Aston Villa 0-1 Arsenal Player Ratings – General Partey my MOTM

Leno 7
He proved he is still a quality keeper despite Ramsdale usurping him. It’s a shame he couldn’t be persuaded to stay next season as our cup keeper.

Cedric 7
Another consistent performance from Cedric. Do we really need to bring in another backup for Tomiyasu?

White 8
Ben is proving he was worth 50m in every game lately. It’s also proof that Arteta’s can spot a quality player

Gabriel 8
A centre-back pairing made in heaven. May they only improve in future seasons

Tierney 8
Back to his very best, imperious in attack and defence

Partey 9
Our current player of the month fully deserves his awards. Our midfield General.

Xhaka 8
This great run of form from Granit clearly shows that fans are wrong to call for his head. Calm, composed and doesn’t get sent off!

Saka 7
Obviously not on top form, but still a nuisance and scored our winner. Can’t ask much for more. Villa obviously targeted him in Martinelli’s absence and why wasn’t Mings sent off?

Ødegaard 8
Can’t fault the lad. Only one pass out of 46 didn’t reach it’s target. He is still my first choice for captain.

Didn’t have his scoring boots on, but was excellent in link up play and had a few goes at scoring himself.

Laca 6
His usual busy performance but not as assured as usual. Maybe he is also in need of a good rest, which he will get now..


Pepe 5
Not impressed with his cameo. Hardly touched the ball

Nketiah N/A Not worth a rating…

Holding N/A

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PRESS CONFERENCE – Arteta is very happy after Aston Villa win!

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  1. Of course xhaka was calm and composed coz he assiduously avoids being on the ball! The difference between his contribution and partey was vast so if partey deserves a 9 and he does that’s a 6 for xhaka .. and cedric and smith Rowe were both as good as the others I would suggest 7s all round but if others get 8s so do they .. a 6 however is generous for lacazette .. he has a low work rate and provides no threat .. not that nketiah was any better and watching Middlesbrough yday it’s clear balogun is not waiting in the wings .. a quality striker and strong box to box midfielder absolute must in the summer .. how long have we been saying that!!

  2. Your ratings proved u actually watched the match & i go with it. I’m wowed by Odegaard’s stats each passing game, & extremely grateful Arteta spotted him & acquired him. That fella is a faster version of Ozil. A sight 2 behold, a delight 2 watch.

    1. He’s slow, but he works very hard to press. I just wish his right foot is more adept, because he tends to switch first before shooting

      1. If he’s slow, the Ozil was “static”. With the swift exchange of passes between him and Saka, also quick turn of waist to change direction of play, I can’t believe someone can term him slow. Always pressing for full 90mins or till he gets subbed. Maybe we should call back Walcott.

      2. odegaard is not slow he’s very quick in thinking about where he wants the ball to go. if we are talking pace, it’s decent enough too.

  3. You’re right. I think Lacazette will benefit from a rest. We can play ESR, Nketiah or even Pepe in his place.

  4. So xhaka gets praised for not being sent off and not doing mistakes. How he get a 8 and ödegard gets 8 saka 7. In my opinion he gets good ratings for doin the bare minimum expected as long as he don’t make mistakes. But what does he contribute with? Partey doing his and xhakas job.

  5. After one and a half years of inconsistent performance, Partey has finally played very well in the last three matches. His first touches, passes and dribbles were immaculate in the tight spaces

    We’re eventually able to play with 4-3-3 formation, after establishing our main pivot in the deep midfield area. Lacazette also helped him a lot defensively, by stealing the ball from Villa at least three times

    Nketiah was faster, but he didn’t offer ball retrieval and playmaking work. Probably because he just played for around ten minutes

  6. Think you are spot on with your rating.

    Odegaard is captain material.
    Smith Rowe is a little rusty, need to play more.
    Partey is the real boss am watching this general for years couldn’t believe our luck when we sign him.

    Both Saka and Laca needs the rest the break couldn’t have come any earlier.

  7. Mark my word this midfield general is going to look even better come next season.

    Once we sign a mobile and commanding midfielder of the marquee type, to partner Partey he is going raise his game a notch further.

    Am seing little signs from Atletico’s days when he dosen’t look up but watches the shadow assessing how close the opposition his before turning in tight spaces are coming back.

    He also seems to be getting closer to the goal now by hitting the bar

    Am happy for this player as he has left a regular club in champion league to play for Arsenal.

    Some say he was stupid but I love him, the Partey starts now

  8. AS an elderly gunner I was really impressed with the whole team. Not a real weakness but a world class pair of strikers and Bellingham to replace Xhaka would put us up their fighting for the top prizes. The biggest plus is our team I see so young they could be at the top for five years. Your ratings were good but a little bias showing. Saka was a minimum of 8 and Odegaard is the next captain and could persuade Harland to come to London’s greatest club.

  9. Great rating but saka should have more than that being our goal scorer and our only goal treat in which the opposition targeted most…… Saka should be 8.0

  10. Partey finding this form and therefore playing with a lot more confidence and less prone to injury could be the difference between 4th place or not, Champions League or Europa

    Credit to him of course but also to Arteta and Xhaka, when Partey arrived from Atletico he came as a box to box player but he wasn’t able to do that in English football for whatever reason

    He now sits deeper and working in tandem with Xhaka, a bit like Vieira & Petit back in the day, when one goes the other stays, it seems to be working

    No man of the match for me though, this team plays as a team, one game one might look better than others but it is about the team more than individual performances, everybody plays their part

  11. ESR had a good game several great cross field passes led to great chances. Saka okay and scored the only goal obviously. Partey definitely the MOTM tho. Not sure what Xhaka really does besides cover for Tierney at times. It’s better than having him on the ball I suppose. Def waiting for a new partner for Thomas…

    1. The club didn’t ,Arteta did mate .
      I’m watching now 2great goals especially the chip and a fantastic back heel assit .

        1. He looked Fcking on point tonight sue 👍
          2 great goals and that assist 👏
          Obviously if we make top 4 then Arteta will be justified.

  12. Happy for Auba and his family too he seems such a free spirited person, person who just like to enjoy life.

    Herd he was liked as well in the dressing room, I cant imagine him sticking around not playing like Ozil.

    What a difference a change of scenery make he is on fire tonight with a brace in the El Classico

  13. Strongly agree,
    I have been following him, he got a hat trick against Valencia, score against Bilbao and a brace now in the El Classico.

    He seems deadly again in open spaces,

  14. Hmmn.. gave out Aubameyang to Barca for free. Were there any performance related clauses in the deal? Coz the mighty Barca pretended to be poor and got a £60M striker for nothing. 😡😡

  15. Pepe may be only 5. Some of his movements and skill shows he is special. However, he is too inconsistent.

    1. If you watch Barca game keenly you will see the answer to your question. Auba is a goal scorer and Xavi is using as one. He’s not involved in any midfield or defensive play unlike the way Arteta used Lacazette. He was an efficient goal scorer at Lyon and in his earlier days as an arsenal player. These days he spent more time in our midfield and in front of our defenders than in the central forward position.

  16. No complaints except for Xhakau 8. Still scratching my head over it. He was barely sighted in final twenty minutes when Vill were getting back in the game. Meanwhile no more articles regarding how Arteta was justified in getting rid of Aubamayang on a free? Last I heard he has scored more goals for Barcelona than the combined Arsenal total since he left. Being positive is good but going to ridiculous extremes to justify poor management is a waste of space.

    1. Morning Joe
      Sometimes everyone needs a change
      Not sure who signed off on the deal but it seems to have worked for both parties
      Aubes has now found his goal scoring boots again which he failed countless times for us when playing and we sit in fourth with a fighting chance of staying there
      Personally I wouldn’t take aubes back and I don’t think he wants come back. We will all remember the goals he scored for us and wish him the best and move on
      Onwards and upwards

      1. Take your point, AB08, you are one of the few Artetaheads whose opinions I respect. Still believe however that Arteta was getting his tactics wrong regarding Auba. I don’t want him back either, Arsenal needed to find a replacement for him in the long run. Just musing over the countless articles on this sight grovelling over every decision Arteta makes. I also agree with Peirs Morgan, making top four does not make Arsenal a big club. We celebrate the win at Villa Park, but if Saka hadn’t been in the tight place at the right time, it would have ended in a lame draw at best.

        1. Joe
          We stopped being a big club a decade ago
          I am not a Artetahead but I am a fan of any manager who can get us slowly united as a club which has been so disjointed for years.
          We as fans will always agree to disagree that’s what makes the games as interesting as it is.
          We play to win good or badly and Saturday we played well. Controlled the game and 3 points didn’t flatter us. We are maturing as a team and credit to them and the manager for this.

          I like us celebrating together as a team and for me I couldn’t care less what other players, teams, managers or pundits say
          We are starting to feel like we are becoming one again and long may it continue

  17. Mate it was the best decision to move him on and personally I think it was bold and show strong leadership by the gaffer.

    He was offering nothing in the team on the field as his goals has completely dried up.

    Laca offers a lot even though not scoring
    His hold up play
    He leads by example.
    His work rate.
    He is like a glue in the team presently.

    I would rather Laca continues like that without scoring a single goal for the rest of the season and we win the remaining ten games.

    Gunners we should brace ourselves for this as once Auba continues to perform, this conversation will never disappear and why should it, he was a gunner and just maybe he will die a gunner..

    Maybe I am a fanatic but i will always follow a once terrific player leaving our club, little things like his iconic celebration against the Spuds still brings joy to my heart is like watching Henry all over again.

    Was at the barber shop last night the barber is a gunner, he told me Auba has now score eight goals from eight start, Barcelona is his second team,

    These sorts of things happen in football all the time a player lost his mojo only to find it again due to a change in scenery.

    Maybe we should move on Nico Pepe, then again I may be opening a whole can of worms

  18. I think its a win-win situation for Arsenal, Arteta and Auba. Anyone realize the team has been playing better with Auba gone? Every single member is putting in a shift and fight. Auba might be a goalscorer and when they are chances most likely he will put in back of the net. But if he is not in the mood or misses chances its more like 10 men playing. The club saved on his wages, Arsenal are playing better and winning matches bar the liverpool match and Auba is scoring goals. A win-win situation.

    1. Seems we are unable to sell anyone and saving on wages is the new benchmark for a successful transfer out of Arsenal.

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