Astonishing Opta stats confirms Mesut Ozil goal was a record breaker

Mesut Ozil goal breaks Premier League record for team involvement.

Mesut Ozil finally got his first goal of the season and what a goal it was, not because it was a stunning 30-yard screamer but because of the records, it set.

Every single Arsenal player was involved, all eleven of them and there was 35 passes in total, ten more than any goal scored in the Premier League this season.

If Real Madrid, Barcelona or Liverpool had done what Arsenal did today with Ozil’s goal it would have been characterised as total football.

Well, I will say it, it was as good a goal from a team perspective that you will see anywhere in the world. To have every single player involved and to clock up 35 passes is simply sensational.

This one goal shows exactly what Mikel Arteta is trying to do and it may have been “just” Newcastle but this was the same Newcastle team that beat Chelsea, Tottenham and Man Utd and that held Man City to a draw.

A perfect goal as Opta has shown.


  1. Wes says:

    I think we all watched a different game than the one gotanidea saw coz the guy Is always sooo negative with his views we all know that we didn’t have the best first half but we showed our strength as arsenal

    1. Johnmike says:

      I doubt the veracity of that guy’s claims as an ARSENAL fan.

  2. peter Oluwaseun says:


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