At last! Arsenal announce Adidas kit deal from July

There will be a lot of happy Arsenal fans today as the Gunners have finally confirmed that they have reached an agreement with Adidas to supply their shirts from July 1st this summer.

There have been very few rave reviews about the kits made by Puma so we can look forward to having a bit more style from next season!

This is what the official Arsenal account have just tweeted…..


  1. Declan says:

    Bring back the bruised banana kit.

  2. Goonerboy says:

    Great deal. Havent bought a shirt since Puma took over as i really detest their body hug and terrible designs, welcome back adi….

    1. Tas says:

      I for one will be sad to se Puma go I think they were brilliant with the design and colours Puma is more of a high end design sports company than other sports brands so going back to Adidas is a step back to me but if it means more money then YEA let them have it

  3. Phil says:

    Can we PLEEEEEEEEEEASE go back to RED SOCKS.
    And YELLOW & BLUE away kit.
    Thank you
    PS-And the Briused Banana at some point would be very welcome.

  4. sunny says:

    Good deal. Real Positivity around the club. I am still cherishing yesterday’s win.
    Noticed that the team plays better without Ozil. Should not we sell Ozil and Keep Ramsey based on this Season’s performance ?

    1. jon fox says:

      ” The team plays better without Ozil”. Indeed it does and why? Because the other players all gave 100% whereas Ozil does not. Simple really! Talent , however sublime, without passion and true desire to work 100% is wasted and is actually poison to any team.

  5. Maks says:

    Finally decent design from addidas.
    It can not be bad as this today. Arsenal players looks like USA curling team.

    1. ken1945 says:

      MAKS, they can wear hula hula skirts as long as they can produce results like yesterday!!!
      Still the money should come in handy for Emery, if Kronkie let’s him have it!!

      PHIL, if you went, how did you rate the performance and are we going overboard in our praise for what I see as a stunning team performance?

      1. Phil says:

        Hi Ken-Fulham is always a good ground for us as you know.As a side I believe Fulham are very easy to play against as they try to play football and look to attack more than defend.But we can only play the team in front of us and as such we can only be pleased with the overall performance.I thought we were too open at times in the first half and gave them too many opportunities even though Leno was not troubled too much.But what I did like was the balance of the team looked better and we now seem to attack with more pace.
        Defensively we did reasonably well but there is no excuse for Bellerin giving the ball away blindly early on that could of cost us an early goal and then Monreal doing the same that did cost us.Very sloppy and inexcusable.
        The second half was as near perfect as we have seen for a while.The pace and intensity was there throughout and the early goal gave us so much confidence that you could see it in the players.So great result following a good performance and there is no doubt Emery is beginning to make this team better.We have strength in depth within the squad and competition for places should demand the players stay focused.we have a momentum about us that breeds the confidence and I fully expect us to win all our league games up to the home game with Liverpool and I’m sure we can give them a game.Emery is starting to get the best from all the players and why should we fear Liverpool?They are not unbeatable at all.This winning run should have teams starting to take us seriously which is not something that has happened for a long time.
        And I can tell you something else Ken.There were more smiles on faces coming out of the ground yesterday than most Away games last season.

        1. ken1945 says:

          Thanks Phil, and why shouldn’t there be more smiles?
          Newcastle was a riot of exploding joy, so I know where your coming from, that’s for sure!!
          It seems that we always perform better in the second half and that is puzzling to say the least.
          That goes even for the city/chelsea games in my opinion.
          I agree with your thoughts regarding pool, but if they capitalise on our first half performance, it could see the game beyond our reach.
          Your right about our two fullback errors, but I was very impressed with the overall performance as a defensive unit (our achilles heel for far too long).
          Whatever design come out from adidas, let’s just have red and white, the original and famous colours of the club!!

  6. Enagic says:

    Great! at least we will have some money to replace Ramsey and I really hope we get Banega who will be something we have been missing since Carzola departure.

    As for Martin Keown to come out and say he will be sad if Ramsey leave to me he sounds like Arsene Wenger who used to do same thing for over ten years players come and go – Ramsey is nowhere near world class players like Iniesta, Messi or Xavi but it has been a customs when a British player score a fluke goal is world class and don’t even
    Try to recruit him because you will be blown out of water in terms of price

    1. ken1945 says:

      But Enagic, we don’t have, and probably never will be able to afford, the transfer fee and/or wages of the likes of Iniesta, Messi or Xavi will we?
      Keown is being realistic in saying that it will be sad for the club, because Emery wants him to stay as well doesn’t he?
      Why do you think that is? Surely not one of his favourites as it is alleged he was under the previous manager?
      My personal view is that Emery sees him as a top player, willing to work to his instructions and, as he has said before, captain material.
      I believe Ramsey’s contract saga has damaged his chances of staying at Arsenal, so whois it you are suggesting we try and buy? I couldn’t quite work that out, sorry.

      As for it being a custom when a British player scores a “fluke goal”, what goal are you referring to?
      In my time watching football, every country hypes it up when their player scores. Have you ever heard commentators from South America going on for ages?

  7. jon fox says:

    I admit to being old(an old git some have unkindly but mostly truthfully called me) But Arsenal kit, to my mind, is red and white. Red shirts, white sleeves and white shorts. I am less bothered about mere socks, for old gittish reasons. I also understand the commercial value of kit deals and oh, so reluctantly, accept the ghastly reason we wore that dreadful navy blue(Spuds?) shirts yesterday. But it rankles, oh HOW it rankles, at least in old git land. I did not start following Arsenal 60 years ago because of our kit. And I still don’t follow us because of our kit, especially the dreadful change kits. But a word of warning , old gittishness can strike suddenly unless you keep a sharp watch out. It starts as a young git, becomes middle aged git and ends as a fully fledged old git. Now, where is that typewriter I wonder!

    1. ken1945 says:

      For gods sake Jon, just GIT a life, then GIT your life in order, and what the hell is a typewriter?!?!?!?

      1. jon fox says:

        Oh, Come now Ken. You will be telling me next you don’t even own a penny farthing bicycle. Its getting dark soon, so I must get those gas lamps lit.

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