At last! Arsenal set to announce THREE new arrivals

All three of the new Arsenal players could have completed their transfers to the club in the next few days, which would make it an outside possibility that Arsenal fans could get our first chance to see the Egyptian international midfield star Mohamed Elneny in action for the Gunners at the weekend.

The 23-year old is already in London to complete his move from the Swiss club Basel after all the fees and personal terms were agreed and the work permit for him to play in England was sorted out. The weekend´s trip to face Stoke might be a little too soon though as he will need to train with his new team mates and settle in.

The other two new Gunners according to a report in The Mirror are both Nigerian and they are both teenagers so do not expect to see them in the first team anytime soon. However, both 17-year old Kelechi Nwakali and 16-year old Samuel Chukwueze are very highly rated and Arsenal have beaten some of the biggest clubs in Europe to their signatures.

Both starred and scored for their country as Nigeria win the under 17 World Cup last year and that is why it has apparently cost the Gunners around £3 million for the pair. Very good Arsene but now can you spend some proper money?

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    1. Don’t really care about the academy players at this point. We need a forward, wouldn’t count too much on unfit Welbeck, Wilshere or Rosicky whenever they return.

  1. At last! Arsenal set to announce Mohamed Elneny signing……This is as good as a done deal.

    The other two teenagers from Nigeria ain’t close yet. Oh well, I don’t believe much from “metro” and “Mirror”.

    Welcome Mohamed Elneny. I wish you well and I believe You will excel in this beautiful club ARSENAL!

  2. i will call it a point gained considering how the match went..and please people saying 2 point droped what planet are they from? when has liverpool become a pushover team ask chelsea and man city about them..
    people complain about our team that we got no character but i tell you with that perfomance yesterday i see a lot of character..twice going behind and we didnt panic even the commentator said it that this arsenal team doesnt panic..remember all the big teams will have to play liverpool ,man city chelsea man u all at anfield we will wait and see..
    now to yesterday i know he doesnt even get noticed but ibe couldnt go past him..monreal is becoming more important to us than we oh my i am so happy for campbell a little guy with a big heart even though he look like he wanna faint but he never gives up..there were positives yesterday i felt per should be mentioned for praise that tackle and d clearance and bellerin held his own.
    people saying flamini was annonymous well i wonder what game they were watching..he was putting in tackles..
    negative was wallcot who for some reason was so selfish, clueless and did nothing all game..gave the first goal away ,offered no help to monreal…i was suprise he didnt come of ealiear.
    i think wenger should make a decision on chamberlain because Alexis is back and that mean first choice and campbell second choice making him 3rd choice and honestly at the moment i rather have iwobi as my 3rd choice..yes he is not as quick as ox but he got footballing brain which ox is lacking.
    Ox has refused for some reason to improve, wenger should make a decision on him either sell or loan him to southampton untill end of season.
    i am not worried about arteta because i know this is his last season he served us well while it lasted..i wont disrespect him 1 he wanted us,took a pay cut and he came when our so called bigger players was leaving left right and i wont rather he his a good servant and deserves everything he is getting.
    special mention to giroud whom i thought was on his beast mode tormented sahko and toure left right and center..kudos to him he got hit but he kept on was everywhere..i rather have him every game..all in all fair play to liverpool because it would have been harsh if they had lost because mehn that game was breathtaking..and again klopp showed class thats why wenger speaks highly of him..he probably said a fair result, he knows how to take a defeat…am a happy gunner cos we are top of the league …nobody even now they still dont give us a chance and am happy we are proffing them wrong ..coyg

      1. Hahaha ???

        The planet I’m from says..” Two points lost in the 90th minute! ” and thats definitely not champions material.
        If you’re happy with the point then don’t complain,
        when or if we finish 4th!!

        And if you still believe that we can win the premier league when we keep on messing up golden opportunities!!
        Then you and the like ? need to get your heads out of the planet Ur-anus!! ??

        The deludedness virus is most definitely drifting In from the Arseblog direction ? those bloody Lemmings have escaped from their pits! ???

        Now where did I leave my double barrel ?

          1. Hahaha ???

            Why are so many fans deluded and indenial? ?
            I swear that I would never get bored of slapping some of theses Lemmings! ?

            If only modern day technology would allow that!

    1. took my breath away though not always in a good way …. confirms that walcott and ox cannot deliver for us so would still like to see an attacking option brought in…campbell has done himself credit and his work rate is impressive but he still seems raw at times .. while flamini put in a shift the failure to defend effectively between box and centre spot was our downfall in the end … last 20 minutes was excruciating at times and always looked like something would give …santi and coq`s return imperative but perhaps the egyptian can surprise

    2. FINALLY someone not blaming Ramsey for a goal Walcott gave away. Flamini put in a lot of effort but unfortunately his body is too old to maintain consistency for 90min against a Liverpool team that play with Klopp’s gegenpressen style. I was very delighted with the team performance myself and fans should realize Liverpool are not a mediocre side especially considering a very good manager can turn average players into a top team, just ask Fergie. And fans should realize not all games can be won, especially when you’re top of the table going away to Anfield, I remember City being thrashed 4-1 by them in the first half of the season so really, complaining about us having a lack of character because our players were fatigued doesn’t make sense.

  3. Please does this mean he will be unveiled today?? I really wanna know…
    And do you guys think we still need another player??
    We have to win this league,I wish there is something I can do to make it happen

  4. What about the other
    sensational signings?
    The new U19’s baggage
    man Albert Drain and the U21’s
    new bus driver Gwendoline Plaque.

    1. gd news.
      but will he play against stoke?
      against newcastle an liverpool our midfield was dominated
      flam is being asked too much with aaron letting his ego take him forward

      1. Hahaha ??
        No offence intended but this Elephant didn’t forget how you labeled Elneny as horse manure when I first declared that we were signing him, a few weeks ago! ??

        Now look how excited you are! ??
        I will give you the benefit of the doubt
        and blame Wenger for starving You to the point where horse manure becomes Finger licking good, KFC style!

        1. i said elneny was horse manure?

          confused and fat- bad combo! you know whats a good combo?…

          kfc zinger combo…just 4.95- get it while u can!

      2. @muffdiver
        I doubt if “Inspector Clouseau” will bench Aaron, even when Santi and Le Coq comes back. Flame was trying to pull Aarons coat all match about holding his position. Dude just kept trying to play “Ozil”, which makes it easier for the real Ozil to marked out of the game because his movement is limited.

        1. And he scored a goal didn’t he ?? We scored 3 goals didn’t we ?? Rambo’s job isn’t to be Coquelin, when will you haters understand that ? Oh and here’s a fact, when Ramsey was injured Bayern thrashed us 5-1 yet Cazorla was in the team. What excuse did you give the Spaniard back then ? Ramsey played RW whole of last year and Arsenal won most points in 2015, but that doesn’t mean anything right ? Smh.

  5. By the time Arsenal signed Mohamed Elneny, Kekechi Nwakali and Samuel Chukwueze, I perceive Arsenal would have spent a little more than £10m in this January transfer window.

    Would the Boss still spend the cash to bring in a senior squad player, preferable a top quality striker? How much has the Boss left in his undisclosed January transfer kitty? No one knows save the Boss and some few at the club.

    But I believe the Boss should have not less than £15m left in his this winter transfer kitty after spending the perceived £10m on those 3 bodies out of whom Elneny has already arrived.

    Can the Boss get a top rated striker in this widow who will be an upgrade to the Gunners line at £15m or less than that amount? Yes, why not? At least Aleksandr Kokorin should still be available for the Boss take.

    Giroud has done a great job for us since he has recovered from his dip form. Alexis is coming back and could be available for our bogey Stoke City team on Sunday. But he’s a left winger whose position is being covered by Campbell.

    The dip in form Walcott is manning the right wing with Oxchabo as cover for that position. And the natural striker Welbeck won’t be available until the end of February. But who is to cover Giroud at striker position? No natural striker is available in the squad for cover and option at the no.9.

    If the Boss did not sign a top quality striker for cover and option for leading the Gunners line this window, it will only means the Boss will be doing adhoc adoption of any of Walcott, Sanchez and Campbell as striker to lead the line whenever he wants to sub Giroud or if he’s not available.

    This Boss can not be doing adhoc adoption of striker to lead the line whenever the necessity calls for option to lead the line. I’ve said before that the 2 months of January and February could be our 3 titles defining months in which we could gain ground or loss ground in the table and advance or get knocked out in the Cups.

    The Boss should please fill this 3rd striker vacuum that is existing in his squad, irrespective of the coming back of Welbeck which by then will be an added power to the Gunners line. I rest my case and hope the Boss will oblige.

    1. @Sam A.A.
      Joel is our best option to cover Olivier. He has a bit of pace, good hold up play and a mean eye for the pass…

      1. I must say sorry to Campbell, I never at any time rated him anything close to an Arsenal player. He`s proving me wrong. He`s worked so hard on his turning and placing cute passes. Good luck to the lad.

  6. ELNENY!!!! Welcome to your new home..we pray you become as big success..become a CDM on the verge of Xabi Alonso

  7. Guys, watch out for this Nwakali Kid, That’s the New Patrick Vieira in few years. I prayed that Arsene should sign him cos the kid is that good and is a born leader. Now, in few years, i tell you we will have the best midfielder in the planet. Cos with this kid, in Wengers hand…. i can only dream and he is not overrated. The other guy, i may not know much but i pray he makes it too. About Liverpool’s game, I couldnt watch again after the late goal by Allen (Later found out it was him who scored…. funny enough, i never knew he was in the match till that moment, how ironic?) but now i see it’s a point gained than two lost after we got dazzled in the first 20 mins or so. Great mental strength buy the boys to come back. I just wished they could have held on for five more minutes. Well…. after holding on for so long, when a guy has got to come, he has to come lol. Hope i don’t get slashed for this Admin…

  8. So that’s one useful signing then. Not impressed. With the right additions we could really go on and win the title this season. Wenger playing with fire again

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