As Premier League return gets closer, important Coronavirus tests will be conducted this week

The Premier League’s return is edging ever closer with Arsenal set to return to action within the next week.

The competition has been suspended for more than 70 days now, but teams have since returned to training in a bid to get the season restarted and finished successfully.

One very important part of the restart has been testing of players and staff at all the Premier League teams routinely to ensure that only those who don’t have the virus would be allowed to partake in the competition.

Players and staff have gone through various rounds of testing ahead of the return to the competition, but the match officials haven’t been tested yet.

Mail Sport claims that the referees will be tested for the first time this week as the competition’s organisers look to get everyone involved ready for the restart.

The referees and their assistants will be tested at the nearest Premier League club to them this week and if any official tests positive to the coronavirus, they would miss the restart of the season next week.

The report further claims that a positive test could also see the said official sidelined for the rest of the season.

With fears that if many officials test positive, then there might be a shortage of referees for the games, PGMOL is reportedly confident that they will have enough referees to see out the rest of the campaign.

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  1. Can i just pull admin up on one thing. You test negative for the virus at that moment in time, as soon as you have taken the test and before you even get the results, you can/could contract the virus but still have tested negative. The test only tests you at the time you take the test.

    1. True in theory but that has not happened with the positive tests that have occurred so far, either in England or around the many leagues that have got underway.

      1. No its not a theory, its a fact. I don’t really care wether it has or hasn’t happened yet, that isn’t the issue. You state that tests are taken so that only players that haven’t got the virus can play. That is not a correct statement.

        1. No, until its a fact it is only a theory. Not sure what your problem is with this Reggie, there have been tens of thousands of tests across multiple leagues, there have been a handful of positives which have not spread across the teams involved. That is a good thing Reggie and football is about to restart, not sure why you are still hung up on this mate. Let’s look forward to the football and enjoy it while it lasts.

            1. Look Reggie, anyone n the world can get a test and catch it two minutes later, yes thats a fact. But footballers are having two tests a week and 99.9% are coming up clean. That is also a fact.
              You can hardly call Martin’s assertion an “untruth”.
              But, whatever, can we leave this here now? It’s getting boring…

  2. Pat, you can leave it where you like, my point was the part of the article that was misleading at best.

    1. Sigh, no it was not but for some reason, you decide to go after one of my articles. I know why but cannot be bothered with this. But for the record, I stand by every single word of the article, it is 100% truthful and accurate. Whatever your motivation is will not persuade me otherwise because the data supports me.

      1. Admin, i dont know what you are on, its not 100% truthful, its your opinion. You stated players will be tested so that they will play virus free. Why you have to try and turn it round into something it isn’t is baffling. Your statement was wrong, my opinion is something else, which i didn’t bring into this article, you did. Facts are you are not 100% playing virus free, if you tested negative the day before. And for the record, can i just let you know, the tests are not 100% correct either. I know of 3 people who have tested negative when they had the virus. It has nothing to do with my opinion, which you dont respect, it is a fact.

        1. And by the way, i have been working at a testing center for the last 8 weeks, i have seen and learnt things that have gone on that is pretty scary and damning. Again not opinion but fact.

          1. The things you claim to be facts (statements verifiable with proven knowledge) are in actual fact opinions (a view formed on something without PROVEN knowledge). Is it proven that you work at a testing centre? Is it proven that you even came in contact with 3 people who tested negative but had the virus? Is it proven that the scary things you saw at your alleged work place even have anything to do with the article? No, we just have to take your word for it, isn’t that right. It’s all just views that seem to be fact from your viewpoint alone. And it is common knowledge that the tests aren’t 100% accurate cause no manufacturing process is perfect, but isn’t that why the players are tested multiple times? And if a player tests negative and is given the green light to play it is correct to assume they are virus free. But if they break the strict isolation rules placed upon them and contract the virus after a test is it really the FA that failed the player or the player that failed the FA and thus put his fellow players in danger?

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