At last! Organized protests at Arsenal will force the issues

Arsenal fan groups announce riots? Interesting times for sure!‏ by KM

Well, well, a happy good day to you all! By far the best news for me is coming from the fact that three of the Arsenals biggest fan groups – the Arsenal Supporters club, the Black Scarf movement and REDaction have released statements that change is needed. I feel like there is no need to quote the statements, because this site had enough of the points pointed out there being put in place!

I would watch the Norwich game just to see if this emerges. Minutes 12, 78 and the end of the game is where the banners are announced to be lifted and they should be available from people who will print out more and give them out near the stadium as well as local pubs near the ground. So if you want to see the end of Arsene’s reign, you can grab one for me too!

There have been single banners and printed papers here or there asking for Arsene and Kroenke to leave in other games, but this time it is supposed to be organised. It is really interesting to see how big this will turn out to be, because the empty seats against WBA were a pretty obvious sign too, although this is bigger. This is a direct slap in Arsene’s face and a clear message to the board.

This is the result of a broken system tearing up it’s people until they realise that there is nothing more to lose than the system itself! The reason Arsene cannot resolve the situation is because he himself is the problem! And speaking of him, he’ll be hoping Leicester win at Old Trafford or at least get a draw, because Wenger is incapable of winning the remaining 3 games of the season and even he himself admitted that he fears for our top 4 place!

But I feel like this is bigger than the top 4. In some extend the Champions League spot has become a virus the club is sick of. It’s a label, you can take the league table at the start of the season put Arsenal fourth or occasionally third and then put the other teams in. You build a house from the ground up. If we want our roof to be higher than the top 4, than we need to lift the floors higher, but if the basics rotten, we might as well build a new house!

The top 4 is not guaranteed for Arsenal, nor is it for any other team and we have to live with the fact that when Arsene goes we might not get it. In terms of moving forward it’s a risk we have to accept. Getting back the excitement in watching Arsenal though is far bigger than fourth place for me. The Board will have to carefully think their next move, because hiring another yes man or leaving an untrained manager like Henry or Bould take charge may result in the fans anger turning towards them.

That’s not something they would like, because part of the reason Arsene is still here is that he has to eat all the negativity in exchange for those mere 8 million pounds a year! Being part of the protest at the Norwich game means you can get fate in your own hands! Be part of a change that would lead Arsenal to better days! A chance to put someone that would break the 4th trophy, the losers mentality, the injury hells, the excuses, the lack of a spine and character and all the other burdens that Arsene has inflicted on this football club.

I really hope this happens and that it’s massive! People already have invented catchy chants and the designs for the banners are simple, yet so deep in their message. Being part of this means you can express how you feel and be sure this will be recognised! And it doesn’t mean not supporting the squad, as the supporters group have mentioned. It’s about a change in the way we are managed as a business rather than a football club and changing the clown that’s running the circus.

Alan Pardew lost the Newcastle fans and inevitably it cost him the job. The ‘Sack Pardew’ signs did the trick and banners will do it for Arsene as well if we apply them. Bring the sheet of paper to every Arsenal game until change happens and it will.

The club is the fans! Among countless years of failure uniting all of us as a fist that will punch Arsene out of the front door of the Emirates will be the BIGGEST victory this football club has achieved!

Enjoy your week!


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  1. OT:

    Since Arsenal last won the premier league:

    Man City have won it 2 times
    Chelsea have won it 4 times
    Man Utd have won it 5 times
    Arsenal Ladies have won the women’s title 6 times
    Every English League club has changed manager
    …Except Arsenal that is.
    Pep Guardiola retired, became a manager and won 3 league titles
    Took a year out, returned and won 2 more
    Maureen has won 6 league titles
    Zlatan has won 9 as a player
    Facebook was invented, youtube was invented, twitter was invented, the iPhone was invented
    And finally,
    Claudio Ranieri was sacked 5 times, lost to the Faroe Islands, and Joined Leicester
    …and is now 3 points away from this title.
    Guess what has remained the same? Arsenal…that is.

  2. I hope the protest goes on as planned but us arsenal fabs are so deluded that when we score early in that game expect no banners at all somehow!!

    1. We will always support and cheer for the club. I think we should.
      But we’ll still jeer at Wenger and the Board, and keep the banners flying.

  3. Change is inevitable and constant. Arsenal needs Change…

    Wenger has to go… Are we grateful for his achievements @ the club? Yes.

    Is he losing all He has build? Yes.

    Should Wenger leave now? Yes

    #Wenger Out, coming from his fan…

  4. I like this planned protest I think it will give a clear message across but the thign is will tehy listen..

    I think we should do this for the remaining games and also when it comes to home games…JUST DONT GO..leave them with an half empty stadium…allow there beer and burger sales drop and show them we are willing to do this until you change the ways or better still STEP DOWN (Kronke step down). Hit them where it hurts the most their pockets the same way they constantly break our hearts and shatter our dreams..

    As for Wenger move to the board room get someone else in charge of the team who will SIGN NEEDED PLAYERS!!

  5. This is what I have been hoping for so long, that the Gooners will start taking real action. I am half way across the world in Nairobi. Arsenal has a cult following in my country Kenya and fans here are looking forward to the protests. It’s time for change. And I hope even when Arsene leaves, the fans should continue until Kroenke sell his stakes and probably Usmanov will take over.

  6. What I would really like is one of us a true fan on the board as a voice of the fans…Someone who knows the heartache we are going through as fans, someone who could discuss where we as fans want the club to be heading, discuss possible transfer targets..


  7. It got to a point where there were signs of Wenger and Arsenal emerging from the decade-long slum, signing players like Ozil, Sanchez and Cech was testament…this is why many of us continued to support Wenger, especially after winning consecutive F.A cups. That being said, myself and others stated that Wenger MUST continue to strengthen the squad if we wished to be a top team…unfortunately this has not happened. Instead of building on signings like Ozil and Sanchez, now we are in predicament where those players might leave taking us all the way back to square one. It really is a no brainer for Wenger and even from a business perspective from the likes of Kroenke – free up the funds to bring in another three world class players, make a hell of a lot of sales on merch etc, rekindle the fire and passion/support of fans, and in the process our existing stars will remain loyal to Arsenal because they can see the ambition from management and board to bring success to the club. On top of that all, and most importantly, we would have an extremely good chance of winning the EPL and CL.

    1. Your all “assuming” that this protest is going to make any real difference, look at Kroenke’s american holdings, there have been huge protests and NOTHING has changed there.
      Im not suggesting that this protest should not go ahead, far from it but I think all the time the club is owned by silent stan nothing will happen to improve anything, the only real way we may force change is by hitting the club in its pockets and that comes from boycotting season ticket sales, the protest during the West Brom game meant nothing to the board as they already had the money in thiewr pockets and as they are all from silver spooned backgrounds and old money famillies they really dont give a F@ck if the fans protest.
      All that really matters to them is the shareprice and the money that comes into thier pockets each year. Whith a waiting list that goes on for about a hundred years populated by idiots who have no idea of Arsenal and the clubs traditions waiting to hand thier money over even if the whole of the faithfull gave up thier season tickets the board would still be getting what it wants.
      we Need to be bought out by a real football fan someone Dangote or Usmanov to put his money where his mouth is.
      Trouble is Stan is here for the long haul and that aint gonna change its all down to hitting the B@stard in his pocket to force him the other spineless non footballing silver spooned board memebers to reconsider

      1. They might be silver spooned, old money, but just as Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette that gave a fork about the masses claiming justice, heads must roll down in Arsenal starting with the French….just as in his revolution ….VIVA LA REVOLUCION COYG

  8. The premise of your article is misleading, I’ll be at the game and will display my banner. However the change we are calling for is far from just Wenger (which your article is attaining to)

    Without change at the very top then little will happen below. Arsenal is like any other organization, if you require a culture change (which is what’s needed) then it has to start at the very top and work its way down.

    So for most fans (even those that were avid Wenger supporters) they have come to understand that its more than Wenger that has to go.

    1. You are right on the button, ‘fish start rotting from the top’. Kronke must not be spared the axe!

    2. The article is not misleading. It is saying, in the short term Wenger must go. In the long term change is also needed at the top. It is easier to get to Wenger than Kroenke. However, you are correct about change all the way down.

    3. You have a point everyone knows the ownership has failed to reinforce the team and to the common eye seems they lack ambition…..but look at the bigger picture, they bought Ozil, Sanchez, Cech, even Welbeck when a striker was badly needed and WENGER went AWOL these were positive moves…..NOW who instructed the board to pay Walnut his shameless wages, renewing Contracts to players long gone their prime, keeping players that were a promise 10 years ago and 10 years later they have brought nothing, promising he could bring results with the current team, this is WENGER fault and no one else…tired of hearing from pundits and other team fans about our players fragile state of mind…WTF the responsible of the team mentality is who controls the dressing room not the board…..WENGER is solely responsible for this team stale and lack of progress.

  9. But unfortunately, it ain’t happening…

    and this has been exactly the reason why fans are demanding A change in direction

    i’m not the ENEMY ……i want what’s BEST for this club and for the fans en-masse


  10. Time for change has come.
    Wenger must leave.
    It has now become inevitable that arsenal fc requires a new course.

    Wengers egoistical tactics and behaviour have become annoying and boring.

    He must go

  11. Don’t be ridiculous kM, it will never happen.
    Banners are not allowed in the ground, flags, even OUR flag, the cross of St George are banned! Paper ones produced from pockets will be quickly confiscated. As for you mentioning Riots in your heading, well that is wrong, really wrong and totally out of order.
    There was fighting between Arsenal supporters at the last game because, like it or not, the vast majority of our supporters do not support the actions you support my very deluded friend.
    I want change too but it will not happen the way you describe it.
    I will be at the Norwich game supporting my team, where will you be?

    1. I don’t think that intimating that this who do not support Wenger are not true fans is very helpful. I have supported the club for 50 years and have seen a lot of ups and a lot of downs and count the early Wenger years as some of the best of ups. The problem is that it has all gone a bit stale, there is no encouragement from the very top for anything other than profitable mediocrity. Arsene Wenger should retire and then we could put the pressure on the owner without that safety buffer between him and the fans.

    2. Simply not true, there are plenty of banners (flags) at games and I’ve seen “thanks for memories” at a few games (home and away)

      On your point about paper banners, if there are enough of us doing it, there aren’t enough stewards to prevent it.

      Lastly, no-one has said it will be easy nor if this single action would or will be enough. However from small acorns great oaks grow.

      You’re the very reason this country is so sh!t now, apathetic serf, whom lacks a back bone to stand up for what is right.

    3. Do you know Arsenal existed before Arsene? Hint it will exist when he is gone too! If your logic is correct Arsenal won’t have a god damn fan when Arsene leaves, because if you don’t support him, your’e not a true fan!

    4. Woooaaaw hold on a second
      where do you get off being so high and mighty ?? the protest IS NOT a violent one (believe me after being in the army for 10 years I know what one of those looks like)
      ok so the protest may not cause too big a stir in the board room but do we have to sit meekly and just put up and shut up??
      I support my club devoutly and this is the reason Ill be there voicing my angst at the mediocrity that appears to be the accepted norm at the club.
      doesnt make me a plastic fan or disloyal, quiet the opposite in actual fact.

  12. No more urge,passion and determination inside me anymore to support this club if Arsene does not leave….watching a movie 10 times and you still have interest???

  13. Mr Bolly I am quite surprised that with all the heartache every arsenal fan including you has suffered, you can still say things like the protest is not the way forward. Well i am more than convinced that with some persistence and unity from the fans, change can be forced. #WENGER /STAN OUT#

      1. But yes you are VERY lucky not to be in moderation. This morning you posted the most ridiculous made – up lying BS wenger rumour I have ever read in six years running this site. One more like that and you are definitely in trouble…

  14. Many are just scared of losing Wenger because I see no reason why anyone would still want him around…
    Someone said its the board…you could be right..buh how can we really know if its the board huh??

    I don’t think its the board..Why??
    Because the board has said in many occassions that there is money available to Wenger…
    “If Wenger has a plan we will back him”…in other words,if he doesn’t, we let him be…

    However, the only thing I think we can blame the board for is their lack of passion for football..
    They don’t love football at all, as long as money comes in,all is well..but I don’t think they told Wenger not to buy..that’s my opinion..

    When we bought Welbeck,Wenger said if he was around we wouldn’t have signed Welbz…
    Sorry for my rantings, but to really know what the problem is, Wenger has to go first…

  15. I think Barcelona will beat City if they somehow get past Madrid BUT this is still possible

    1. City win CL and League Cup
    2. United win FA Cup
    3. Liverpool win Europa League Cup
    4. Spurs finish 2nd and ahead of us
    5. Us finishing anywhere from 3rd to 5th but probably we will win 4th place trophy

    But Wenger will say:
    1. that he sees progress and improvement
    2. Leicester winning proves his point that you don’t need to spend to win trophies
    3. Cazorla will be like a new signing.
    4. He will only sign players if they become available or “if they come and knock on the door, of course I will open it” lol
    5. We have plenty of money to spend but it has to be players of the right quality

    1. @arsenal-girl
      Guess you don’t watch enough football to know that Barcelona are out of this years Champions League…
      “Another Bot”

  16. If u take a banner to the match, and if the stewards try and taking it, or some one else’s. u should film it on your phone and post it on u tube. So people can’t see how corrupt the club has become,and that were living under a dictatorship.

  17. Wenger has lost the desire or maybe energy to drive the club forward. you watch Leicester play and its very clear that they are a super inspired team. with arsenal its like they are just waiting for the 90 mins to be over. When Alexis joined arsenal he played with alot of zest but when only a handful of players in the team have the same drive, the team cant progress. so what we need is a manager who can inspire his players every match and bring the best out of them

  18. What a bunch of misguided, spoiled and ignorant fools…
    Your countries leaders have used your hard earned tax money to bail out banks, fight senseless wars, ship your jobs over seas and in essence disenfranchise you. And not a soul among you, has ever mustered up the stones to lift so much as a finger in protest. You sat back and dealt with that “penetrating” pain, time and time again over the years.
    But “jesus, allah, buddha” forbid, if your football team ain’t playing to your expectations, then there’s gonna be h&ll to pay.
    AFC is a privately owned venture and none of you have stake in said venture. But some keyboard “Che” pumped ether into your pipe dream, and has you thinking that by waving a couple of colored table cloths, the owners will bow to your every whim…
    Talk about “deluded”…

    1. Have you never seen all the protests?

      AFC was always a club owned by the people who were fellow enthusiasts, for the people, until Kroenke put his unwelcome foot in it.

      You are wrong – the Arsenal Supporters Trust and Usmanov also own shares, and long may that continue, so at least the supporters do own part of Arsenal.

      The club cannot survive without supporters, so negative publicity will affect your beloved Kroenke, whether you like it or not, Kroenke and the board have already had to back down in the face of supporter pressure when they tried to screw more money out of us over increase season ticket prices and the Barcelona game .

      Talk about deluded…..

      1. @gmv8
        MAjority shareholder runs the show. Usmanov and the AST are sitting back and watching whats going on, without doing much, because they can’t do JACK…
        And you can save that”my beloved kroenke” BS.
        I spoke on priorities, address that or move on in your own lane…

        1. The priorities are getting Arsenal back on track, and anything the fans can do to achieve this, should be welcomed not ridiculed.

          Usmanov has the minimum shareholding to launch a takeover bid. He has tested the waters before, but wasn’t received well by fans. The problem is that although he talks the talk, can he do the walk as well? Fans are understandably cautious, having been burned by Kroenke.

          1. @gmv8
            Usmanov is no different than Kroenke. He’s a businessman also, who believes in taking out his operating fee from the clubs profits. Part of the reason why he wasn’t sold Nina’s shares…
            Yeah, I agree the club needs to get back on track. But as an outsider, how do we know whats really broken on the inside?

            1. We may not know exactly what’s going on inside, but there are a lot of clues. For example Wenger was never economical with money until Kroenke arrived – He probably overspent on both Nasri and Arshavin, but then after Kronke’s arrival we get a sequence of failed deals – Hazard, Mata, Cahill, Higuain, Suarez, Benzema etc etc. All of these players were long term targets of Wenger, and he also professed to admire them on several occasions, yet they slipped through our fingers for infinitesimal sums in footballing terms. I can only guess that Wenger was identifying the targets and Gazidis as Kroenke’s mouthpiece was failing to secure them.

              We then have the Nasri interview, where he said that Kroenke was forcing Wenger to sell him to Citeh, to pay off the stadium. TBH this does ring true, as before Kroenke, Wenger would never sell one of his best players to a rival, he would sell abroad if they wanted to leave. I also wonder if it was a similar situation with van Persie, because after he went to Manure, Wenger and he still used to talk regularly, and I find that hard to believe if the reason for his departure had been Wenger. I also find it difficult to believe that Wenger would not have taken back Fabregas, even if he was a bit surplus at the time, what a surplus to have! They still talk as well, and Fabregas often says that Wenger was like a father to him, so it just doesn’t ring true that Wenger wouldn’t have taken him.

              Yes – Wenger isn’t doing well ATM, but he is doing the job of at least 3 men, because Kroenke doesn’t want footballing people on the board to break his stranglehold on Arsenal funds, so he must be feeling the stress, especially as a lot of the fans are against him as well. It is nonsense to say he is too old, he and Ranieri are virtually the same age!

              Maybe a bit fanciful, but a lot of people say Kroenke is forcing Wenger to showcase Walcott in order to sell him, but Walcott is having none of it! Would be nice if true….

  19. Wow! I am actu ally looking forward to the protest. This is a good step in the right direction. A total boycott of match day attendance and seasons ticket would hit them harder. I am in!!!

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