsenal, albeit on loan, after months of speculation, it can be said that it is the best thing for both parties. It takes him off the wage bill and takes away the questions of, will he ever get a chance under Arteta again.

Maybe not, given that he has left, and I must admit this will now be one less -and very welcomed- distraction!

The other player that many fans seem to talk about constantly though is Mesut Ozil. So, we know how hard Arsenal pushed to get Guendouzi out the door, and really if they don’t want a player they will push for that player to go BUT as Ozil is still an Arsenal player the day after deadline day, does that now give him, and the many fans THAT SUPPORT him, some sense of hope that he may just make it into Arteta’s plans for this season?

I am sure that there were many suitors for Ozil, given that talk was rife that he was wanted in Turkey and even America.. And a day after transfer deadline day, guess what, he is still an Arsenal player and still on our wage bill. Much to the dismay of some Arsenal fans I’m sure.

If Arsenal were struggling that much financially and disliked Ozil that much then surely they would have done their utmost to ensure he left the club before deadline day as they did with Guendouzi, who seemed nothing but a distraction after his outburst back in Brighton many months ago.

The fact that we can’t get rid of Ozil, and given that our club is in financial trouble, this will be a huge dent in their pockets, but we know no player is bigger than a club and if Arsenal really would have wanted to rid the club of Ozil then they would have found a way even if it was on loan!

But to the disappointment of SOME Arsenal fans, NOT ALL, Mesut Ozil is still at the club and still very much an Arsenal player, which makes me think he may just have the slightest of chances to turn things around with the talent and creative eye he has. Here’s hoping from me anyhow! Gooners ?

Shenel Osman


    1. Lol. Comment bait.

      Someone should come up with an article on “As Sokratis has stayed, perhaps he is still in Arteta’s plans”

    2. Goalkeepers: Bernd Leno, Runar Runarsson, Matt Macey, James Hillson, Dejan Iliev

      Defenders: Hector Bellerin, Gabriel, Rob Holding, Cedric Soares, Shkodran Mustafi, Calum Chambers, Pablo Mari, David Luiz, Sead Kolasinac, Kieran Tierney

      Midfielders: Dani Ceballos, Willian, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Thomas Partey, Mohamed Elneny, Granit Xhaka

      Forwards: Alexandre Lacazette, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Nicolas Pepe

  1. Lol…
    Almost as if you are oblivious to things that happen in football..
    You can’t force a player on exorbitant wages on clubs that aren’t interested.
    And seeing that Ozil was left out of the Europa league squad, i doubt he will be included when it comes to registering for the epl as the current squad needs two players out.
    So there you have it Shenel…

    1. Lol. What a fool. I have never seen a lazy bastard with thick skin as Ozil. Taking 350k a week without playing and now wants to pay our Gunnersaurus monthly salary which is penny for him. Only fools will fall for his trick. People r easy to be con by this kind of so call good gesture. This is PR game. He cost AFC 350k a week, n pretend helping which is not even 0.1% of his monthly salary. 350k x 4 weeks = 1.4 Million a month salary. When I say 0.1%, I mean 7K. Do u think Gunnersaurus salary is 7k a month? All Ozil have to do is, just spend penny from his salary n d World goes for him. Behind, he is earning millions n killing Arsenal from progress financially n football.

  2. Latest inside info from Afc is Arteta has given Ozil the Dinosaurus job for the rest of the season.

    1. That is a win-win situation, since he would then have offered to pay his own salery. I expect a more creative Dinosaurus on game days, but maybe not so much ground work in between.

  3. This might work:
    Obviously Arteta went said something out of the ordinary to the board to convince them to spend a 50m fee plus around 50m in pay for Partey. Was the argument: Give me Partey, this will give us such dominance in midfield that the team can carry Özil? We will learn soon enough, if Özil start appearing in the team.

  4. Don’t know how true this is but I heard Arsenal are about to terminate his contract and pay the rest of his wages as a lump sum. If that happens it would be a good one as I don’t think he’ll ever feature for the club again especially after the gunnersaurus debacle.

    1. He’s been axed from the Europa league already. We all know Arsenal needs to axe 2 more players to make up a balanced Premier league players quota, I think his name will be the first on that list. And it would be wise for both parties to part ways ASAP if they have no further use for him. They’re still going to pay the wages anyway so why not pay it upfront and be done with all these drama so the fans can stay focused and committed to Arteta.

    2. Yes that will be the best outcome for both providing their accounting practices allows it.
      Also if the termination agreement does not restrict MO on where to sign or what do do the rest of the season.

  5. With the arrival of Partey, I think it could pave the way for Ozil. Ozil didn’t have a place in the team before Partey as none of our midfielders were particularly good at defending, leaving no room for any less defensively-minded midfield option like Ozil in the squad. But with Partey, who will probably start every match in PL soon, might allow Arteta to go for Ozil in deadlock situations without sacrificing on the defensive side of the game. Just a thought. Maybe.

    But I think Ozil will be useless unless played alongside Saka and Pepe or Laca. Auba, Willock, Nketiah, Nelson don’t seem to have that necessary attributes to work together with Ozil.

    1. Please stop making excuses for Ozil. We gave him Auba, Pepe, and Laca to work with, and he only got worse! How is it always the blame of our managers, and players, as to why Ozil cannot perform?

      Saka has been massively creative working with the same players, and he’s just a kid! So there’s the excuse debunked!

      1. Thank you. Ozil doesn’t have a striker to work with. Auba and laca came in. No winger, Pepe came in. Now it’s the midfield? They should just accept that ozil now is very out of form & he is just living on past glory.

      2. @ThirdManJW You didn’t read my post properly did you? Btw, tell me the last time Pepe and Ozil played together for a considerable period of time, say a month. Also, I said, Saka and Laca can work with Ozil. I’m not shunning every one to make Ozil look good. Auba doesn’t work that well, as he doesn’t press as tenaciously as Laca, which is an attribute one requires if Ozil is to play. Also, Wilson and Nelson aren’t quite sure-footed to form a partnership with Ozil.

      3. If he really got worse, why did Arteta play him in EVERY league game before the pay cut issue?

        Come on, you can do better than that. It’s called logic.

  6. “if Arsenal really would have wanted to rid the club of Ozil then they would have found a way even if it was on loan!” This is incorrect. The club can do/say whatever they want, but the final decision will always be that of the player. The ONLY thing Arsenal could do is buy out his contract. Clearly they want rid of him, but buying out his contract, makes life so much easier for Ozil. The club would rather see him rot in the reserves for a year, and rightly so.

    Ozil is definitely NOT in Arteta’s plans either because he hasn’t even made the Europa League squad, but most importantly, we look so much better without him. Players like Saka provide way more creativity anyway, and score as well!

    It seems from the outside, that Guendouzi could easily destabilize the dressing room, so that made sense for him to leave on loan, and unlike Ozil, he actually wants to play football!

    1. Who did your words help? Someone is collecting £350,000 and not been Used… Who should be happy ozil or the club?

    2. Maybe not, but if so why did we not lend him out to someone for something, getting a few million back – would have been easier than scratching where the sun don’t shine – so clearly someone decided that not an option.

      1. Oh they tired. He wont leave. He doesn’t want any deal that will make him to take a paycut. & Ozil can’t command a salary of 350k from any club anymore.

        1. “He doesn’t want any deal that will make him to take a paycut”.

          Arsenal could pay let’s say 250k of his salary and the other team 100k. That’s a good outcome for everybody. Keeping him the rest of the season and not playing him is simply stupid business decision.

          1. Ozil was linked with a few clubs abroad. He doesnt want to move. You cannot force someone to move if they dont want to. The club is not blocking him from going anywhere. In fact, they WANT him to play somewhere else. I’m sure Arsnal would jump for joy and glady pay only part of his wages. But Ozil and his agent over and over have said Ozil is staying in London and at Arsenal, which is within their rights. Also, dont see how not playing him is a bad business decision. His value as a player is irrelevant now and inevitably he will leave on a free.

            1. How is his value as a player irrelevant when Arteta played him in EVERY single league game before the wage cut issue?

              Is Arteta such a clueless manager? Or masochistic?

          2. lcw, no one came in from all reports wanting to do such a deal. No one came in even offering £50k per week wages, with Arsenal paying the remaining £300k per week.
            Arsenal would have probably ripped their arm off to take up the offer.

            1. And of course you can prove that right?
              Here is what I remember reading (from all the reports). Arsenal never put Ozil on the trade, swap or loan block. I also read (from all the reports) that some wealthy owners in the mid east offered him more money than he is making currently.

  7. He hasn’t been named in the Europa League group stage squad according to the news going around. If that’s true then it is reasonable to assume he won’t play for Arsenal again.

  8. well my dear arsenal fans and supporters please be happy and remained happy that even though mesut ozil did not disturb any of us and no one of us course any problems in respect of him rather to ask our manager the coach Mikel Arteta what really happened he dropped above mentioned person from he’s squad and if he cannot said anything or mention anything or problems or he in particularly is not interested to play him and if i not forgotten Mikel Arteta and mesut ozil play together under former coach Arsene Wenger they stayed in the camp and campaign together, isn’t now he considered him not a player, did he ever do something wrong and even though he did something wrong did he ever call him for the mistake, maybe there is something fishing there. Therefore, either he should come out opening to address let everybody know the really matter concerning ozil and this is someone who i respectful in arsenal either he play or not he still have that from me. May God continue guide and protect you for the wonderful job you are doing at moment.

    1. The coach gave reasons why ozil is not playing.
      Other players perform better in training.
      Other players fit the formation more etc.
      And all reasons are justified.
      AM job is appraised based on result. & the team show more result without Ozil.

        1. Arteta gave an interesting interview where he pretty much said
          He tries to pick the best players for each game
          And was picking the players in the best condition I read it on my Sky sports app.

          Also Ozil is entitled under the terms of his contract to stay and be paid. He doesn’t have to go anywhere other than turn up for training and hope that he is fulfilling at least one of Arteta’s requirements mentioned above in order to play. Neither he or the club are doing anything wrong

          1. Yes Artera made that statement but he never mentioned Ozil by name. He could have put that question to rest by naming him personally. On the other hand Artera said that he was very pleased with all the boys in😊 training. We tend to read what we like to read

  9. Whatever happens from now till next year, ozil still collects his pay check. The best thing for the club is to buy up his contract. He plays or does not play, he gets paid! I will be more than happy to get £300k weekly soing nothing!

  10. Shenel,despite pressure from the Arsenal heirarchy to force him out,Ozil will see out his contract until it expires.To compare the respective situations of Guendouzi and Ozil is not relevant as they are poles apart in terms of where they are in their careers , and of course there is a huge disparity in their renumeration.

  11. I am pretty neutral towards Ozil. I find the ‘lovers’ and ‘haters, of Ozil spending too much time arguing and getting wound up. It’s OK but not very useful. By signing Partey and probably playing 4-3-3, there may be a few home games in which Ozil can unpick a defence. He could easily be the reason we beat teams like Brighton and Burnley at home. We need pragmatism around Ozil. Attatchment and hatred are poisonous and cause way too many problems in the world. Next season Ozil will be gone. Can he help us to the Champions league places rather than Europa league places this season? Yes. In some games Partey, Ceballos, Ozil may be better line up than having Xhaka playing. I remember it was Xhaka who cost us a Champions League place by giving away that stupid penalty against Brighton. Ozil could cause us to get the few extra points, that could help us win, against some teams, who will shut up shop at the Emirates. He could easily be the difference between Champions League and Europa League. Probably he could help in 10 home games that we usually struggle in. We need pragmatism and not disturbing emotions.

    1. That’s what I had said on here yesterday for Ozil to maybe pick apart defences from the bench when needed, maybe about 10 appearances altogether plus EL games I had thought. Obviously I was wrong hes not even in the EL squad which I’m baffled about unless we are goin to terminate his contract or agree with him a deal to leave.

      Due to injuries, ours is usually big come xmas, we will need all these players like Ozil & Elneny. We have enough CBs so I domt see why we didnt let papa go to PSG and cut our losses. We did it with Miki. Realise our mistakes we made as a club through our previous director (Ivan), learn from them and move on whatever the cost & start again.

      Next summer Mustafi, Papa & Ozil are all leaving for free, Laca will be going into his final year so he will need a new deal or replaced/sold! Torreira will also be back next summer and probably sold so thatll bring some money in then also.

      1. Sir, when he played last season, how many defense did he *unpick* and the season before that how many?
        3 managers came in. & you didn’t feature under the 3. Which bags the question.
        Did the 3 managers see something we don’t know about or the both formed a conspiracy just to victimized Ozil?
        I think the former is more probable

        1. You are not an Arsenal fan.
          If you followed Arsenal, you would know that Arteta played him in every single league game before the wage cut issue. Every single one of them. And we did okay in those games, and he was also okay – def. not the worst man on the pitch…

      2. Hi Sean
        My worry is the management are ‘biting their noses to spite their faces’. Ozil is 31 and in a place he can effect matches…….that’s a fact. I have no great feeling for him, but if the team is tuned into him he will bring better results, in our new 4-3-3 formation, than Xhaka. Empiricism and pragmatism are more useful than negative emotions, especially if we want to get back into the champions league. Anything led by emotions tends not to see clearly.

      3. Sean
        I support Arteta fully, but life is not black and white. I’m sure Arteta has disturbing emotions like everybody. He is not a saint and seems to cut anything he doesn’t like out like a surgeon. That can work out but at some times not work at all. We will see.

        1. Sean, regardless of what any of us think about the situation with Mezut Ozil, Mikel Arteta’s career success is dependent upon the decisions he makes regarding selections, formations and tactics. That’s how it should be; Arteta will be judged on results and the EPL Table doesn’t lie at the end of the season.

        2. Sean I rreally think there is far more deep thinking behind MA ‘s ostracisingof OZIL. MA is ,IMO, intent on setting standards of all for the team and all working flat out together. The players enmasse have willingly bought into this , all EXCEPT Ozil. To my mind that is obvious.

          I doubt that MA even considers OZIL capable of working flat out now. There is no evidence over a number of years to back up him being able OR WILLING to do so. In my view, which I think is shared by most, though not all, on here this teamwork ethic -that has worked so well at City and Liverpool – is now a general requirement across top level football. The old days of carrying talented but lazy passengers are in the past, not just at our club.

          In essence, MA is a modern coach and manager and will never tolerate ANYONE, no matter who, being above the team. That explains Guendouzis punishment too and of course Ozils.

          To my thinking and considered brain , it really IS as simple as that. And it must be correct. I have always condemned lazy players going right back to George Graham, as a player, as poison in a team sport.
          Your “surgeon” comment is in my view borne entirely our of MA puuting the team before ANYTHING else, and NOT for “disturbing emotions” which IMO is well wide of the mark and actually rather rinsulting to a mature and dynamic man in MA.

  12. Good riddance. He was not creating any goal anyway and his lack of commitment will infect the other players. He will disrupt the dressing room with ‘me, me, me’ attitude.

    They shouldn’t pay him off. Drip, drip they should let him sit at home and collect his wages rather than paying him off.

    1. Agreed Howard. I think the club have treated him unfairly but it takes two and his steadfast refusal to be a team player or to leave somewhere he is no longer wanted or required is staggering. Is he 31 or 11?

      Mesut is all about Mesut and he and his team spend far too much time concentrating on his image and making him look good rather than doing what he is paid to do- play as well as he can for Arsenal FC- and his cynical offer for Jerry Quy is just disrespecting his employer again and looks to be the final straw – what a waste of a precocious talent.

  13. Let us all thank God we still have Ozil! Otherwise this site would have aalmost nothing to discuss at all. Please can we now change from JA to JM, as you know how much I like truth in words!
    Everything that can ever have been thought, written, discussed, argued, dismissed as nonsense, agreed with, and bored us all silly has already been regurgitated a thousand (at least!) times.
    So when will this site come clean and tell us all how much they rely on Ozil being here? I pity this sites finances once he is gone, though I also know that won’t stop the almost hourly articles. HE DOESN’T JUST SELL SHIRTS, HE KEEPS THIS SITE GOING!

    NOW DELETE THIS TRUTH ADMIN PAT, as I expect and so prove me right! After all I am only saying what countless Gooners have said before and are fed up to the back teeth with!

    1. Jon, if truth were told, we are all sick and tired of the way this topic has split the fanbase apart, but I believe JA are no different from any other site to be honest.

      I read the news last night about MO and Soks being dropped from the Europa squad and for me personally, that is the point that decides my future take on the subject.

      It couldn’t be any clearer with this decision, that Mikel Arteta has declared that Mesut Ozil is no longer in his plans…. so for me, any further discussions / arguments / claims are irrelevant.

      The boss has made his decision quite clear and I support him 100%.

      How the club handle it now, is of no concern to me and I will not be commenting on any direct Ozil article in the future… perhaps that could be one way we get over the tirade of articles and abuse?

      When are you going to produce your 2nd and 3rd articles?

      1. Hi Ken, and good to hear from you. It is about time we had one of our phone chaps, so If you allow, I will phone you over the weekend?

        Your post is probably the single most sensible of all the many thousands on MO. I will try to follow suit but am more tempted to answer CERTAIN posts then perhaps you are. Or to put it another way, you have more self discipline in this matter!

        I am keen to know how upbeat you are about the ins and outs during the window. I am, on balance, quite(ish) happy but the ongoing Kroenke handicap still remains.
        I just cannot agree with the few but noticeable number of Gooner posts who seem to absolve him of blame.

        I am sending part two of my trilogy in today. I have had a family problem to sort out and also wanted to wait until the window and its immediate aftermath was gone so that I could hope to reach more readers.

        The plethora of almost hourly articles, esp recently, takes away Gooner attention from more profound articles, ie not strictly team matters articles.
        But when we speak I am happy to discuss in greater detail my thoughts on virtually all non specific team matters(AND team matters too). And to hear yours too my friend!

        Hope you are well and keeing at least as sane as ANY football addict can ever hope to be!

        1. Jon, would be good to catch up – what about Sunday around 4.00?
          If that’s OK with you, I’ll hear from you then.

    2. I don’t think they depend on Ozil it’s just that Mesut is the most viewed and commented subject currently. And most Mesut articles I see come from opinion writers not admins. Didn’t this site exist before Mesut?

      When Mesut leaves Arsenal be it tomorrow or next year there will be a lot of different topics to engage readers. And let’s hope the fans don’t provide another source of inspiration as it has become the norm. IMO Pepe should watch out.

      1. Pepe actually likes playing football. He wouldn’t sit on his contract if he was told he wasnt needed anymore.

  14. And how do we explain that he’s not in the Europa 25 man squad… Is he still in Arteta’s plan?

  15. We feel bad when Persie ,Sanchez left us…we call them mercenaries, we talk about loyalty.

    But loyalty is a two way street, the club too needs to show loyalty to players.

    Now I’ve been critical of ozil for being a passenger in big games but Ozil not even making squad in Europa or cup games is completely beyond my rational understanding.

    I guess since we support this kind of humiliating axing of players then we shouldn’t cry when a player leaves at his peak in search of more salary or trophies or more game time.

    1. Loyalty?
      Arsenal showed loyalty to Ozil like they have nevee dome before. He became our first ever big money signing (£42 million).
      He became our first ever £150,000 a week player in history.

      The club showed him loyalty he did not even deserve in the first place by offering him the ridiculous £350,000 a week contract.
      Is there any Arsenal player in history that has been looked after financially like Ozil has at Arsenal.

      But what did all that loyalty to Ozil get our club? Just poor attitude. Nonexistent performances. Undermining nearly everything about our club. Undermining manager after manager.

      Showing us this “I don’t give a fck” attitude. Social media propaganda instead of working hard and doing what he is paid for.

      Spare us the typical Ozil VICTIMHOOD. Had enough of that.

  16. Y’all are still behind the times on here I see. Our team is being picked all the way from Beijing. He complained about the treatment of some Muslims in China and the Chinese government went on the offensive, games that involve Mesut Ozil are not to be shown in China, they went as far as demanding that he be edited out of all EA games to be sold in China, the Chinese market is massive and since he has become a political liability that side, very few clubs can touch him this side without risking some sort of backlash. This has nothing to do with Arteta, in fact, both were shown fist bumping in training on a Sky Sports video clip just this past week. About the paycut issue, he was within his rights to ask questions like he did but in hindsight, maybe he should have let it go seeing that the club were already risking a backlash by playing him.

    1. Finally, someone actually talked sense. Ozil’s abrupt emission from Arteta’s squad coincides with his fallout with China. Otherwise, he would have regularly played this season under Arteta. No other reasoning makes sense. Ozil was doing great under Arteta, his work rate was improving. And now that we have players like Partey in the midfield, I can bet Arteta would have loved to field Ozil in front.

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