As the man said – Arsenal MUST improve…

Well it was hardly a walkover, but as usual when we expect Arsenal to have a hard game we end up winning. Although Hull certainly gave us a run for our money, the Gods were on our side and we scraped through with a little (Ok a lot!) of luck, and we have moved up to equal second with Liverpool, who got their first win of the year against Spurs (Wasn’t that great to watch?).

But our giant keeper Petr Cech knows as well as we do, that if our season is going to stop going down the drain we have to build on today’s hard fought win and play like that every game, except even better. “We need to be consistent, that’s the first thing,” Cech said on “We have periods when we are doing really well, then we had a week when we lost both games and didn’t play well, so we need to make sure that after a performance like today we carry on and improve where we can.

“We need to make sure we are ready for every game because each game will be like a final.

“We really needed this win,” Cech added. “We fell 12 points behind and there are not many games to be played now. They have a big advantage, Chelsea, so we need to make sure we keep winning our games.”

He is right. If we have another week like last week then we can just ab

out throw in the towel, but seriously we need to improve a hell of a lot to actually challenge Chelsea. We have to win every single game from now until the end of the season, and even that might not be enough.

Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking…. but you never know!



  1. tweety says:

    we must improve? but is mr stubborn choosing the right players? i do not understand why some players are out of form and he keeps choosing them. in my opinion he is afraid to drop some names. why buying players and leave them on the bench? = gooner for ever

  2. Juhi McLovin says:

    Off topic but that Mbappe feller who were linked with and also commented by Wenger of, just scored a hat trick. Very impressive from the 18-year old.

    Anyone here think Iwobi should be dropped for Perez?

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Drop Ozil instead, I’m getting bored of that expression on his face, you know the one ?when he fluffs it up!

  3. Fatboy Gooney says:

    It was more of a relief to beat Hull today than anything else and I wouldn’t get overly excited about this result, it wasn’t exactly a moral boosting performance either which was what we really needed with Munich up next.? Anyways, I’m glad the Spuds lost, the battle for the Wenger trophy is really hotting up now ?? and let us all pray for a win double by finishing above them,hey?… What?? isn’t this what supporting Arsenal is all about? ?
    Come on Admin.. Stop deluding yourself with hopes of catching Chelsea for the title… Now put the glass down and step away from that second bottle of JD ?

  4. rd_gunner says:

    Does anyone agree that may be its time to try a few options at no 10 role?

    Yes Ozil is a level above in class than anyone we have but then we need to find an answer because it seems more likely with every performance that he is likely to leave in the summer.

    We missed a big opportunity when we did not sign Mkhtariyan. I always feel that the No 10 has to score goals and not just be a creative hub.

    I am happy with our attack and our defence. Left back may be an issue but we can buy there. What worries me is our mid-field. With Xhaka coming in at the start of the season I was pretty optimistic but like the business end of every season we now look very vulnerable. Without Santi the transition from defence to attack is not smooth and some connection is missing. Defensively Coq and Elneny should do the job. Xhaka needs time. Ramsey has disappointed and should be sold. Not sure if Wilshere has done much to inspire optimism.

    I don’t have any solution but I am sure that Ozil is not our future and we need to find a top class player who can play there.
    As a side note- I feel for Perez I really don’t understand what he needs to do start in front of Walcott. The guy has been as prolific as we could have hoped for ; is fit but still gets to play on the 80th minute. Just not fair. We need to show confidence in him and keep him at the level.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Wenger’s program (system) keeps crashing and it’s in desperate need of a Reboot… Literally ?

    2. Bobbyraz says:

      lanzini looks good

  5. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I’m not giving up on Cech and Ozil
    I went through some frustrating years of so called Arsenal fans calling Giroud a “donkey” which was not deserved (come on I know all of you remember). Koscielny was criticised when he first came (2 red cards in 1st season like Xhaka

    Last season Giroud went 12 PL matches in a row without a holding but all summer I was saying keep him as a Super Sub. He still managed 16 goals

    Last season Ozil scored the most assists in the league and would have beaten Henry’s record if he wasn’t let down by the strikers

    Someone I have had enough of is Ramsey. I would not be like that if Wenger didn’t start him so often. And why Wenger got Lucas when he hardly starts him is ridiculous

    Wenger should be the main departure
    I think he got Lucas to appease the fans. He had no intention of starting him often

  6. PRINCE AFZ says:

    I have read several comments from fellow fans demanding that Wenger should start Perez in one of the wings. From what I have seen about the player, Perez is not a winger. He is most suitable as a CF especially in a counter attacking side or a supporting striker in a 4 4 2. why waste him on the wings where he would be blamed for not tracking back. And he cannot displace Sanchez as the CF at the moment.

  7. Kos-tafi says:

    I’ll take dis performance ova a defeat or draw.
    Sanchez has been impressive.
    Iwobi-not entirely convincing
    Walcott-off today
    Ozil-i think can do beta
    I think perez banners must be sent to the stands Next Week. De guy keeps impressing

  8. marty53 says:

    Would like to see Perez and Welbeck start in place of Iwobi and Walcott just to freshen up a bit I think they deserve a chance. Also, I think the Ox had a great game today, good to see him running at defenders.

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