At £30M Odegaard will be Arsenal’s first bargain buy of the summer (Opinion)

Arsenal have already completed moves to sign Ben White, Albert Sambi Lokonga and Nuno Tavares, while we are believed to be close to deals for both Martin Odegaard and Aaron Ramsdale, and the fee for the Norwegian is the only bargain of the lot.

I’m hearing a lot of smoke about our transfer business, with TalkSport‘s Alex Crook and Laura Woods amongst those to claim that the £30 Million fee talked about for Odegaard isn’t value, and I refute such comments.

We saw in a very short spell when he arrived in January exactly how exciting, imaginative and creative the midfielder can be, showing an eye for a pass that many simply don’t possess, and at the age of 22 years-old he is only going to get better.

There is a lot he can build on too as he actually settles into the side, given that he only had a limited time to train and get involved with his team-mates having joined during the season, but he has already shown his worth for that fee, highlighted by reports while he was at the Emirates previously linking both Chelsea and Liverpool, with Defensa Central citing his asking price at 60 Million Euros which wasn’t frowned upon at the time.

We have paid a premium for Ben White, we look set to pay up to £30 Million for Aaron Ramsdale which has to be considered excessive also, while Nuno Tavares and Sambi Lokonga have plenty of work to do to prove they are worth their asking prices, but Odegaard’s supposed £30 Million fee is already a bargain in my eyes.

Can any of our other signings (or expected signings) be considered as bargains yet? How much do you guys believe Odegaard is worth at present?


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  1. Agreed. I am happy with his fee for a player that can only improve and his value can only increase (under a proper coach that is) that’s how Arsenal should strive to do business.

  2. Lokonga will prove to be a first class signing ,mark my words.He is our best value for money buy in this window in my opinion.

    1. Must agree with your prediction for Lokonga. ASL can cement his place as a first pick in the team sheet, if he gets a regular run of games.

      1. Agreed grandad as I’ve said the same below ,amazing two times today and we have both actually agreed with each other(hope for us both it seems )
        Would like to see TIerney and Tavares together on the left side if possible .

    2. 100% agree, Grandad.
      An Arsenal legend did higly recommend Lokonga. Long before we signed him, I wrote in here, that Lokonga was a real raw diamond, who can develope into a real class player.
      I was really impressed by the youtube videos I have been watching. So young with such a huge potential.

  3. Lets not forget he has never had stability. Real kept sending him on loans (4 seasons I think?) In indifferent countries on top of that. He’s gone from Spain to Holland, back to Spain, into different Spanish team, briefly to England, back to Real. Never knowing where he will be playing next year.

    I’ve noticed this doesn’t bode well. EMI was shipped out on multiple loans. Gnabry too. Even Salah. It wasnt until their permanent transfer they started performing on the level they are now.

    And we got Ödegaard for peanuts IMO. Lets hope he can fulfill his potential now that he has home.

      1. Did well but was never world class.
        Even after his permanent move to Roma, he never reached his world class.

  4. I think at 12 million Tavares is our bargain of the summer .
    Odegaard for me is way overpriced for a player who broke on the scene 6 years ago and as been loaned out ever since ,he did nothing here in his 6months and cannot see how at 30 million he could be takes about as a bargain .
    5 million and I would maybe agree as a squad player but we know he’s going to be a starter and will push out ESR onto the left or bench at worse .
    I’ve been more impressed with Tavares in the few games I’ve seen and for pretty much a third of Odegaards price .

    1. He didn’t get into the Real first team when he broke onto the scene at 16. Shambolic.

      He created more goal-scoring opportunities in half a season than any other Arsenal player did across the whole season (and ESR was no. 2).

      1. We could say the same about Ozil and his goal -scoring opportunities but we all know what happened to him .
        Going to have to agree to disagree on Odegaard Sean ,come back mid season and we can talk then ,hopefully I’m proven wrong but cannot see it .

        1. The Ozil that created the most chances in the PL in 5 of his 6 seasons? That one? That guy was scapegoated so much people seem to have forgotten that he was brought in to do one job and he was basically the best in the league at it.

          1. That was my point to Sean @bob cherry picking stats do nothing for me unless you use them for everyone .
            The same as “we was second best in the league in the second part of the season “if your using stats use them with proper context
            Regarding Odegaard I’ve not seen anything special ,maybe he will I’ll prove me wrong

    2. Dan kit I agree totally wasted 30 million I don’t rate him better buying someone decent it seems who Arteta likes. How many times has he been loaned out and nobody wanted him only Arsenal

  5. I didn’t see a queue of team banging on RMs door to sign the boy wonder. I dont think from what we have seen 30 Mil is a bargain, i think he is a 20 to 25 mil player at best. He is neat and tidy and not very dynamic but as yet he is no special player. Madrid had him back to assess him this summer and didn’t like what they saw, so they have shipped him out. He was supposed to be their future player but fell below the grade. We are no RM but he is no superstar in the making from what he has shown. What i saw, when the pressure was on and we needed a bit extra, he fell short.

    1. very sensible assessment Reggie…no doubt he has some skills in his tool box, but he certainly hasn’t shown the kind of attributes that we so desperately need in the midfield, as he lacks the requisite pace and scoring touch required to fundamentally change our tactics, his presence likely means more unnecessary shoehorning of players and he’s too injury-prone for such a timid player…as I’ve said all along, this is the sort of path of least resistance purchase, much like the misguided Xhaka re-upping, that will likely enable our slowly drowning manager to continue to rollout the same ineffectual tactics that have yielded mid-table or below offensive numbers

    2. Reggie, “neat and tidy and not very dynamic” describes Mikel Arteta as an Arsenal midfielder. Hopefully, Odegaard can show a lot more, if given the right coaching, tactics, opportunities and environment.
      Now all Arsenal need is Aouar and one of Guimaraes or Bissouma in this “buyers market”, for every club bar Arsenal.

      1. Ozziegunner I just don’t where the money is coming from unless there is a surge to buy are deadwood

  6. I’m not gonna take the words of those clowns on talksport who never have anything good to say about Arsenal.
    Clowns who know actual nothing and claim to be professional. I could do a better job than some of those clowns at Talk Sports studio.

    Even more embarrassing are the Arsenal fans who failed to see Ødegaard’s actually a great signing. One who’d elevate us.
    They point out he had just 2 assist.
    I went in search to watch some his videos with us, and this guy would’ve had up to 10 assists under six months if PEA and co weren’t wasteful.
    He laid passes that I’ve seen people laud Ozil over for weeks and months.
    Passes that we’ll never hear the end of, and mostly PEA and Lacazette wasted most and flunk those chances.
    We all know our attackers were the poorest last season.
    More worse, I read an Arsenal fan on Twitter say ESR is a better player than Ødegaard, and I started thinking maybe we do actually deserve to be here.
    ESR is a talent no doubt, but he’s a better footballer compared to Ø?
    I’ve read fans on here make the same bogus claim.
    Ø had the best teams chasing after him at 15, came to London for a trial under Wenger, and finally chose Madrid.
    Everyone Ø was sent to just to go play, he’s done absolutely great in those teams and league.
    The one big constant his he never had the time to settle, it’s always from here to there. But now he has the trust of a manager and a team to call home for years. He has stability now and will have to show what he’s capable of and we have fans complaining about what he’ll bring ad degrading him just because he’s not some shiny new toy.

    Another angle is this, most of y’all can give Pepe two seasons, but judge Ø based on six months?
    I watched Ø played before we got him and I know there’s a great footballer in there.
    I look forward to watching him play and the quality he brings.

    1. Eddie any fan who thinks smith is a better player than Martin doesn’t really understand football. If I’m being honest I still don’t see exactly what smith offers us yet, I think he’s a steal at 30 million. And I like this line “He laid passes that I’ve seen people laud Ozil over for weeks and months.

      1. Well surprise surprise Lenohappy, those fans are on here.
        Seen a couple big them written ESR is even better than him

    2. Yep Eddie- I pretty much agree with everything you said there. And ESR is a completely different type of player than Odegaard. ESR on Friday was most effective collecting the ball and running at Brentford. His link up play with Tierney in the second half was brilliant at times. Odegaard is likely to be the pivot.
      Will Arteta play them both? It’s unlikely he will, but when he tried it last season ESR was pushed too wide.
      This manager needs to find a system for these two AND Saka. It might just save his job

    3. Eddie, injuries didn’t help him acclimatise to a new club or league either. This season, injury free, permanent move, should give him the opportunity to thrive, provided he is supported by the manager and his team mates. If they make the runs he will pick them out with the pass.

  7. I think it’ll turn out to be great vfm. While he didn’t exactly set the world on fire. Oodegaard was part of our resurgence, along with ESR, in the back half of last year. He’s key to the press and will take no time to bed in.

    I wish we could do polls on this site. I’d love to know whether folks think he’s a better buy then Buendia who many were disappointed we didnt get. For me its Odegaard all the way – younger, cheaper, will hit the ground running and no where near his peak.

    Agree with comments above that Lokonga looks like another great buy.

    1. MO’s pressing from the front and his leadership qualities were on display during his previous loan spell with us. A vocal presence on the pitch (for a young guy playing in a new league with new teammates) and very good at organizing his teammates by constantly giving instructions when not in possession of the ball. No wonder he is the captain of the national side, despite his young age.

    2. Don’t forget Pepe’s contributions in goals and assists, when given opportunities at the end of the season.

  8. I think Martin Odegaard is a great signing.. In a market where every Dick, Tom and Harry go for 50-60 million, 30 mil for a young still developing player with obvious potential is a bargain.. and don write “MO” for Martin Odegaard.. MO still gives me nightmares about a certain lazy, overpaid player we recently had

    1. “MO still gives me nightmares about a certain lazy, overpaid player we recently had”. Who might that be 🤔🤔🤔

  9. I dont really understand this much quoted view that because he couldn’t succeed at RM he can’t work here. We don’t need to look very hard to find examples of players who needed a change in scenery to reach their potential – two of our legends (Berkamp, and Henry) weren’t regulars at their Italian clubs before moving to Arsenal. Equally you see great players fall off the cliff when they move clubs (Hazard, Sanchez).

    Anyway Reggie, I’m sure you and I can agree that we hope you are wrong and he goes on to join that list of Arsenal greats.

    1. Voyageur, he “couldn’t succeed at Real Madrid” because of the great midfielders RM had to select from. People seem to neglect that, given that although some are aging, Modric, Kroos, Isco, Valverde and Co are high quality.

  10. We cannot say Odegard is a bad signing because he only had 2 assists when he was with us last season. He only got 2 assists because of our woeful strikeforce. He would have got more assists if our forwards could hit a barn door from 8 yards. Kevin De Bruyne could play for us and only get 2 assists because of our woeful finishing, would you call him a bad player.

      1. That goes for all our technically gifted players though, doesn’t it?
        I, for one, am not convinced, based on last season.
        However, I will happily be proved wrong…. let’s wait and see.

  11. OT – So Lacazette, Aubamayang, Runarsson and Wilian were all covid positive last week.

    Why the secrecy?

    Very bizarre

      1. Is it because the rules say that individual players are not allowed to be identified?

        Not sure where that came from, but when these stats are given out, it is only how many players… not by individuals.

        1. The FA and teams must’ve covered it and put a lid on it.
          Releasing that news would’ve caused mass hysteria and panic since fans were meant to be in the stadium.
          I think it was just a way to keep it under control

  12. Martin Odegaard
    Games: 65
    Starts: 53
    Sub appearances: 12

    Goals: 9
    Assists: 11
    Penalties scored: 0

    Minutes per goal: 510.3
    Minutes per non-penalty goal: 510.3
    Minutes per goal or assist: 247.6

    James Maddison
    Games: 80
    Starts: 64
    Sub appearances: 16

    Goals: 20
    Assists: 10
    Penalties scored: 0

    Minutes per goal: 288.8
    Minutes per non-penalty goal: 288.8
    Minutes per goal or assist: 192.5

    James Maddison has played more games with more goals. But that’s about it.

  13. Sambi lokonga is a much better bergain for me.

    My fear for lokonga is arteta. Arteta may pair xhaka and partey when he returns from injury and keep lokonga on the bench or he may never list him in any game again.

    Except if lokonga can slow our games, commit reckless fouls and give backward/sideway passes like xhaka.

  14. Just read Laca Auba missed Brentford because they got covid alongside William and the keeper.

    First major news as Auba now testing negative, is aiming to be fit for chelsea while Laca is still with the covid.

    2nd news is exactly why I am getting bullish about arsenal fans who offer opinions with no substance. Ramsdale social media platforms have been hit with msgs from ‘arsenal fans’ telling him to fck off… he will be hunted down if he comes… boo’d if he plays….

    Why? Because video game fans are 90min football fans. Dont know shit about my football club.

    On the topic of Odegaard, I add this. Aston Villa wanted ESR for 30m and probably would of gone up to 35m to close the deal.

    So we have 2 players in similar positions who will be good together.
    Infact all of these young next gen players will grow together and improve each other.

    I have time for it, been a fan over 30 years… I have to accept though, some fans dont have the time for it, because their video games make them believe in magic

  15. I am very happy with the Odegaard signing. £30 million is nothing nowadays.

    We paid £35 million for Mustafi in 2015.
    Paid £30 million for Xhaka.
    Paid £70 million for Pepe.


  16. Lacazette.

    Smith. Ødegaard. Saka.

    Lokonga. Partey.

    Tierney. Gabriel. White. Cedric.


    This is my current dream 11 when everybody are fit.

    1. Add Saliba in that back 4 for White
      A New Starting Rb
      Martinez instead of Leno, when we had them both.

    2. Pepe has to play if Arsenal want goals, because teams tend to double mark him, thus creating space for others.

  17. I will go for Nuno because that guy just play like wanbisaka for man u… and again he got a very good Left foot more than pepe & Xhaka he can curved the boll like mahrez..well he gonna surprise everyone

  18. Just remmember we bought Guendouzi for 7mil and Martinelli for 6mil.
    THOSE are bargains
    Gosh i hope Guendouzi will return. He is class and has a fighting spirit.

    1. Bargain is an understatement in those two cases, IMO. ASL playing style reminds me of Guendouzi. To get the best out of Guendouzi, he needs a manager who understands the human side of footballers.

  19. I agree totally about Guendouzi. A very good committed player giving his 100% for the shirt, but had a few bad tempered moments which I am sure any other experienced manager would have handled quite well. Hope he returns to us soon. Regarding Odegaard I hope he performs to his ability now that he has got a permanent signing and has allredy jelled with the team. Also Lokonga and Nuno are exciting signings, great for the future. Lets back the team.

  20. We had willock whose stats last year were different but equal if not better in some areas than Martin’s.

    I’m not convinced by him based on his performances last year. Yes he made a couple of nice passes but it’s not as though he is De Bruyne. Maybe he will develop into something more than a often sideways passing Arteta like player but the jury is out for me.

    Regardless of what people say, his performances last year where he wasn’t anywhere near exceptional or the fact RM did not think him up to it makes me hesitant in declaring this guy is a bargain.

    Yes he is young, and can hopefully develop into a better player with us but worried our midfield will be very Arteta-Esque with lots of ball retention backward and sideways with him and Xhaka but without much penetration.

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