At last! Arsenal’s first January signing confirmed (plus video)

Every Arsenal fan is waiting impatiently to hear that the Gunners have secured the signing of a top class defender or defensive midfielder but for the moment we will have to content ourselves with the fact that Arsenal CAN still attract top young talent and persuade them to move to the Emirates.

It has hardly been a well-kept secret that we have been negotiating with Legia Warsaw to secure the signing of their brilliant young midfielder Krystian Bielik, but the lad, who has just turned 17, has now confirmed that he will be Arsenal’s first signing of the January transfer window.

Bielik was quoted as saying in today’s Metro: ‘I’ve made a decision to join Arsenal and I’m not going to change it,’

‘I am looking forward to an agreement between the heads of the clubs. I realise that the negotiations may take some time.

‘I am, however, confident it will happen soon.’

Arsenal originally had a bid of £1.5million rejected by Warsaw, but are now expected to wrap up the deal quickly by increasing it to £2million, which could prove to be a fantastic bargain in just a few years time.

It is still yet unclear whether he will immediately join the Gunners first team squad or not. Bielik may only be 17 but he is already 6ft 2 in tall, strongly built, and has already played five times for the Legia first team. Perhaps if Flamini and Arteta are both injured again before the end of the season, Bielik could come in and show us some of his talents, which you can see for yourself in the video below……

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  1. Poor kid. He doesn’t realise that Wenger’s valuation if him is one fifth of what another club will happily end up paying for him. Then in a press conference in 6 years time when the kid is famous, Wenger will tell everyone how he almost signed him while Wilshere sits next to him and says ‘I’m glad to be back after 18 months. Hopefully we can now push on for 4th place’.

        1. I don’t doubt that but unless he’s winning the Champions League I don’t see him staying after the end of his contract. And even so, doubt he’d do it anyway.

    1. loooool!!!

      ‘I’m glad to be back after 18 months. Hopefully we can now push on for 4th place’.

      hahaha! @Vanpayslip. Epic stuff man, truly epic! lol!

    2. Youtube compilations are pretty shite to assess a player but sometimes they reveal something that cannot be disguised or faked – the boy has more presence and pace than MA and MF combined – and unless he delivered every other pass not shown in to Row Z he looks like a decent passer of the ball too with a good range. If he comes not sure how long before he will be a decent first team option – Vieira, Pogb, Carvalho, Matic etc etc all played 1st team football in their teens.

  2. OK, good.

    Now go and sign Krychowiak, Höweded and make a pre-agreement with Dybala and Schär.

  3. Steady Arsene don’t want you breaking the bank by over paying for a player.
    Must be nice having an owner overseeing transfers like They wanted Bony they got Bony, job done.

      1. Bony was the highest goal scorer in the calender year of 2014 in England with 20 goals so he’s proven himself!

  4. Correction: 1.5 mil was turned down and so was 2 mil… Warsaw are holding out for 2.3 mil.

    I also get frustrated when we clearly need proven quality to improve our team, and then Wenger goes and buys a few youngsters… However I feel a bit differently about this kid… I think he will be a great signing for under 3 mil!

    Although, Wenger must still buy proven quality to improve our present squad.

    1. It’s a 17 years old kid. Even 1 pound can turn out to be a bad investment let alone 300k over the 2 mil bid. This difference can easily pay his contract over the next 3 yrs.

  5. “..we will have to content ourselves with the fact that Arsenal CAN still attract top young talent..” this is a very misleading statement. Top Young Talent refers to players like Varane and Marquinhos in PSG, who can step into our first 11 and possibly improve it NOT young Bielik here. Right now, we need defenders who can make immediate impact not ones that wont feature for another 3/4 years

    1. Unfortunately Varane doesn’t play so often anymore (not sure why) but we speak here about young players not young people if you understand the difference. As a person you can be young even at 40 yrs. A player is young at 16 until 20, let’s say 21. After that age you have all reflexes already formed and you should work on experience, power, stamina, tactic and so on. Basically what every player should do every day in top flight football.
      BTW, Bielik is midfielder while Varane & Marquinios are defenders.

      1. Why guys? Pogba hardly played at United but look where he is now and his age, when a player is destined for the top, age won’t really matter.

  6. looks a good player but will probably play at under 21 level for a while. We need to find someone for now though

    1. he’s already said Wenger will train him with the first team and play him in the youth teams. it’s a good but. we don’t have a solid defensive midfield prospect really. not with his stature anyway. he’s like Matic

      1. It is an excellent signing for the reserve team he has Europa leauge experience and started 5games for his club. Last time we did business with them we got fabianski who turned out to be a useful player and doing very well at Swansea now.

        This shouldn’t effect our main goal of a senior defensive mid althoug I can’t see one coming until the summer were we have flamini,arteta,coqulan,diaby, Rosicky all out of contract. This would free us up to go for two central dm and retain one of the above.(preferably Rosicky or arteta

        In the summer these dm will be hot property…
        Khedira,mavuaba,toulalan(free agents)

  7. I love it 🙂
    Sound investment Arsene.
    Thank you for choosing Arsenal.
    May you have a long and distinguished
    career with Arseneal.
    Welcome Krystian Bielik.

    1. If we want to help this lad get krychowiak who better to model his game on considering KRYCHOWIAK is a Poland international playing in the same position….did I mention krychowiak can speak French asŵell?

  8. He looks good and one for the future but I will be happy if in this window we get:

    Van Djik – Apologies if its spelt wrong – CB/CDM
    Winston Reid – CB
    Schniederlin /Wanyama/Carvalho – CDM either one to add steel but still possess passing abilities.

    That’s effectively 2 CB and 2 CDM’s with 3 signings.

    40m at the most in money all very Realistic and Gettable.

    Don’t fancy Khedira/Mcarthy/Gundogan etc due to awful injury records

    And Loic Perrin at 5’11” will only further trouble us in set piece situations

    1. Poor comment van dijk is very attacking he loves to drive forward (this won’t help us defensively he needs a mid table prem move arsenal is a big step too soon.

      Winston Reid isn’t arsenal material there’s better around Europe at his age for similar money, plus he wouldn’t add to our home grown quota.

      Schnederlin and wanyama won’t be available in January (to arsenal) why? Because Southampton think they can finish above us his season.

      This is the first khedira has had a long injury and he is out of favour injury isn’t due to game time.its Real Madrid they’ve let (robben,huntelaar,di Maria, ozil go in recent times. I would be really happy to get him he is better than Matic asŵell and can be signed on a free)

      Gundagan would be an excellent wilshire and arteta upgrade with world class potential.

      If you did your research you would also know that Perrin has the best heading duel record in France this season so hight isn’t an issue with him eg canavarro

  9. Wenger has an eye for spotting promising young talents…sooner he becomes the head of the Youth Academy, incharge of all matters including development and scouting the better for the club.

  10. welcome krystian bielik…long rumour atlast comes true. any player at arsenal is wholeheartedly welcome. looking forward to see u holding a arsenal jersey.

  11. “Has already played five times for Legia’s first team”….BIG DEAL!

    I am afraid he is just another academy player, possibly a good prospect but not what we urgently need.

    1. Yeah, lets not heap praise until its announced… You know what it’s like being an Arsenal fan… How many times have we been so close, and then a player gets plucked from under our noses… So frustrating!

      1. Then Wenger will say, “we came so close, but we couldn’t agree on terms”… That’s a classic if I’ve ever heard one…

  12. Just get him and send back on loan to same club for rest of season.

    Then focus on first team players Arsene.

    Ai don’t hold your breath

  13. What does WENGER know? I hear he’s now planning to get another centre back, Perrin, or should we say Squillaci in disguise!!

    1. Perin is still on the upward curve and is the top French defender in his leauge. He was excellent last season and and is amongs the top 3 statistically this season whilst playing for a mid table team he is the guy that helped kurt zouma to shine.

  14. Amazed at how when we sign a youngster that isn’t what we actually need we actually sign them!
    However, when arsenal try to sign the players we actually need.. It’s a long drawn out process that takes the whole window and then inevitably they go somewhere else to someone who will actually pay the asking price!
    Sanchez is great, giroud and wellbeck are subs at best – Man City have top strikers and top defenders yet when they see an opportunity to strengthen- they go and do it – they sign them as do Chelsea.. The reason being.. Ambitious clubs..
    We meanwhile will sign a 17year old and a loanee to attempt to finish in the top 4 and people will come on here and say we are doing well.. Fuk you !

  15. Is it on Arsenal’s website? no so he’s not our player yet.
    We all know with Arsene anything can happen even if the player says he’s coming remember Serge Aurrier?
    He does look good, nice at finding a pass to the front players, tall and athletic. He reminds me of a young Matic, let’s hope he signs and develops well.
    Can’t help thinking this is our only DM target and on CB’s well end up with Perrin or Reid 🙁
    Attacking players on the cards? who knows!


  16. Schar, Van Dijk, Reid are all less than £10 million. Howedes is worth £15 mil. It will be a shame if Wenger doesn’t get one of them.

    I’m always happy to get young talent for the future but we need experienced players for today also.

    Anyway Welcome to arsenal Bielik

  17. Players for the future are when you already have an established winning team like when we had fabregas- you integrate then and play them gradually, we are currently struggling to put more than 2 wins together due to our shambolic defending and headless chicken between the sticks.
    When arsene refuses to acknowledge these glaring deficiencies it only strengthens my belief that we will never under his and kroenkes rule ever win anything or be competitive because we never seem to have a squad capable.. Only a ‘nearly’ squad!!!

  18. Good lord people are impossible to please. He’s a highly sought after young player. He’s one for the future just like Ganbry, Ox, Ramsey & Wilshire were. He’s like Pogba was to United and they were stupid to not use him & look at him now! His transfer fee & wages will not in any way affect other business we can/will do in the Jan window. I wish we’d sign Oodegard (sp ?) as well.

    I takes more time & effort to sign bigger name/established players because their clubs have to find a replacement as well. Arsenal never sign players day 1 of the window. Hopefully Arsene has targeted primary & secondary “wish list” players and we’re trying to make it happen soon. But this kid could be the next Vieira so let’s sign him & help him progress.

  19. I am tired of reading, watching and listening to sky sports news, EPL transfer news, arsenal transfer news, Bing Sports, Arsenal TV news, ESPN etc waiting with my fingers cross for a signing that will actual help us to atleast meet arsene’s trophy of 4th place. Is it only me or there is someone else out there that does the same thing. one would think that since our team needs additional quality we would have at least sign a player or two immediately as the window opens to at least give them a week in training in order to get them familiar with the team so they can be integrated. If we sign a overseas players by the time they become familiar with the team and the physicality of the EPL the season would have already come to a close.

    Guys I really think there will be a changing of the old guard this season one of the so call top 4 teams wont play champions league and when you look at everyone else and the quality they have Man UTD, Chelsea, Man City, Southampton, Tottenham, Liverpool even West Ham.
    4 th place looks a real real challenge

    Opinions divided

  20. There’s nothing wrong with investing in young talent.If you look at Chelsea’s they’ve stocked buy some of Europe’s brightest talent since there last title winning team but I do agree we should be looking at players who can break our starting eleven if we can’t get them do we settle for less?

    A loan or short term contract would be good eg Mario Suarez

  21. I prefer jenkinson and Bellerin in the rb position chambers doesn’t look convincing in that position for me

  22. The lads 17 ff sake wenger aloud campbell to go all over Europe improving every year and honing his skill set he never stayed with arsenal so maybe he is learning to play the arsenal way and will be unleashed for the second half of the season

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