Aston Villa v Arsenal review – Gunners cruise to TOP of the EPL

THis rtesult never really looked in doubt once Arsenal had taken an early lead away to struggling Aston Villa and despite some signs of fatigue in the second half, quite understandable after a long and tiring midweek trip to Greece, the Gunners got the jod done quite comfortably and finish the weekend right where we want to be, on top of the Premier League table.

There was some confusion about the award of a penalty after seven minutes and Villa seemed to feel hard done by but replays show that it was definitely the right call and the only thing the ref did wrong was to not book Hutton for the foul on Walcott. It was a great run and touch from Theo to get on to a great long ball from Flamini and Giroud capped his great week with a cool finish from the spot.

Arsenal dominated the rest of the half without making too many real chances, until we carved open the home team again. The excellent Aaron Ramsey started and finished the move and Mesut Ozil grabbed another assist with a very unselfish pass when he could well have scored himself.

On the stroke of halftime we saw a super finish from Walcott but he was rightly called offside. In the second half we looked a bit weary and a few bits of sloppy play at the back gave Villa some hope but the Gunners rode it out well and made a few chances to really kill the game off.

Arsenal will be more than happy with a win and a clean sheet though. We ARE top of the league. Now can we stay there?

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  1. jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way oh what fun it is to see the Arsenal win away
    He is back the arsenal rambo 3 league goals in 4 game.Back to his best

    1. rambo takes so much stick
      glad hes doing well in his fave position.

      man city is a real test we will get to see if they can hang at the highest level
      an a certain Chilean miner will hopefully be back to dig us outta there with 3 points

        1. I love how Arsenal always got to prove themselves to us even when they have, hopefully fans will have this mentality after Wenger leaves so the club doesn’t end up with low standards like United.

    2. @Ranger, not only goals, +2assists in just 3 games as his normal CM_____Welcome back Rambo.

      I believe that King of assist promise to break king henry’s assist record 13/20 so far and counting. CoyOzil.
      ____walcott is a goal threat.
      Guess who’s best defender in the league?? BOSS of curse.
      #COYG #TOPofTHEleague. In absent of Alexis, Santi, Le coq and others like welbz.

  2. Hahaha
    Who wants ozil gone in January?

    Okay ! Who still wants ozil gone in the summer?….

    Be bold enough to name urselves while placing ur thumbs-down….

    Talk of giving a dog a bad name and hanging him! L()L

    1. Where are GOONSTER and RSH? Haven’t read a single compliment from them since Özil started performing EVERY game.

      1. i am also still waiting! seems like they have gone into hiding cowards! gave him so much hate yet cant even show up and hold their hands up and say hes been great for us

      2. The moment both Arsenal and MO underachieve in a critical game both will grace us with their presence and denigrate both club and the German.

        A matter of time it is…

    2. Well i could do the same to about 90% of the guys on here including YOU!

      Who wants Giroud gone in January?

      Okay ! Who still wants Giroud gone in the summer?….

      Be bold enough to name urselves while placing ur thumbs-down….

      Talk of giving a dog a bad name and hanging him! L()L

      and to the guys who now single out rsh and goonster yeah i didnt like the opinion of goonster about özil either but lets be honest goonster was somebody who supported the rest of the bunch a lot more than this fickle and hypocritical soopa, and i wont believe you guys that you never hated on some player who then played brilliantly given time to him..

      1. “Hypocritical, fickle soopa”


        u are on the Losing end….. U are just Like aston villa

        Thought u said u hated coming arnd here…that was so easy buddy!

    3. The rumors are flying high. Seems some big clubs have taken another look and decided they now must have Alexsis and/or Ozil. Even Real Madrid has mentioned trying to get Ozil back.

      1. hahaha……… And that’s up to Ozil to decide if he wishes to return to his former captors and maltreaters….. Personally, i dn’t see what are gonna offer him that Arsenal can’t (don’t mention trophies pls) ….. Unfortunately….ozil is happy in London!

  3. I don’t see Ox benching Campbell…he needs to improve seriously…Ozil: the most unselfish player to ever walk on planet earth

    1. His decision making is the worst. 3 on 2 attack and decides to dribble past. Result? Nothing as usual. Also check the great effort by Ramsey on the 91st minute taking the ball from Lescott. All OX had to do is run (what he does best) to near post, yet on the crucial moment he decides to run far post and the chance is gone.

    2. @Eddy Hoyte
      Yet so many where screamin for us to sell Joel…Dude really puts in a shift and a half. I was worried about him earlier, because he always seemed to tire round the 55 min. Seems he straightened out that flaw and is movin and shakin.

    1. To be honest, he should have taken the goal himself instead of laying it on to Ramsey. I believe that’s why his goal tally is so low.

      1. Firstly. I actually think Theo deserves the most credit for that goal. Defence splitting, sublimely weighted pass leading to a 3v2. Didn’t know he had that in his locker!! Beautiful pass!
        But I disagree on the shot. He knew he had support and Ozil will connect on that pass all day long. If he was to take the shot on are you really that confident he would’ve scored? If he was to take it on his left it looked to me like far-post would’ve been covered..

          1. also i disagree that he was offside, that goal should’ve stood, I had a couple of looks at the replay and he’s actually well onside! oh well at least it didn’t really matter in the end

  4. Agreed this was not the best game our standards. But we had a physically exhausting game midweek. I could see the tiredness there. So I am willing to ignore the below par performance and congratulate the team for getting the job done with another clean sheet and getting on the top of the table. Well done team.

      1. eh??
        when ks and the rest take the piss , im one of the only to defend him- try again twig

        believe my comments going back a year plus were…this team will be built around ozil and ramsey…i was laughed at….keep laughin lol

    1. @Seetsuma
      I don’t hate Chelsea or Jose enough to want to give up the top spot. They’re languishing down at the foot of the League and are no threat to our title challenge. Honestly hope they give Leicester a reality check…
      But thats just Me…

    2. Yes. But it is an agonizing choice. The enjoyment of Arsenal holding the #1 position vs. having the pleasure of watching the Joozhey the a##h$le lose again.

  5. unconvincing.. but 2-0 on the road I will take any day of the week!!
    I hate to jump on the not good enough bandwagons…
    But massive complaints with Flamini for me. Was far too content to just sit behind his marker while we were either forced to play wide or our more attacking players came forward to give the option. We were playing a man down in midfield when we had the ball which minimizes the threat of Ozil and Ramsey centrally… Wouldn’t have bugged me so much if he was an exceptional defensive player. But he’s not…
    I think Wenger is right about midfield balance. We had an amazing pairing in Coquelin and Cazorla. I have no doubts that Ramsey can be excellent centrally, but he needs someone beside him who compliments his game. Flamini is not that player.

    1. I totally disagree with you I’m afraid. I think everything about this game was in Arsenal’s and AW’s control. His pre match interview was very muted, but not terribly concerned. Wenger’s subs are usually so predictable at 70 mins, etc, but today on the hour he took 2 off. Then Ozil with 10 to 15 mins to go. All the players played as if they had another 20% to give if necessary. As Perry Grove said no ome really deserved more than 7 out of 10, but no one needed too.
      As for Flamini. What more does he have to prove? He’s not our no1 he knows that, but he is playing really well. At this moment in time, he is doing ome of the best jobs in the EPL on a game by game basis. Why swap him for someone whose performances are worse.

      1. The subs were reactionary. We were giving up far too much space on the flanks, Hutton connected on a few dangerous crosses and there were shots coming from the other flank. I highly doubt that was in the game-plan and they had a couple of very good chances to make a game of it. He wasn’t trying to be unpredictable….
        It’s not about proving anything with Flamini! It’s the fact that he has obvious limitations as a player that I believe is detrimental to the way we play and affects our game. We, for the most part, play possession football and are pretty lethal on the break. Having our holding midfielder not looking to have the ball at his feet or space our opponents to any effect limits both strengths. When Per and Kos had the ball he was absolutely static today which invited more pressure on our defence and was far too easy for them to push us wide.
        I think you’re mistaking my use of the word unconvincing for disappointment. Which it wasn’t. It was 3pts, but I feel the game should have been wrapped up earlier, and the fact Wenger brought on the subs when he did leads me to believe it definitely wasn’t going to plan..

        1. Campbell is a far better defender than Ox so that is a non runner, and even so, on any other game where that has happend he hasn’t done that kind of thing, as regular as clockwork 70 mins. Game was won when Giroud scored his hat trick v Olympiarcos. I have to give full credit to AW for managing Arsenal team and squad to ensure they came away with the points. He now has 8 days for Man City. If he has caught the bug again, coz I think AW has coasted a little bit the least few seasons, then we really have a shout for the title this season.

    2. Villa is a weak team right now – that is true. And Arsenal were not really at their best but……

      Arsenal were on the road, after mid-week game in Greece, missing several key players, and Villa indeed pulled a draw vs. Man City just last month.

      Not so bad really.

  6. Concs Gunner! Let us get moving….
    Flash back:
    2013/14 season; Good first half, poor second half.
    2014/15 season; Bad first half, good second half.
    And now:
    2015/16 season; Good first half, (anticipated) good second half. Guess what happens! We take the cup. However whatever always a gunner!

    1. Key injuries in those years were our downfall, Ramsey, then one to Giroud left us with Sonogo only upfront etc etc. This year everyone thought Coq, Santi and Alexis being out would kill our chance, but guess what Flamini and Campbell have fiiled the void, and Rambo has shown he’s a monster in the box to box role. AW got a little wrapped up in his English core idea at one time and missed the real gems he had.

  7. Guys, what result do we wish for Chelsea vs L. City, Jose getting close to red zone or being above L. city?

  8. Just wanted to comment and say I am flipping proud of Ramsey…the guy makes a vital slide tackle, gets up and run the whole field to receive an unselfish pass by the Wizard to slot it home. It is hard work that will win us the title, and today we saw it. Well done Arsenal!

  9. Well for me i loved three moments in this game and the main protagonist was always walcott…
    1. Did you guys see how walcott held his ground and got the penalty? greeaaat strength of theo, i loved that scene cause i think 1-2 years ago it wouldnt have happened
    2. the offsidegoal of TW14… awesome shot 😀
    3. like josh37 wrote… sublime and perfectly weighted pass of the in the second goal… i didnt know walcott could play such a sharp pass 😛
    we… 4. 😛 the pass of flamini in the first goal 😀

  10. Giroud scores a penalty, Rambo scores. Ozil assists.
    Where are the giroud Rambo arena ozil basher hahaha

    Clean sheet…Thx Def and cech.

  11. chelsea is 15th in the table could shoot all the way up to 14th with a victory, oh these are great days!!! solid win on the road, going to be a long season, sporting my ozil kit today w pure pride!

    1. Yes. I enjoy watching Arsenal reach #1 in the table.

      But watching Josey lose again is an extra-special pleasure.

  12. how about the commentor quoting girrard that when aaron is in this form he is the best atracking mf in the prem!

  13. Il tell you what I learnt from the game, gibbs is s*** useless sub & ox is slowly bit surely following suit. Bellerin needs to get on the training and bloody practise crossing a frigging ball he’s useless never gets a single ball in. Campbell hats off absolutely non stop attacks & defends brilliant

    Motm Nacho has been a consistent rock for us since last season.

    1. @Mo1
      I think Hector needs a rest. Otherwise, the kids alright…Ox and Gibbs are watchin from the sidelines as their spots get owned by much better players. Any other player with a real desire to play week in and out would grab those few minutes they get on the pitch and try their best to excel. Not them…

  14. Ox very poor really have not improved in 5 years..same goes to TW no matter what many of you say. he’s not learnt how to position better in the pitch nor take advantage of his speed.His control is very poor , his defending like OX is bad.. Campbell is putting a shift in his last games and if given more games will add more to the team.For the LOVE OF GOD BUY IN JANUARY A DM ( Carvalho or Bender ) AND ANOTHER ST( Lacazzete or Alex Texeira )so we can really grab the EPL and do a decent role in the UCL no matter who we face.I do not care how many players will come back from long term injuries..just GET what we have been missing all these years of missing.This results and being in the top is because the league is not consistent like us so to be consistent we need to ADD..but DO IT.IT IS OUR CHANCE NOW OR NEVER …NO MORE EXCUSES.

  15. @ny gunner, I know for a boy his age he’s done brilliant & I completely agree since his injury doesn’t look 100% been quite abit sloppy. But like u said ox & gibbs massive disspoitments honestly both just don’t seem to be progressing at all.

    If I was wenger I would give iwobi his chance now surely with all our injuries etc he can’t do any worse

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