At last Arsenal get a positive comment after celebrating Porto victory

Finally, some positive celebration comments for Arsenal!

Unfortunately our Arsenal boys won’t be kicking a ball for the next 2 weeks and I thought I’d do a little positive article on our celebrations after the recent negative press we have been getting!

Because when it comes to Arsenal and celebrations many people are quick to criticise our “over celebrating!” especially if your name is Richard Keys!

It’s been more apparent over the last couple of months and in particular the last few seasons, that many people including pundits criticise the way Arsenal players and fans celebrate certain results because we have no trophy to show for it. Although they do have a point,  when players and fans are passionate, whether they win a trophy or not those sort of celebrations are what I like to see.

I cast my mind back to the 3-2 win over Bournemouth last season and a last-minute goal from Reiss Nelson, the Emirates erupted and with it the players, fans, staff and managers – and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

But there were some positive comments for the Arsenal this week, after our emphatic and well-deserved win over Porto ex Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand had some positive words to speak about Arsenal, as per TNT Sports’ coverage he said:

 “They haven’t been to the quarter-finals for a while. It’s a young team, they haven’t done this together as a group. When you’re together and you start getting over certain hurdles that you thought – can we, can’t we – and you go past one…you see the celebrations there. Some people might criticise and say: ‘you’ve only got into the quarter-finals, you haven’t even won it yet’, but I know that feeling. That’s a hurdle got over..”

 If that isn’t positive words, I don’t know what is, and even though it comes just from Ferdinand it is nice to hear that even if it is the “quarter-finals” Ferdinand can see something in this team, something many of us have seen for a while now and are trusting the process!

But can it be seen as a reverse psychology type of thing or is Ferdinand being genuine? Well only he will know, but for once it’s nice to listen to pundits praising and being positive about Arsenal and it doesn’t matter whether he means it or not or what the real meaning is behind his comments, what matters is that someone other than an Arsenal fan is saying a few positive words about our club rather than the norm they seem to have of being negative no matter what we do!

And if we keep being successful and winning our games and potential trophies then I for one want to see the celebrations because I know I will be doing the same! ☺️

Onwards and upwards we go hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman


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  1. I for one have never taken any of his baiting comments *Richard Keys) serious. In fact sky sports done us a favour when they binned these fools.
    total numpty
    I love seeing any team not just us celebrate. As fans we want our team, our manager be part of it and to be able to share and feel that energy
    People like Richard Keys are.paid to talk about football but seem to have no idea about the core of what it is about
    We as fans live for moments like we just had
    Why would we, as fans l, the team , manager the club not celebrate hard on occasions like we have just had.
    Onwards and upwards

  2. Positive comments at last from the Man United legend, but we had to hold him down and dig it out out of him.

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