At last we have an Arsenal player that doesn’t insult Emery

Unai Emery parted ways with Arsenal after an amazing drop in confidence and form when the players looked totally confused by what the Spaniard wanted from them on the pitch. Since then Emery has made the mistake of talking candidly about his time as Arsenal boss, which seems to have created a backlash from players and fans alike.

Bernd Leno and Shkodran Mustafi were just a couple of the Arsenal players that made their feelings known about the state of the dressing room under the Spaniard, but now David Luiz has refused to put the boot into the man that brought him to the Emirates, saying that he was only trying to stick to his ‘vision’ of the team.

Luiz said in the Standard: “I think Unai is a great coach, a great person.

“The things didn’t work very well, especially the results, and it’s normal to try to find some answers with his vision.

“I don’t judge nobody. I still have a lot of admiration for him and I think it’s not intelligent from my point of view if I say something.

“I think he was a great, great guy, a great coach. In football we need the results, if the results aren’t coming everybody is going to try to find why and everybody has his vision.

“I think he has his vision and we have to accept that in a nice way and in a humble way.”


  1. David Luis is an intelligent, diplomatic guy who , was a very fine player at his peak.Sadly he arrived at Arsenal on the downside of his career. It very easy to slag off Emery but to my mind we ought to be criticising the people who employed him.There was clearly going to be communication difficulties with Emery given his broken English yet our Executive failed to recognise the potential difficulties which could and did arise.I have absolutely nothing personal against Emery who strikes me as a dedicated ,hard working professional.

  2. I agree with Grandad that the fault lay with those who employed a manager who spoke no English and who still didn’t speak it intelligibly even 18 months later. For that lack of progress , I DO, however, blame Emery. Emery came with a good CV and on the face of how things stood at that time, it was a decent decision to employ him, the language issue apart. I thought he showed little ability to adapt to our Prem ways and was inflexible and introverted which , along with the language problem were his main difficulties. His persistence with dangerous and deep playing out from Leno was plain silly and proved he was a slow learner, to my mind. If something is consistently not working, it is near idiocy to keep repeating it in the false hope of a better outcome. Pragmatism is a key gift of a top manager and PROPER COMMUNICATION AND BEING ESPECIALLY ADEPT AT IT, IS A MUST IN ANY TOP MANAGER.

    1. I agree with both of your comments about Emery. He really struggled with the language was not adept in his communication. lots of players must have have struggled to understand him. Arsenal management in charge of recruitment of managers should be keen on this next time.

    2. Jon
      I speak English-it’s my mother tongue but I’m not always sure I get across to people exactly what I mean as well as I should. Emery, surely would have had interpreters. I’m just thinking getting his message across whether in English or Spanish just didn’t work so I absolutely have to agree with you that the art of communication was lacking in his case – along with the other inflexibility that you mentioned

  3. David Luiz is obviously a decent bloke not to sound off. Doesn’t always do you any good to lay the blame at somebody else’s door

    1. Sue P I agree with you in life matters usually, but in football and on all social media we are bound to criticise. It is the nature of how it works and folk who cannot take criticism would be well advised to leave social media. Ever tried having a meaningful convertation where both participants constantly say” Oh yes, agreed” etc.? if you have, then you may have a friend but you will soon find them boring and vice versa. Healthy and honest debate and sometimes much disgreement, but without vile language, is important in life. Through open and meaningful discussion you find respect and sometimes common ground but lickspittle talk is useless and does not aid REAL communication.

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