As Mustafi plot thickens, Barcelona star linked with Arsenal

Just when it seemed that the seemingly endless wait for Arsenal to sign a defender was finally coming to an end, the saga of the Valencia and Germany star Shkodran Mustafi and his possible move to north London took another twist and if true it could mean that Arsenal will not be signing him after all.

Earlier we heard that Mustafi’s agent had revealed that the only hold up to the deal was the two clubs agreeing a price, as personal terms had apparently been settled. Now reports from Spain are suggesting that this agent Ali Bulut is not actually the man in charge of the defender’s affairs.

A report in The Sun claims that Mustafi’s own father has revealed this information along with the fact that no deal is in place with Arsenal. The report also suggests that another La Liga star, Barcelona’s Jeremy Mathieu, could be the man Arsene Wenger turns to to fix the defensive crisis.

The 32-year old certainly has plenty of experience and can play at centre back or left back and as he is not a first choice at Barca could be available and fairly cheap. However, with Mertesacker and Gabriel out for long spells it seems to me that it is a right sided defender we really need.

What do you make of all this Gooners?


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  1. If Wenger doesnt do much in the next few weeks, he will be booed much more this season then last and deservedly so

    1. I wonder why up to now, Arsene Wenger fails to understand that he has made Arsenal fans the most miserable in the EPL. He has no respect for the club fans. This sport is first and foremost all about excitement. That is what earns the clubs their income. Why must Arsene Wenger and the Board continually deny us of the excitement we deserve as fans? This is most unfair!


      1. Why can’t we have more sensible fans like budd the_analyzer Jonestown etc who used logic and rationality to put across their point without fear of being thumbed down or ridicule..
        Why some us keep on allowing the media to exploit and play on our emotions, then take it out on the manager when the desired expectations are not met.
        Every transfer window the media play the same game with us,and like the fool some of are, we keep falling for it then blame wenger because it’s the most convenient thing to do.

        1. Actually this has nothing to do with the media playing on our emotions, but has everything to do with the fact that an overwhelming number of fans, and critics have recognised that Arsenal are in need of a world class striker and defender (attacking right-wing midfielder not as much). But Mr Wenger who is an highly influential figure at Arsenal as well as the current manager of the first team year in, year out fails to feel the void(s) in the squad. In my opinion the buck stops at Mr Wenger’s feet unless he comes out and tells us (Arsenal fans) that he is being prevented from purchasing the much needed players by the board or any other acceptable excuse… Until this happens I will continue to hold Wenger accountable for the failures as much as I would applaud him for his victories.

            1. For the moaning to stop Wenger needs to give us fans more, or change the topic of discussion completely. Any discussion around Arsenal transfers and title hopes especially at this point of the year will give rise to genuine complaints if the club are seen to be stagnate. Many of us fans have been very patient and our moaning is a consequence of lack of movement in the transfer market followed by weak excuses for not doing what everyone needs to be done to help make Arsenal real contenders for silverware. Yes, you are right to some degree that moaning everyday is not the solution, but this constant moaning is well deserved and may just get someone at Arsenal to make the necessary changes to improve our chances of winning things on all fronts…

          1. Well said, i’ve long been a wenger fan and feel he has done a fantastic job through the years, his downfall started when the new ground had to be built which restricted finances for top quality players but since those restrictions were lifted only two top quality players have arrived, Ozil and Sanchez and now possibly Xhaka while the club have the finances for more but wenger either refuses to spend the required sums or the board won’t sanction the buys. Either way the club are guilty of mugging the fans of their cash, and the only way to end this embarassment is to stop funding the club through season tickets and merchandise, a total boycott is required to force the board into action or Kroenke to sell.

    2. I wonder if Wenger’s getting the stay cause of his name – Arsene. No to le but he’s still around for so long? At other clubs he would have been sacked long ago! No ambitions!

  2. Can someone explain to me how other teams does their transfer dealing. They are linked to a player and then sign the player asap. Arsenal drag things…..maybe the media make it seems like we are linked to a player when we are not even likes at all.

    Having said that, I hope we sign Mustafi before another team takes him..

    1. I think that arsenal are very secretive about what they are actually doing and only announce a deal when it is complete. So most of what we hear is made up rubbish. Perhaps with other clubs they unofficially brief the media so there are some genuine reports.

      Hence the feeling that other clubs are linked to a player then it happens because the initial report is genuine. With arsenal the initial report is hardly ever genuine so of course it does not happen.

      Arsenal and transfer season is a nightmare but Wenger has told us where we stand, he is actively looking for a DM. With regard to other positions he will only buy if someone becomes available who can improve the squad . So he is not looking to increase squad depth. He is also not looking to actively prise someone away from their club by offering over the odds. So we can forget any ideas of “throwing money on the table” and “test their resolve” with regard to a top striker. I just hope that wenger is actually looking to at least increase squad depth for the striker roll. After giroud we have injury prone walcott and, akpom who only scored 3 goals in 1800 minutes in the championship last season.

      1. Well that is part of the problem right there. Wenger’s unwillingness to pries a player from their current team. The only players that are truly available are those who have been released by their clubs or who have run-down their contract… Everyone knows that we are in need of a world class striker and defender… No other club owner/manager are so secretive and distant from their supporting fans than Wenger and Co.

  3. Wenger has signed a WC winger, midfielder and keeper in the last 3 years. I say let him go ahead and sign a WC striker to finish the job.


    Is this too much to ask???

  4. lets compare arsenal to our rivals

    Arsenal v manure
    bellerin kos smalling shaw
    coquelin pogba
    sanchez ozil mikki

    arsenal v mancity
    bellerin kompany kos monreal
    fernandinho cazorla
    de bruyne ozil sanchez

    Arsenal v chelsea
    bellerin terry kos monreal
    kante cazorla
    sanchez ozil hazard

    Arsenal v liverpool
    bellerin kos mertz monreal
    coquelin cazorla
    sanchez ozil wijnaldum

    Good squad but the cash must be splashed.

  5. All this anger for one man….so much! And the man himself is oblivious to all this, thinking that he is loved by each and every fan. Symptoms of Gaddafism, maybe?

  6. @ramterta, boy are you deluded,

    No David silva, No Cesc, Courtoius

    Coquelin over schnerdelin? Really I don’t think so deschamp didn’t either hence coq didn’t even get a sniff at getting into the squad at Euros.

    The worst one monreal over azpilucuetta lol biased has taken new heights with you….

      1. Yep Monreal is excellent
        Bellerin, Monreal and Koscielny are all excellent
        We just need another Top CB as Mert is declining

        With Cech and Coquelin/Xhaka/Eleney and a new CB we could have the best defense in the PL

  7. Well it appears Arsenal fans do not realise they have a mediocre for a coach so all he says and does should not be taken seriously. Like I keep saying and will continue saying he is senile and out of this Era rather he is in the old stone age where men wear leaves. Arsene Wenger and board of directors are so ambition less that they are dragging the name of the club to mud. It’s high time the club parts way with the mediocres @ the herm of affair cause no single individual is bigger than the entire club. We have been made a laughing stock for too long enough is enough.

  8. 32 years old! I new this was a dragged out saga, but I didn’t realise it had been 8 years, last time I looked he was 24!

    1. Ooop! Apologies, just realised you were referencing Mathieus’ age. I’ve been in the sun all afternoon and it’s obviously fried my brain a little.

  9. So the Sun says someone’s dad says something and other reports say blah blah blah.
    Who believes this rubbish?!

    1. Judging by some of the comments on this site then some fans read the headlines and believe them whilst others read the quotes and form their own opinion.

      The sad thing is that even those of us who are very sceptical still waste our time reading and commenting on this rubbish.

      1. Admin, i was describing the original article in the sun as rubbish, not the fact that you reported what they are saying.

  10. Mathieu played in the Barca drubbing at the hands of our 1st opponent – Liverpool

    And he was TERRIBLE in that game. No wonder he is linked with Arsenal.

      1. Whatever excuse you want to give him – if it makes you feel more confident, fine.

        But I saw a player you don’t want to sign.

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