At last it’s all over – Alexis going for Man United medical today?

The excruciating negotiations between Arsenal and Man United over the swap deal of Alexis Sanchez and Henrik Mkhitarayan has finally ended at last, with the Mirror reporting this morning that Alexis left the Arsenal team’s hotel at 11pm last night to go to Manchester for a medical today.

The report said: Alexis Sanchez is set for his Manchester United medical today after a dramatic breakthrough in his transfer saga.

Mirror Sport understands Sanchez left Arsenal’s team hotel last night just before 11pm and was bound for Manchester to complete his move to Old Trafford.

Sanchez was due to be in the Arsenal squad after Arsene Wenger named 19 players but then got pulled out and said his goodbyes to his team mates after a breakthrough in negotiations.

It appears Arsenal forced United’s hand by picking him but he then dropped out after a dramatic late twist.

Henrik Mkhitaryan is also set to join Arsenal after saying his goodbyes after training on Friday and was left out of the United squad.

There will be a lot of relieved faces in both camps if these reports are true, and although it is much too late for either player to be fielded for their respective clubs this weekend.

I for one can’t wait to see Mkhi line-up for the Gunners as soon as possible as he at least has something to prove and can’t be as disruptive as having Alexis moaning all the time….



  1. Tas says:

    Let’s hope he passes his medical

  2. GB says:

    This story originally came from the Mail but there is no sniff of it on BBC or SKY yet. I’m sure it will be happening sometime but I think it’s a little premature. Sounds like the stumbling block has been that of the £35 mil United are paying, we get 20 and his agent gets 15 which is outrageous.
    The bad news though is it is increasingly looking like Malcom is going to spurs!

    1. Sue says:

      Yes & I miss the thumbs!

    2. Sue says:

      Why the hell would Malcom want to go there???!

    3. john alexander says:

      Confused.I thought it was a straight swap deal

  3. GB says:

    Are the site comments working “upside down” for everyone or just me?
    Newest post are at top of page now rather than bottom?

    1. Waal2waal says:

      its a problem for others too – except our fans in australia. hey admin any news as to when normal functionality will return?

    2. barryglik says:

      Yep latest first.

    3. Admin says:

      It’s something to do with the new arrows system (which nobody even noticed!) I’m going to delete it and try and find another thumb that works….

  4. Sue says:

    It’s now January 20th….. PLEASE buy some players!!!!

    1. kamikaze says:

      Haha you must be dumb to think arsenal will buy anyone

  5. barryglik says:

    I think the Sanchez issue
    is some what over rated really.
    He wanted to go in the summer
    so it’s actually old news.
    He has not had any where near the impact this season so is no loss really.
    We could have lost him for free so getting a player and money is a decent outcome.
    We are not missing Chamberlain Gabriel or Gibbs.
    Le Coq was hardly playing while Walcott did not start
    a league game despite receiving 110k p/w.
    80 mill and 20 mill salary saved = 100 mill and no real loss of player strength.
    Hopefully Giroud Perez and Debuchy will be the next to join the exodus
    with perhaps 20 mill transfer fees and 12 mil salaries saved = 32mill.
    Mkhitaryan + Auba would be enough to re energize the campaign with
    another CB and winger the icing on the cake by the ocean 🙂

  6. Waal2waal says:

    far as im concerned he was our best player – no vitriol and no argument from me. he saved our club from humiliation in the cups and at times carried the team on his own. One door closes so as another opens he does not have the charisma or personality that PEA has.

    hopefully we have retained ozil and bringing in PEA with lacazette is still a lethal attacking option, for sure. lets see what developments will be in midfield and at center back as clearly our remaining focus is likely to be the remainder of the domestic and europa cup competitions.

  7. Phil says:

    If what we are hearing is correct and Wenger had Sánchez holed up in a hotel threatening to play him then at least he has grown a pair and forced the Mancs hands.He is GONE he should have been GONE last summer and Wenger should have been GONE 10 years ago

    1. Phil says:

      Has everything just gone back to First at Top ? Good now WHERE ARE OUR THUMBS

  8. Pablo Santner says:

    Alexis Sanchez perspective on Man United move –
    1. Wanted to move all summer but didn’t happen cause Arsenal didn’t got Lemar on deadline day
    2. Choose united over city cause 1stly 400k per week would make a brilliant retirement plan considering his age he might not have many years left at the top level. It only takes a career threatening injury to call it a day. 2nd If it was for trophies he would have stayed at Barca but he came London for more play time. Joining city would have assured a league medal but assurance of starting every match under pep would be highly unlike.
    3. Arsenal is a sinking ship if we don’t see real big changes in a season or two then we might be the new Liverpool of England. (In fact they have improved significantly since Klopp join joined I always dreamt of him replacing Wenger)
    My perspective – I always loved Alexis Sanchez as an Arsenal player. He was our best man on field every single season he played. It was clear he wasn’t happy here with our constant failures. We should have beaten foxes and won the league a couple of seasons ago but again injuries hit us and we crumble under pressure. That Norwich loss still haunts me. That season was our best shot in years.
    I respect Sanchez and whatever he has done for our club. The hate he is getting is unreasonable. The only person who is to blame is the board and Arsene Wenger. I still remember those days when 1-0 to Arsenal was a every week story. We want our glory back we want our Arsenal back. #Wenger out

    1. Phil says:

      Well written and bang on point

    2. GoonAR says:

      I support Sanchez! Gave it his all for the club. With the right management and transfer moves he would’ve already signed a new contract a long time ago.

  9. Ox says:

    Can’t wait till he goes to be honest

  10. Billy says:

    I don’t have any problem with Sanchez going. World class I’m not sure, on his day amazing. A very selfish player and for me not the best team player. The saying goes work smart not hard. The big man always worked hard but not smart. Good luck to him, but I can’t see him doing any better at United. He certainly has not helped Lacazette produce, who I think will benefit from miki. For the first time in years I think we are going forward.

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