Asia win gives Arsenal more confidence for this season

Some may not want to see it more than a training session but pre-season is an important start to any team. After all, this is the first time the whole Arsenal squad gets together before the new season and the manager tries different variations.

To be frank, this is not the whole squad for the Gunners. There are some absentees through injuries or through prolonged vacation. But, the victory in the Barclays Asia Trophy is nevertheless a satisfying experience for Arsene Wenger.

He relaxed in his seat and enjoyed a very solid performance from his team. Let us not get over excited with the start but the first signs are good enough to tell that Arsenal looks good enough to extend a fine end of the last campaign into the new season.

Wenger must be particularly surprised by the way his latest addition Petr Cech integrated into the squad. Cech made some wonderful saves and showed what the fans can expect through the season. No wonder then that every player and fan is unequivocal in welcoming the former Chelsea goal keeper with so much gusto.

Cech must have had a surreal feeling seeing the Arsenal fans cheer his name with so much fanfare. He must have a brief idea of what he can expect at the Emirates Stadium. He is sure to be an genuine celebrity among the fans.

The manager should also be happy to see Santi Cazorla and Theo Walcott have a wonderful game too. It also helped Arsenal that Everton continued to misfire again – just like they were against Stoke City. It didn’t matter that Everton pulled one goal back late in the game because by that time the result was beyond their reach.

What would have satisfied Wenger is the way his team continued to press high up and not give a breather to the Everton defenders. Almost every player Wenger tried in the final showed enough glimpses of class. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain injected much needed intensity and pace on the right wing once he replaced Jack Wilshere.

Wenger will expect that Ox will have an injury-free season so that the fans get to know and see what he can do. Cazorla should be expected to have another stellar season as the Spaniard looks to get better in his central role. Walcott and Ozil too got themselves on the sheet.

All in all, the trophy win is a pleasant start to the Gunners. There will be very few games where they can get a free pass like this one but Wenger will hope his team can build on this one and carry on winning into the new season..


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  1. I think it’s real stretch to say any confidence was gained from the Asia trophy, more a case of nothing lost nothing gained in that department. The competition was good for pre-season fitness, the players made some progress.

    Of the pre-season games, look no further than Chelsea in the Community Shield as an opportunity to gain confidence before the campaign. The rest is fitness and hopefully injury avoidance.

    1. Well I was out there and the players will definitely have gained confidence. They will be confident that they are playing for one of the world’s biggest teams, if they didn’t already know. Arsenal are by far the biggest draw in Asia, there isn’ many clubs that could get 1% of a population to turn up and watch.

      The support they got even at the kit launch was far bigger than the turnout for the home kit launch, and I wonder how many arsenal fans in the uk would travel toothed airport to welcome the team back, there was an estimated 5000 at changi airport to welcome the team and the streets were lined as well.

      As for on the pitch the dominant display over Everton was undervalued by a great goal from barkley and some horrendous misses from giroud, Walcott, ozil and ramsey. The players will gain confidence from the performance if not the result and their finishing.

      1. If you want to pretend any type of display vs Everton in hot/humid conditions, when the players are 70% fit, is indicative of our season to come then be my guest. It was fitness training with a heightened element of competition than you would get back at London Colney, nothing more.

        While there was a good turn out for Arsenal the article focuses on the matches themselves so I answered in kind. However I’ll point one thing out, and that’s Man United are by far the biggest draw in Asia from England….literally no question about it, so you’re completely wrong on that count.

  2. Cant wait for the Emirates Cup – Surely that’ll be a more competitive test…but considering the hot climate at Singapore, was good to pick up 1st trophy of the season.

  3. Wonderful story, they say the trickiest leg of the treble is the Asia Trophy!

    I’d say this puts us on course for the Premiership and Champions League.

    My bet for 2018 World Cup winners – Arsenal

  4. Meanwhile somewhere else, The Ox was asked “If you could turn back time and have any Arsenal legend play for you now,who would it be?” and he replied Nicklas Bendtner ….I couldn’t stand it i had to burst into laughter! …Lord Bendtner thou art surely a legend

    1. can’t wait for the Emirate cup to begin. will be nice to test ourselves against quality teams like Lyon and Wolfsburg. I also want to see first hand qualities of players like Fekir and Lacazette. Can’t forget the “RETURN OF OUR GREAT WARLORD” LORD BENDTNER.
      #ExcitingTimesAhead #COYG

  5. I have to Say this is the best pre season we’ve had in a long time. The team is getting together nicely. Any transfer additions will be to add quality and not panic buys.
    OT: What’s happened to Wellington, hoped to see him in Singapore. Well i hope he’s involved in the Emirates cup. I’m eager to see if he can make it.

    1. Hold on mate, not to pi$$ on your bonfire but how can you tell if it’s been the best pre-season in a long time when we haven’t even started the Emirates cup or played the community shield?

      I mean devils advocate, but if we were to play crap in the Emirates cup and get rinsed by Chelsea I don’t think it’ll quite qualify as “the best pre-season we’ve had in a long time”. Jumping the gun a bit there settle down, promising start…..nothing more.

      1. You misunderstood me. Apart from sanchez, most of our players are working their arse’s off to be fit for the start of the season. And with no qualifies match for cL, our main focus is the start of the pL. People tend to get angry when wenger labels players as ‘new signings’. And we’ve had two of them last year with Hector and le coq.
        Now that we have stability in the team unlike the Manchester clubs and liverpool,the thing wenger is working on is cohesion.
        If I Say more than this then I’m afraid I would have to write an article.

  6. Really liking the look of the side in pre season. Good to see the likes of wilshere and the ox reminding some players to look over their own shoulders. I feel we do need to add one world class attacking player (lacazette, lewa, aubameyang, reus, cavani etc etc) as well as someone to provide competition for le coq (wanyama, ki, bender…). With these two additions, we will have what it takes to seriously challenge on all four fronts.
    I still expect singings especially as we’ve only spent £10m (what a bargain!) and we’re selling some fringe players too.

    Dear Bobby Lewandowski,
    Number 9 is all yours…

  7. A successful promotional
    preseason opener.
    27 players had some
    game time and no injuries.
    So far so good.

  8. Was impressed with the team’s performance, though some jellying still needs to be done to further improve. I know it was the first game for most of the players but it kind of reminded us of what we have been witnessing for some time, for example:

    – The Ox still needs to improve on his final delivery or decision making in our opponents box and near our box too. We saw the repeat of the Monaco goal when he needlessly lost the ball, his a good dribbler though he should mind when to pull a trick and when to lob the ball forward. In the other box he had good chances to pass earlier or shot on several occasions but lost the ball in the crowd. He needs to polish up his game.

    – OG – average game from him further necessitating the need for us to buy a WC forward (not necessary an ST but a forward that can play across the line). I think Theo should be sharp enough to play ST though if we can pull out the likes of Bezema that would be a much needed upgrade. Giroud should take up the impact sub role or a starter in certain games but not our main man each time.

    – Debuchy will really need to show what his got to remove Bellarine in the first time. Im really enjoying his sharpness, intelligence, speed and his overall game. Debuchy is a quality full international player but sometimes that youthfulness and sharpness can come in handy. Good battler ahead no doubt.

    – I agree with other sentiments that Gabi should be given more playing time with Kos next season.

    – Team captain – I love Arteta and Mert but I would definitely hand that armband to either to Carzola or Kos

    – Chuba – good prospect indeed but for him to further improve his game Wenger should consider sending him on loan for some first team play time.

    In general our team has goals in it though we need more game changers or characters willing to game the on their own, we have this quality in most departments now except ST. Wenger should aim to beef this section up.

  9. The striker situation is looking worse
    Cavani seems to want to stay at PSG
    Lacazette seems to want to stay at Lyon
    Benteke going to Liverpool
    Ibrahimovic probably AC Milan or Bayern
    Dortmund aren’t willing to sell Aubmeyang

    I’m hoping Wenger can somehow persuade Benzema or Lacazette to come or if Walcott is our new CF then we get a top winger

    Also hoping for DM but even less likely

  10. Obviously, also hope Walcott signs New contract
    However, can’t see that not happening.

  11. Breaking news Lacazette
    says yes to playing at the
    Emirates ……
    for Lyon in the Emirates cup 🙂
    Also the man always linked to
    Arsenal the one and only Yoann Gourcuff.
    While Wolfsburg have the Arsenal legend
    Sir Nik the Bendt one 🙂

  12. I’m hoping Wenger has a personal conversation with Lacazette during the Emirates Cup.

    Lacazette is French, relatively young, natural goalscorer with time to improve And plays at a French club. Seems like a Wenger type player to me.

    1. or with players like Welbz/Theo still ‘developing’ into their roles we could actually prepare the team with someone more established? 30mil for a project isn’t at all Wenger-esque….45mil for benz last is much for his forte lately.

  13. We looked sharp and hungry for the win, and most of all well organised. Special mention to magic Santi who was incredible once again.

    Striker wise Walcott’s movement and speed was a blessing, but I don’t think we are in for a CF in this window as our options are shrinking: Lacazette and Benzema look set to stay at their respective clubs and Dortmund are not looking to sell Aubameyang.

    May a winger in in the plans if Gnabry is loaned to West Brom?

    On the plus side we may keep Ospina if Sczesny decides to go on loan to Ajax.

    Great start, we MUST follow this up with a victory over Chelsea in the Charity Shield.

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