Aston Villa will be tough, but Arsenal MUST beat Chelsea

Two FA cup finals in a row, not too bad… by KM

Well, well. Arsenal v Aston Villa in the last game of the season. We’re in the final again. For a team that went a decade without a trophy, two FA cups in as many seasons is most definitely good. It’s another matter whether we could’ve done more over the last 2 seasons in both the League and Champions league.

Villa will be a tough game. You can see what a bit of confidence brings. Villa looked doomed, but after Lambert left and Sherwood gave the players a bit of confidence and belief in themselves they looked, well, much better than Liverpool to say the least. Benteke is a real beast. Delph and that new lad Jack Grealish looked decent.

It’ll be a tough game. Similar to last year really. A relegation side we’ve beaten across the season twice. The pressure will be on us to win it, and more so since we are the winners of last year. But you know what? This is the kind of pressure you want as a footballer. You want to win trophies, and you want to play in finals. If you don’t, what do you play for?

We need to recall Ospina for the final.. Szczesny made another mess of himself against Reading, which ultimately made us play extra time. It’s curtains for him. I could really see a new keeper coming in for his place. I think Debuchy looks rusty and Bellerin will come back for the Chelsea game, and Gibbs, just like Szczesny, really doesn’t help himself in his fight for the left back spot.

Next up is Chelsea… Mourinho will want to beat us again. But they have problems in attack and to be honest they look tired – and they rely way too much on Hazard and opposition goalkeepers to help them. We played 120 minutes, so I think we’ll look tired in the second half.

Anyway I feel we have every chance to beat them. The win will be important for the statement we have for next year. That we can compete with Chelsea. We won at the two Manchester clubs, but Chelsea will be the one. The race for second is still on so the three points have as much value as the pride the game holds.

Have a superb week!

Konstantin Mitov

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  1. fred cowardly says:

    I desperately want us to beat Mourinho and Fabregas. I want Wenger to get one over Mourinho and cement our 2nd place position.

    1. josh37 says:

      I would take beating Chelsea, United and the F.A. Cup final at the expense of finishing 3rd if it was on offer.
      Beating the big teams has been our biggest short-coming in previous seasons and that would really show the other top-4 contenders we’ve come a long way and strike a bit of fear back

  2. Ivan Gazidis says:

    I think I’ll sell some guys, and buy Benteke. What do you say?

    1. ArseneIsYourDaddy says:

      Flavor of the week. I scored two for my Pub team. You want to buy me for 20 million?

      1. Ivan Gazidis says:

        How about on a free transfer, and I loan you out to a lower division team in Siberia? Deal?

        1. andyarsenal05 says:

          What if this is the real Ivan Gazidis? Haha

  3. Namosky says:

    One look in my ‘Crystal ball’ and I see 2 blue n white buses with deflated tyres parked @ d Emirates.

    Chelshit will make it as difficult a game as possible 4 us. A draw is gud enough for them.

    Between Chelshit and Aston Villa, I think I’d value a win against villa more, cos it means anoda silverware in our Emirates cabinet. We can always beat them @ the community shield game

  4. Greg says:

    We should make it our priority to dig deep and beat chelsea at the emirates! Coyg!

  5. says:

    Konstatain., how are you? If Debuchy is injury free, for his experience, I want the boss to start him for Chelsea. The 120 munites he had under his belt at Wembly must have unwind him from rustiness. But having said this, the boss has the choice to choose who will be better at handling the threat of Hazard incursions into Arsenal box between Debuchy and Bellerin. For me, I am going for the experience and a fit to play Debuchy to start in that Chelsea game. As I said, I will reveal later in the week. The Mourinho’s Locked App Data Game Plan which he is going to use against the boss and the Gunners on Sunday. And the Unlocking Key which the boss will use to unlock the Mourinho’s game plan and beats him hands down and his Blues outfit at the Emirates Stadium. After the Gunners have beaten the Blues on Sunday, the beaten will ultimately disorganized Jose Mourinho and his Blues team to crumple and start scattering like a thrown pack of cards.

  6. Pascal Cygan says:

    Although we played 120 mins at Wembly, it shouldn’t be an excuse for another sluggish display after a full week of rest. We must also not tinker with the established back 4 (Bellerin, Per, Kos, Monreal) as we have seen in the Reading game, unless their form drops significantly. As much as I hate having to rely on Per against players with quick feet (e.g. Hazard), his form has improved lately and he had another fine game last Saturday until he was stretchered off.

    1. almostawinner says:

      per’s mostly a liability when we play high line. i dont imagine we would be doing that versus chelsea. conflicted on whether to start the fresh & been-quite-good-lately bellerin or the more-experienced-but-bit-rusty debuchy. on the other side, def start monreal over gibbs. also hope ox will be back.

      1. Budd says:

        And when did we play a high line after Monaco? In fact we never played high line this year, the accident with Monaco was due to losing the patience in key moments.


    We played 120 minutes and got overworked but there will have been a space of a full week when we get to play Chelsea. For professionals that is enough time to rest and freshen up. No self pity, no excuses, let us mount the pressure on Mou’s boys and give them a worthwhile beating

  8. cheeterspotter says:

    Beat Chelsky and Villa and finish 2nd Wenger sees out his contract. lose to Chelsky and Villa and finish 3/4th I want Wenger OUT. No more Mr nice guys from you lot ,have some balls for once. Winning the league is a distant memory and I’ve had enough smaller clubs like chelsky and shitty though backed by crooks and oil rich not a clues winning the top prize lately.
    2nd best is what it is, 2nd best and I don’t like it, do you?
    Got that of my chest but still a long time gooner.

  9. G-Rude says:

    We WILL beat Chelsea. Wenger will play our best team and will get his tactics right for a change. None of this “we will concentrate on our own game” crap. Just beat them at their own game!

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