As Stan Kroenke’s $5.5B Stadium opens, can Arsenal get some loose change?


Without a doubt, Stan Kroenke has built the greatest, and most expensive, stadium in the entire world. It’s the NFL’s version of the Taj Mahal.

On Sunday, September 13th, the Kroenke-owned Los Angles Rams defeated the Dallas Coweboys, 20-17, in front of 70,000 empty seats at the ultra west coast shrine to everything Hollywood!

SoFi Stadium cost $5.5-billion (USD) to build. Yes, that’s correct, “B” as in billion. The project was privately financed, and will serve as the permanent home stadium for the NFL’s LA Rams, as well as the Los Angeles Chargers.

Kroenke’s palace will also be the host venue for the 2022 NFL Super Bowl, and for the opening ceremonies of the 2028 Summer Olympics.

Apparently, this new venue is the most fan friendly stadium anywhere, and once fans can actually come to see games there, it is promoted to be a first-class experience for everyone entering the gates.

All of that is great, but let’s hope Arsenal, and Stan’s other professional sports clubs, won’t get lost in the the construction dust of SoFi Stadium.

While the Gunners remain in the transfer market looking to secure at least two more top players, a little cash from Stan might help the club’s cause.

The Gunners do not need $5.5-billion, but some of Stan’s loose change might just help. Right?

Come on Stan!

Cheers, and stay healthy and safe!


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  1. I always wonder why Kroenke bought Arsenal. He is spending billions building stadiums for his other sports club while Arsenal wobble in penury. They have to sell and loan out players, sometimes top players to stay competitive. It is a pity to say the least.

    1. It’s all about EGO, prestige and bragging rights for thesw Ultra rich.
      They just want their names to be associated with as many brands as possible so that their egos can feel massaged.
      Trying to brag to their other rich friends.

  2. I also don’t understand why Kroenke is not selling the club. Surely the club’s total worth has peaked already? And surely there are other investments making more profit than Arsenal?

    I mean we lost money every tranfer we made and gave Özil 350k for fudge all!

    1. From all accounts the value of Arsenal FC dropped £150 million in the last year, so the peak has gone, with Covid19 likely to reduce income and values further for sporting franchises.

  3. I hate Stan as much as the next guy…but he built this stadium because it was a good business decision. It was a pre-req to him getting a chance to buy the team in the second largest market in the US. He will more than recover his investment. These teams are not his toys like our Russian and Arab competitors. These are his business. It really sucks but it’s the reality of our situation.

  4. Well he’s unfortunately built/opened a new stadium at the exact wrong time, so I doubt we’ll get some loose change anytime soon.

  5. Arsenal was and is a high value asset set as security against the failure of his LA project. He cannot let Arsenal be in the red or owing money. Arsenal has great value and security, if his LA project went or goes apeshit. Kroenke is USING our Arsenal. You can argue till you are blue in the face, he will make you believe that to run Arsenal without a penny investment is the right thing to do. Sadly some of you buy that and parrot it. We are purely an insurance policy set against his LA project.

    1. Sean, you’re right; however Arsenal always operated on the self sustaining model, that’s why it was called the “Bank of England Club” (as reminded me by ken1945) and never got into the precarious financial positions of Chelsea, Leeds United and Glasgow Rangers.
      Now the KS&E owns Arsenal FC 100%, Kroenke can do what he likes within the law and FA rules.
      To change the situation someone has to come up with the £2 billion to make an offer. Should KS&E’s US investments go south, he may be open to offers. Until that situation arises serenity is required by people to accept things they cannot change.

  6. Although the project was privately financed, it would still be interesting to know the extent to which various states, local authorities and the NFL itself contributed to this project. I would suspect that government grants, tax incentives, concessions as well as others sweeteners played a big part in this project. Loose change?

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