Ask NOT what ARSENAL can do for YOU – Ask what YOU can do for ARSENAL

JFK 1960 U.S. Presidential Inaugural Address: “Ask NOT what your Country can do for YOU – Ask what YOU can do for your Country’ Paraphrased as: ‘Ask NOT what ARSENAL can do for YOU – Ask what YOU can do for ARSENAL’ by Chris Scannell

This is Directed at the Board, The Manager and the Players….

Since the Financial Constraints of the Emirates Stadium Project eased off in 2013, Arsenal have invested in 2 Marquee Signings – Ozil and Sanchez – Top Class Talented/Skilled Players? – Yes. Inspirational Team Leaders? – No

Ozil goes Missing in Crunch Games against the BIG Teams – His Head Drops – He doesen’t Track Back and defend when the Team is Under Pressure. That’s NOT Leadership

Sanchez gives his all on the Pitch – Every Game – but if the game is hard, is not going Arsenal’s way, or he feels that other players are not putting in their shift, His Head Drops – He regularly goes into a Public Sulk. That’s NOT Leadership. This Sulking is terrible for the Public Image of the Club that pays his Salary – Almost £7 Million Pounds a Year – Arsenal Employed a MAN – Not a Child.

6. Buy Leaders – Proven Winners right across the Team – George Graham had that – Arsene Wenger Inherited it. Arsene Wenger had it with the Invincibles. We haven’t had that since the 2004 -2005 -2006 Seasons. That was the last time Arsenal fans had a Team they could be truly PROUD OF – A Team that, Win Lose Or Draw, EVERY PLAYER would leave Heart Body and Soul on the Pitch.

7. Every Season, without fail, Arsene Wenger has identified Top World Class Players he COULD have Signed or Nearly Did Sign – BEFORE they all went on to become Top Class/World Class Players for the Clubs that Did Sign Them. Van Nistelroy / Ronaldo – Went to Manchester United. Cech / Drogba – Went to Chelsea. Ibrahimovich – Went Everywhere – now Winning Trophies at age 36 with Manchester United. Suarez – Went to Liverpool – then when Suarez was looking to leave Liverpool – the £45,000,001 Fiasco, Mahrez – Went to Leicester City – Ho Hum. Now Mbappe – who knows where he’ll go – but you can bet your life – he WON’T be coming to Arsenal.

Can you Imagine where Arsenal would be today if we had signed ANY of these Players – adding them to Bergkamp, Henry, Vieira, Pires, Wright, Adams, Seaman – AND in Later Teams – Campbell, Van Persie, Fabregas and so on.

Now whether these problems Stemmed from Mistakes by Arsene Wenger or Lack of support from the Board – If signing all, or even ONE of these Players were genuine and realistic transfer opportunities – Arsenal should have nailed their Signature – The Club WOULD NOT be in the Position it is in today if the board and Manager had put the Good of Arsenal Football Club BEFORE their OWN Personal & Commercial Self Interests. The Same goes for the Current Crop of so called ‘Professional Footballers’ who ply their trade at Arsenal Football Club.

I’ve seen stronger Backbones in Jellyfish.

Chris S


  1. JembutArsene says:

    “Now whether these problems Stemmed from Mistakes by Arsene Wenger or Lack of support from the Board. This is Directed at the Board, The Manager and the Players.”

    Arsene is part of the system and not the system in itself. He has his full share of the blame in what Arsenal FC has become, but to put all that is wrong with the club at his doorstep is just being childish in my opinion.

    If Stan is not the excuse then who is? If your boss tells you to provide deliverables that are suitable by a 12noon, and you waltz into the meeting at 11.59am, that boss should chew you out and threaten your position in the company. What I meant is, Stan has set pretty low standards for Wenger to deliver, he should be delivery above what he’s doing at the moment, and I can only blame a passive, nonchalant-about-winning-a-trophy Stan Kroenke. Either he isn’t providing Wenger with what he needs, or He’s not pushing Wenger to deliver based on what has been provided.

    Supporting the club, the players, and the manager is the decent fans should be all about. It’s just unfortunate we are not in the hands of an ambitious owner even though we have a classy well know respected manager globally who will do anything to win.


    1. Andy Hallewell says:

      Good comment but sorry don’t agree with the last 4 words!

      1. JembutArsene says:

        So what’s part that you didn’t like?
        As Arsene said, “I can change myself, trying to get better, but I have 40 years of experience at the top, top level, you know. I think I have a good knowledge of the game.”

        He warns Arsenal chiefs baldy gazidas who want one he’ll NEVER work with a director of football. That shows you he still has the full backing of Stan K. He is the manager of Arsenal Football Club, and as long as he is manager of Arsenal Football Club, he will decide what happens on the technical front. That’s it.


        1. Ozil says:

          Look, I think everyone knows that Kroenke could bring change but he doesn’t care about soccer and was happy qualifying for CL football.

          But you can’t say it’s not Wenger’s fault we are crap yet at the same time agree Wenger decides what happens on the technical front. It is precisely the technical front where we fail and Kroenke has no input there.

          Wenger picks the team, the players, the style, the training methodology, he is supposed to motivate etc. He has not done a good enough job IMO.

        2. Taxi4Wenger says:

          Just piss off you deluded fool.

          Your a pony. Look at your many hidden comments due to your didlikes thumbs by majority here.

          Go back to your UNTOLD forum, ya dont belong here.


          1. Taxi4Wenger says:

            Pointed to jembut, not ozil.

  2. Guneal (English Arsenal fans are gullible) says:

    I will put the large chunk of the blame on Mr. Wenger.

    I have seen managers tell their owners they’d quit if they don’t show enough ambition. They place high premium on winning, results and success and not on how much they earn.

    Recently, Chelsea turned down the chance of Hazard going to Real Madrid because they fear they might lose Mr. Conte if hazard goes.

    Mr. Wenger is only particular of the money that goes into his pocket.

    He is the one who kept saying ” Arsenal will not go beyond it pay structure to keep a player”. It is not Mr. Stan.

    We here club owners like Florentino Pérez of real Madrid, Maria Bartomeu of Barca, Andre Agnelli of juvetus, Berlusconi of juvetus, Abrahimovic of Chelsea and a lot more personally taking charge over the transfer of a player.
    Has Mr. Stan K signed any player? Its Mr. Wenger personal business.
    We need a director of football in Arsenal to attract quality players to the club.

    Kick Mr. Wenger upstairs, the exit door is at the rooftop.

    1. Ozil says:

      I think you meant to say Berlusconi – Milan. I agree with your comment that Wenger shoulders a great part of the blame for what happens on the pitch and which players he bought.

      1. Taxi4Wenger says:

        At least milan had seven big ears to be proud, even they went mediocre currently, but maybe the change of chinese ownership will change their luck, as for arsenal remains to be arsenes and stans playtoy.

      2. Guneal (English Arsenal fans are gullible) says:

        Thanks for the correction

  3. ManMulo says:

    Dude you cant say it isnt wengers fault, look at what other manager have done, just last week even , Pep called out the board and demanded signings for next season so did Benitez, Jose’ has done it plenty of times, these are managers that no what it takes to win and are not afraid of lossing there jobs where as Arsene with funds only buys a Chech last season and now he’s gonna say were short on bodies?????

    1. Yossarian says:

      Exactly. Just because an owner like Kroenke doesn’t put pressure on the manager to win trophies, doesn’t mean the manager shouldn’t go all-out to win them through their own personal desire to be successful.

      In theory owners are just investors, and having one that supports the team with their heart and soul (Like Abramovic does at Chelsea) is a bonus. The manager however, is the person that is expected to push for team to fulfil the expectations of the fans, and the one that should put pressure on the owner to assist them in doing so.

  4. Nebsy says:

    There won’t be another Camelot.

  5. ManMulo says:

    And i totally agree with Guneal and to add on, Wenger is the Third highest paid manager in the league, this guy get paid more than Antonio Conte,Luis Enrique even Zinedine Zidane just to get us into the top 4.

    1. Taxi4Wenger says:

      Allegri will just be a dream i think.

      Would love him to be our manager.

      1. Yossarian says:

        I watched the Juventus Vs Monaco game earlier, and Juve looked so good. I would wet myself with excitement if Arsenal could play like that.

  6. odein4 says:

    Wenger is staying Put maybe until Arsenal cement their place as a mid table team then will d fans supporting him instead of the club realise he’s crap

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