At half-time Arsenal were out of the title race – but now we can win it!

What a brilliant end to an excellent game for Arsene Wenger and our players as well as us Arsenal fans. But what a nail-biter! Let’s be honest, when we saw Jamie Vardy score that penalty just before half time we all thought that our season had ended right there, considering that Leicester had gone on to beat Liverpool and Man City in their last two matches.

Even Arsene Wenger admitted that he was extremely worried at half-time when he considered the mathematics. “Honestly,” he said. “I said we were unlucky at half-time to be 1-0 down, because I thought it was a free-kick on Ozil on the edge of the box. And I thought that was a good opportunity for us to score just before half-time. And one minute later we were 1-0 down from a penalty that for me was not obvious at all.

“So that was a big mental hurdle for the team, we were under shock at half-time. We didn’t see that coming, and we were eight points behind Leicester at half time. You could see today that Leicester are not in this position by coincidence. They are quality, they defend very well, they come out very quickly. But I think in the second half we had the right energy level and they never came nearly past half-way.

“For a while, I thought eight points would be too much. We came back to five, I thought ok, it will not be completely over.”

Arsene then described his feeling during the four minutes of added time, when we threw everything except the kitchen sink at the Foxes. It did smell [of a] goal, in the last five or six minutes.” Le Prof continued.

“Every time we had the ball, I didn’t have too much time to think, because I thought something could happen there. And they just managed always to get the ball out. And when we had the free-kick on that side, and I saw Mesut taking it, I thought we had a chance there. Because his balls are top quality, and we had tall players in the centre then, Welbeck, Chambers, Mertesacker and Giroud. So I hoped it could happen.”

This game was the proverbial six-pointer, so instead of being 8 points behind we are now just 2, and have a massive boost to our confidence. “It will strengthen our belief that we are in the fight. We had a bit of a dodgy spell, Liverpool 3-3, Stoke 0-0, lost to Chelsea, 0-0 at home with Southampton. Now after that we won two games and we are still mathematically in the fight, that will strengthen our belief of course.

“A loss today would have been massive, yes. Even after that you get all the negative vibes, the belief goes down, would have been much more difficult. We would not have given up, but eight points is three games to come back. We would need to win three, they would need to lose three.”

So does Wenger now believe that Arsenal can go on and take the title at last? “I believe that is what we want to achieve.” he replied. “But you have Man City, Tottenham and of course Leicester are in it, so at the moment it is very tight. What we want to do is to create a consistency to have a chance to do it. We are conscious we have some big games to come up. It is down to how much can we put that kind of energy into every game.”

There are still many massive games to come up before any title winner is confirmed, but this is a very big mile-stone in the race. Let’s enjoy and wait confidently for the rest of them….

Onwards and Upwards!


  1. I seriously couldn’t control myself when Welbeck scored I was so happy I literally felt it coursing through my body it was orgasmic!

    Loved seeing what it meant to the players and the fans at the emirates, I can’t remember the last time we scored such an important goal in the dying seconds with so much on the line. Let’s keep grinding we got a tough run in but I believe

    1. Really the reaction of the players said it all… I have never seen Ozil celebrate a goal in the manner in which he celebrated the Weblz goal… Hopefully this provides us with the momentum to go on a run and clinch the title..COYG!!!

    2. And one more effect Welbeck’s come back will have is the fact that most of our players play better when they are not certain of the place, in this statement I am referring to Giroud and Walcott, they will start scoring again now that we have so many options both on the wing and at the CF.

  2. Consistency will win us the League………. But Complacency will only cost us the League!

    Be a winner…Choose Consistency!!!

  3. Yesterday, I was so happy after the match until I saw a comment on skysports by a neutral fan..
    He said Arsenal have blown their chances already this season, that this win just allows us to dream on…that statement really affected me…
    We now have too many bogey teams imo, everton,spurs,soton,chelsea,and add west hamks form this season…
    To start with we MUST beat ManU at old trafford in our next game to make this win worth it…
    Thank God our players are coming back but to be honest am very worried

    1. u have to be…

      Norwich, westbrom , soton , stoke , pool…..All those games we took for granted and played without our hearts

      now we know how important it was to have killed it all

      feel free to feel gutted

  4. A very unArsernal win that…can’t recall the last time we scored in the dying seconds of a game of that magnitude…substitutions made at the right time and not the normal 75 minutes…..well done to all involved, from the players to the manager, they all did what needs doing so big up to them….few weeks back there was an article on here about injured players coming back and helping at the tail end of the season; the article was big on Wilshire and I commented saying Welbeck will be the one I will most look out or because he offers us something different upfront, either as a striker or on the wings, I also said Wilshire does not register on my radar not because he os not good but simply because we have better players in his role and he has not been missed one jot….when that Welbeck heads went in I had tears in my eyes, for him and for the club…..coyg

  5. yea well happy i got my birthday gift from Arsenal yesterday. i hope now we go into our yearly run of winning our last 12,11 games. I believe we can win it all, i want us to whoop man utd’ ass please!! guys we can do this

  6. I saw a comment made by Dani Alves yesterday.I stick with him,I think he’s right. our squad every year is always young both age and mentally. our maturity ain’t consistent. Only Ozil and Carzola tends to control the game when we are winning n losing

  7. I don’t know whats up with TH14 on skysports, are they telling him what to say? He was even complementing the spuds, and I know that’s not in his nature. I don’t know how anyone can say that deliberately hanging out your leg so that you fall over a defenders leg is a penalty. It is cheating, pure and simple. A penalty is when the opposition fouls you in the penalty box, otherwise any striker can simply run into a defender in the penalty box and claim a penalty.

  8. In an article, I wrote ‘Imagine Welbeck coming back to score some crucial goals for the club this season?

    He has done it against Leicester and I won’t be surprise if he scores against his former club (manu) or plays a huge part in that game.

  9. U know wat gunners? One day i noted carragher sayng ‘arsenal are good but will always let you down’..i hate this statement. Yesterday almost hapened bt gunners provd it wrong..this is how a real champion plays , great fightng spirit and let the win kick stat our season but let our strikers be clinical coz they were not fair to ozil. He could add 3 to 4 assists . Come oooon guys

  10. Bolly, every match is now a decider for us, and of all the other teams competing, we seem to be a bit behind.our goals are not really flowing and we have tougher away fixtures,if we draw or lose against Man U, then we have a massive chasing to do..I just pray Spurs are affected by their Europa league fixtures

  11. I saw cazorla yesterday in the tunnel in his suit, and I think he should be back in 3weeks…he has to be,,we really need him….
    FA cup line up…
    Chambers Mert Kos gibbs
    …Flam Elneny…
    Campbell Iwobi Walcott
    If Koscielny’s injury means he can’t play, does that mean we will play bellerin again??? He will play barca on Wed and then Fa cup, I think that’s too much

    1. Kos has to rest.

      Flamini Per CC Gibbs
      Ox Mo
      Campbell Iwobi Jeff

      Play Ox as a B2B…Welbeck on in the second half for TW14.

  12. I really think that the Chambers substitution was pivotal. Kos and BFG were just looking on the edge at times when Leicester were attacking. But Chambers was really mature and counterpoised their attacks very well. Good to see the lad getting in and putting up that kind of a performance just when we needed it the most. COYG!

  13. The win against Leicester reminded me of arsenal’s win over manure some seasons back. RVP came on to equalise with Henry scoring at the Death. We also ended that match with three strikers Henry Adebayor and RVP

  14. I had flash backs of Mickey Thomas from 1989 and Alan Sunderland in the 79 FA Cup!
    What a way to end the game…no question we deserved the 3 points.
    Loved seeing us play with 3 strikers up front…
    Per Chambers
    Hector Monreal
    Ozil Sanchez
    Walcott Giroud Welbeck

    We had great chances and perhaps snatched at a few when a little bit of composure would have seen the ball in the net, luck deserted us again (Per missed header; Kasper’s brilliant save off OG12’s blast; Sanchez header wide; Morgan throwing his body in the way; Ramsey dragging the shot; Ref missing the Kante handball penalty)…jeez a lot didn’t go our way. Drinkwater should have had a straight red for the tackle on Ramsey and to be balanced, Coquelin was lucky not to get a second yellow for shoving Mahrez. Could well have been 10 v 9!

    It’s building to be one of the great EPL seasons ever….the passion from the team when we scored, the supporters going berserk…pure magic!

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