Aston Villa give up on Smith-Rowe and turn to Burnley starlet instead

We have had enough incredulous posts saying that there is absolutely no way that Arsenal would let our newest star Emile Smith-Rowe be sold to Aston Villa under any circumstances.

This seems to be proved correct as the Birmingham Mail, based close to Villa Park, have been reliably informed that the Villans are now aware that they have no chance of getting their man, and that Smith-Rowe is certain to sign a new five-year contract with the Gunners.

Smith-Rowe returned to Arsenal training this week to prepare for pre-season with the Gunners, which begins with a game against Hibs this week, and the report says they have been told that contract talks with Smith-Rowe have progressed well, with details still to be ironed out, and therefore Villa have no choice but to give up on our young star and move on to other targets.

It appeared that Dean Smith was very keen on Ward-Prowse from Southampton, but they could now turn their attention to the Burnley winger Dwight McNeil, a player the coach always rated. The Clarets will demand a sky-high fee for the 21-year-old given he still has three years left on his current contract at Turf Moor.

I am sure that most Arsenal fans were not too worried about Villa stealing our star Number Ten, but it is always a relief when we are reassured that we had no need to worry in the first place…

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  1. Same fans were losing their damn minds. Villa would of had to spend at least 70 mil to get Rowe. No way the kid was worth only 30. Villa was out of pocket for that disrepect.

    1. yes, one decent season. He could flop this season then fans will be on clubs back, why did we nit sell.

      Same ones that said give Auba what he wants, now they want him out and complain about salary.

      1. Bro don’t compare auba to Smith Rowe
        Because Smith Rowe has not achieve anything in his playing career.
        Because auba flopped this season doesn’t make u compare him and Smith Rowe

  2. But is it truly a “relief ” PAT? I say it is only a relief to those Gooners who lack any belief in our management team!

    Admittedly that is many , even if not most, of the younger generation but as a far more considered fan I never had a shred of doubt that ESR would not be sold.

    This spun out false rumour has taken its place alongside all the countless dozens of other false rumours that dog this site, albeit so tediously.

  3. What is hapening technically with this site? Posts constantly vanishing ; not just my own but many others too . Slow to take up posts etc. So many technical problems since yesterday. Anyone know whats wrong?

  4. Nothing wrong on this site just your mind numbing posts always whining about young people getting blocked. Take your DAMN medication gramps and stop your WHINING.

    1. Really so funny but where i come from we respect elderly people a lot which is the main reason i ignore whenever he starts calling for my head

    2. Well, that was funny.. but leave Mr.Fox alone now. Let’s initiate being respectful, then he won’t complain so much about the thoughtless young idiots, XD.
      Tbh I like Jon’s posts, both the rants and the longer deeper ones. It kind of spices up the site a bit, lol.

  5. Do they really think Arsenal is that daft? Selling a player that was responsible for their uprise in performance level last season would send a wrong message to Arsenal supporters.

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