Ashley Young becomes the latest player to begrudge Arsenal for celebrating widely

Ashley Young has become the latest player to slam Arsenal for celebrating widely after beating his club.

The Gunners secured a 1-0 win against Aston Villa yesterday thanks to a Bukayo Saka early strike.

Mikel Arteta’s side is chasing a place inside the top four and they are currently in the driving seat.

Manchester United and Tottenham are two other clubs looking to finish at least fourth and by default above Arsenal.

But the Gunners keep getting wins after wins, and that has placed them in a very good position.

After the defeat of Villa, they celebrated very well at Villa Park, and Young didn’t seem to enjoy it.

He said via The Sun: “You saw the way they celebrated. To be honest, it was like they won the league. But it shows they found it tough.”

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There is no better way to celebrate a win, and I reckon Villa would have celebrated even wilder if they had won the game.

We have momentum on our side now, and that win shows the loss to Liverpool is just one of those bad days.

We will still face Tottenham and Chelsea before this season ends, so we need to keep winning games against opponents in the bottom half of the league table.

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  1. I don’t think it’s only about Arsenal celebrating a win I think it’s more about this group of young players knowing that they are doing better than the seniors who were at Arsenal last season and beating teams and trying to achieve top 4 together something the previous group of players e.g.ozil..willian players couldn’t do….this group of young players who are enjoying themselves together will celebrate a lot….why not

    1. Well said.
      You could add, we finally have a full team working their a….. off for 90 min. and probably in training too.
      Off course they should celebrate their wins.

  2. Wouldn’t listen to a word a bitter ,diving ,manure reject would spout.The fact that he’s salty about it & upset is a bonus.

  3. God how jealous they are of our squad togetherness and friendship. Looking at how they were celebrating with Leno after his late save was just beautiful.

  4. This is a midlands thing. When they win they retire silently to the changing room, have a cold shower and whip themselves with birch twigs. Celebration is for the debauched southerners and the barbarous northerners.

  5. So are we now no longer allowed to celebrate a victory? celebrations are big part of any sports,it shows that players/athletes actually do care while bringing everyone together. Begrudging others for celebrating is not a good look.

  6. He was using the celebrations to say that villa aren’t a bad side. Never been a fan of his, but this is nothing.

  7. When did victory celebrations become a no-no?? This crap shouldn’t even be dignified with comment!

  8. I wonder if he said anything when Steve Slip Gerrard celebrated like they had won the PL after his first win as Villa manager ? Hypocrisy at its finest.

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